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Sweet God yes.:pinkiehappy: Thank you so, so much.

... THANK YOU for putting that in the beginning! I was dreading reading all of that just to find out nothing was new, but I didn't want to miss anything, so thank you very much for saying that it's all from the other story.

Readers: You may now pass go.(1) You can now collect $200.(2) You will not go to jail.(3)

1. Also known as Chapter 2
2. Sadly, it is virtual money worth less than 1/100th of a penny. (Sorry about that.)
3. Unless you did something illegal and got caught.(4) Sucks to be you.
4. Or if you rolled doubles for the third time in a row. Yeah, it really sucks to be you then...

... Yeah, wow, that... was not that well thought-out on her part. :rainbowlaugh:

Moar, por favor.

I'm not sure why I like this story line either, but it's awesome.

Welp... this story certainly earned its "Dark" tag. I mean, she basically murdered an infant!

Yet strangely, like a train wreck or car accident, I just cannot turn my eyes away to stop watching.

*upvotes and favs*

They’ll be Tararus to pay!”

That ought to be "There'll be Tartarus"

26168612616859 The password is supposed to be there. The last time I gave a link to a fic that wasn't approved yet, a few people read it beforehand and it didn't get approved.
Call it "experimentation." I'm trying the password because I'm trying to see if it changes anything.

Okay.... I was enjoying it till the cold blooded murdering of children

so yeah, there's that.

I've been waiting long and hard for this.

You sir sure know how to make a badass story my dear author

I take it this isn't supposed to be a story about likeable characters, like Dusk Shine sort of is, it's more of a "how far will we go past the moral event horizon" story.

I would've proffered more Love Life but this is good too

Very much an enjoyable story. When I found out you were delving into the life of Platinum, I was overjoyed, and you have not disappointed.

Thank you. The mix of snarky humor and casual violence is amazing to read. You're damn good at this, friend. Keep up the great work. :twilightsmile:

So you finally did it! Yes! :yay: Already looking awesome! But yeah, this might require a dark tag...

2618568:facehoof::facehoof::facehoof: Seriously, check the tags a story already has before asking for one.

Oops. :facehoof: Can't believe I said that... :facehoof: Sorry...

supremely entertained by the premise, keep going with this! although, you might want to change the name "facebuck" in the description of the limbo dimension thingy, I've seen buck used as a swear so often I can't read that word without laughing a bit. :rainbowlaugh:

ok this is REALLY dark

i would fav this but GODDAMN! she just killed a CHILD!

Yeah, but she's funny. That's what's important here.

You dear Sir/Maam/Asexual Abomination have somehow managed to create a spinoff that, after reading just one chapter (the introduction doesn't count as it's part of something else) is probably better than the original. All hail Platinum! :pinkiecrazy:

Oh dear God why am I favoriting this?

Jesus Platinum. Harsh much? Poor little girl. :fluttershysad:

This is going to be one tartarus of a story I just know it! :pinkiehappy:

Wow Platinum and Clover are really evil.


2618871 actually to be more precise she killed a child with a mind of a baby. much much worse:fluttercry:
even im not that cold.
theres evil and theres this.
great job by the way look forward to more:pinkiehappy:

This is the story about how it all went wrong.
This is the story about how my world got shattered like a glass house in a hurricane.
This is the story about how Princess Platinum cried real tears for the first time in five millenia.

This is the story all about how my life got flip-turned upside-down. So I'd like to take a minute while in the zone and tell how I became the cat of a marshmallow pone.
Sorry, couldn't resist.

As the guests with actual pubic hair

Um, they're ponies. They all have hair covering their respective pubic regions from birth. I think. Not exactly an area I've looked at too closely, in every sense of the phrase.

Hmm. You'd think Live Action would pounce on an actress like that, insulting his son or no. Oh well, no longer his problem.

In any case, this promises to be a most enjoyable offshoot of what is already an enjoyable story. I certainly don't begrudge you for it. I like spinoffs. Looking forward to more.

Wow. Platinum's a fucking cunt.:rainbowderp:

2638391 yeah, I admit that was quite shocking for me

ooohh that sent chills up my spine . a bit harsh with the filly i guess platinum's moral compass went askew. i can't think of to much just waiting patiently for the next chapter.

I can understand the need to "dispose of the evidence" but that was... wow.

They effectively commit murder every time they steal a body(and only leave it after it dies... or kill it right after leaving), but this is pushing it....

Well...That was a darker start than I expected, starting off with what basically amounts to infanticide...

Like Clover said, no plan is foolproof. However, unluckily for them, no strategy is foolproof either. When one grows comfortable with their position, they sometimes get sloppy and may forget to move forward/adapt. And after some millenia of bodyswaping Clover and Platinum seems to have grown very comfortable with their lifestyle.

I don't think Platinum is that cold hearted, I mean sure she killed a child but this whole thing was a desperate body switch gone wrong. The way I see it, she took over Live Action, looked back at her previous host, and immediately started to think of ways to deal with the problem. There are any number of things she could have tried under such circumstances, but at that moment it became clear that Spoiled Rotten would never lead a normal life, her method of killing was a bit harsh but she was putting the poor thing out of her misery. Okay maybe she wasn't miserable yet, but she would have been. I can't say it was the right thing to do, but I don't think Platinum did it heartlessly.

Also, this may have already been addressed at some point, but the Crystal Empire was supposed to have dissappeared 1000 years ago, not 5000 whats going on there?

I find it really funny that everyone's getting super hung up about how Plat just killed a kid with a baby's mind in it and calling it infanticide when essentially she's murdered every single host she's ever had. To reiterate, every single host she takes over gets their brain pushed off into a non-functioning, unaware suspension until that body either dies, taking the host brain with it, or she swaps into another body and most probably kills the body she left. I mean, either way it's still amounting to the same thing. For example, I highly doubt that she stuck around in Merryweather's body for long, and I doubt even more she let her go back to her father's inn after what she had done - Merry wouldn't remember killing Clover or asking for money to leave for Canterlot, after all. So what's a body-hopping immortal selfish princess to do? Clean up the evidence, that's what. :duck: Anyway, I'm thoroughly enjoying this further foray into their adventures together as possessive jewellery. :raritystarry:

Plat and Clover are amoral, immortal, vicious bitches filled with snark and sarcasm.
And for the life of me all I want to do is grab the biggest bucket of popcorn I can make and just bask in the carnage like one of Rarity's trips to the spa.

I should probably feel bad about that but hey, what the hell. Popcorn?

I honestly hope their soon to be future lives are filled with pain and suffering. I doubt even Celestia knows how many lives they've destroyed, killed, or simply taken over. Over five thousand years? Generation after generation? It's insane to think just how many ponies they've been.

A funny, very interesting story. To say it's original doesn't begin to describe it. These two characters seem so selfish and insane. Of course, however, that's what makes me want to read more. I hope we get to see them reunite in the... let's call it present time, but I seriously want to know how this will go. Do, uh, do Platinum and Clover do this every time they go into a new host (if this is explained somewhere in the story, pardon me. I'm totally out of it right now--not drunk or anything...)? Seeing her do it to a young mare with a filly's mind is insane, but I can't help but wonder how she suddenly thought, "Well, you need to go away. STAB STAB!" Guess it makes sense, but it's still messed up. With the "Dark" tag, though, I should know what I'm getting into.

I'd go read your other story, but that's... a lot of words. Heh. I'll stick with this one until I get time to read that. For now, I'll stick with two ponies willing to do anything to keep living, especially in luxury. I'd never expect a story like this about characters like Princess Platinum and Clover the Clever, but that's the best part.

Step One: Stab an infant in the eye.
Step Two: Feel remorse. Nah.

You had the balls to have a character kill an infant-child (no real good way of titling someone who's older with the mind of a child). Color me impressed.

If she were smarter, she would've just skipped the stabbing and thrown the filly out the window. That way she could say, "While I was lecturing her, she got scared and pissed herself, then jumped out the window." If there were any marks from rough handling or any urine on her hooves, she could say that she tried to hold her back from jumping. Lastly, if the Spoiled survived and woke up as a baby again, ponies would assume that fall gave her brain damage.

I felt kinda bad though. She stabbed a pen through a foal's eye and into its brain.

Sherlock Herpaderp Hooves

I damn near died when I read that; keep up the good work, mate.

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