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After Celestia takes her flying chariot to Ponyville to have an important talk with the new Princess Twilight Sparkle, she teleports back to Canterlot... leaving her charioteers behind. Unsure what else to do in the wake of this improbable, nay, highly unusual, nay, nay, impossible event, the two pegasi have a conversation that leads them to some startling revelations.

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There's reference to Ionesco here isn't there?

Quite nice! I found it interesting that Stern Rose's faith in Celestia's grand plan, although strong at first, was quickly undermined, whereas Gilded Plate, who was sort of skeptic at first, became more convinced through the story.

Also, that's a great piece of cover art!

Nicely done. Interesting take on the whole "Is Celestia an infallible god" question that fans have mixed opinions about.

Though if this is directly based on By Royal Command, shouldn't Twilight be on a date with a certain blue unicorn by now? Or at least invite her to the play?

This is a great take on "Waiting for Gotot", which I took part in a rendition of once. The writing is very good. I did not notice any mistakes. The humor is quite good and frequent. The conversations between the guards are hilarious and well paced.

I'd rate this story 8.6/10.
Excellent work! I hope you continue to write such high-quality stories.

Wonderful. I'll give a better critique soon but this was a pleasure to read.

Read the play 10 years ago, all I remember is two dudes having crazy discussions under a tree. This should be good.

Oh wow waiting for Godot, with ponies seems cool. Just got done reading the play.

I wish I were that well-read. He's in the same ballpark as Samuel Beckett though, so I wouldn't be surprised if there were similarities.
i1120.photobucket.com/albums/l498/Jamestopheles/sternrose.png : "I thought Princess Twilight had an extra friend with her. I didn't know it was a date. Good for her!"
Nice that you were in the play! I've never actually seen it myself, only read it.

Oh absurdism. You always tickle my funny bone. I can just see these two ponies standing there as the moon goes across the sky.

Rosencatz and Guildenmeow are much better characters.

Waiting for Godot *and* Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead references, all in the same story? You are my hero.

How did you put images in the AN? I've tried before but ballsed up.

I used Photobucket, and just copied and pasted the IMG link.

Thanks! One of my few complaints about the plays I drew inspiration from is that the characters are pretty much interchangeable, and they don't really change much by the end of the story. So I wanted to play around with the idea of giving them unique points of view, but then having them unknowingly convincing each other of the other's perspective by the end.

And I love the cover image too. http://viwrastupr.deviantart.com/ does great work. It's based on this poster, because Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, obviously. i1120.photobucket.com/albums/l498/Jamestopheles/waiting-for-godot-image-1.jpg

I try. :rainbowdetermined2:

i1120.photobucket.com/albums/l498/Jamestopheles/gildedplate.png : "You realize that the honor of the royal guard demands that we duel now, don't you? We will easily defeat these other characters."

4147208 You amazing son of a gun...

You absolutely amazing son of a gun...

I envy you...XD

I'm not all that familiar with the references, but this was an amusing and charming little story nonetheless. I loved the premise, and the first part in particular had me smiling and chuckling. Invisible ... heh.

The explanation of the play/situation after the curtain falls might have benefitted from being an actual conversation with the director before Celestia came to see them. A paragraph just outlining it falls a bit flat, I feel.

"Okay, uh, I can work with this ..." That was a fun little scene :twilightsmile:

I definitely plan on bulking up the ending. I've already received some good advice from a reviewer about how to do so. I'm going to focus on Night Errantry for a little while before I get back to this one though. I'm glad you liked the rest of it. :pinkiesmile:
Sweet! Take your time. :pinkiehappy:
i1120.photobucket.com/albums/l498/Jamestopheles/gildedplate.png : "Wait, what's absurd about protecting the royal chariot? Thieves, monsters, and monster thieves lurk at night!"

Excellent story! :twilightsmile:

Good to see it's finally up. :pinkiehappy: And the cover art looks great by the way. :raritywink:


Not bad, not bad at all. Got here through Stryke posting a link at rpg.net. Although... I dunno. Celestia seemed pretty darned cavalier about leaving the guards behind. Maybe it's my 'hoove of clay' image I've got going for her nowadays. But overall really liked this.


Always like a good, "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are" something else....and ones a girl...kay.

I wrote a review of this story here.

Author Interviewer

So how long until the sequel, Gilded Plate and Stern Rose Are Dead? :)

Wonderful! I've been an enthusiast for absurdist theatre ever since my freshman year of college. You made so many great nods to both Waiting For Godot, and Rosencratz and Guildenstern are Dead. I just really wish there could be more stories that are as deep, and provide great plot twists, like this one.

This was such a fun read, thank you! I loved Waiting for Godot. :twilightsmile:

...I just got the names.

1 of the guards being a mare brings up an interesting point:

All of the DayGuards are Grey Stallions and all of the NightGuard are Stallions and BatPonies. I suspect that the only BatPony is FlutterShy and that a GlamorCharm is part of the uniform, making all of the DayGuard look like Grey Stallions and all of the NightGuard look like Stallions and BatPonies. I suspect that the guards are far more diverse and that BatPonies do not exist.

Well, that was quite fun. I'm sorry I missed this when it was new, but I'm happy to have read it. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

(Though I'm a bit disappointed there were no philosophical pigs...)

Very good writing. I've often thought that it must be very hard for the ponies to decide how to treat Celestia, since she is immortal, but also fallible.

Wow, I see you everywhere. What are the odds that we both read this story within 4 hours of each other when it's been on the site for more than a year?

It's a helluva drug

Great reading. Smart humor, fantastic references, psychologic overtones, all in a short tale. Very well done, congratulations, hope to read more from you in the future.

Quite a fun read. I very much enjoyed it. :pinkiehappy:

5887275 1337 days, 69 hours, 420 minutes, and 86 seconds.
Thats right. That's how good I feel about this fan fiction.

All mlg mlp aside, nice work!

This was fun. I literally had this kind of conversation with a buddy of mine while we waited for a contact to show up, granted we didn't wait a whole day.
Keep going! ;)



Both were inspired/heavily influenced by The Myth of Sisyphus.

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