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"...Time was, you just had to figure them out. Solving the puzzle was half the fun."

"You solve a lot of puzzles in your day?"

"A few. Some more worth it that others. One was... especially rewarding."

"Know where she is now?"

"Of course I do."

"...I'm sorry, sir."

Have you ever seen a beautiful woman play the cello? It's really something else.

A crossover with Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Intended for readers familiar with the Avengers movie and S.H.I.E.L.D. episodes "The Bridge" and "The Magical Place". Contains spoilers for both. AU for S.H.I.E.L.D. as of 4/29/14. Not a ScratchTavia story.

Cover art by AphexAngel.

Approved by Twilight's Library! Rated "Masterpiece" by the Pleasant Commentator and Review Group! Featured by The Royal Guard!

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I really liked how you integrated the two worlds into this. It makes so much sense, it's scary.

I love the banter between the two main characters as they try to figure the other one out. Too bad neither were able to finish the puzzle. C'est la vie.

My lord...

This was incredible...

Approved for Twilight's Library.

~Skeeter The Lurker

In what point is this a crack ship?

Author Interviewer

Whoa c.c

You might be on to something.

WoW! Nice job!, you should go place it in this group for review. That is if you want to:fluttershyouch:
The Pleasant Commentator and Review Group!

Author Interviewer

I guess I will do that then, thank you :O

3817618 The only characters in the tags are Octavia and Vinyl, sooooo.....

Author Interviewer

Check the description: it's not a ScratchTavia story.

But then again, it's also not really meant as a "crack" ship, so I removed it from the group.

3817640 Shouldn't it have an Other or OC tag then.

Author Interviewer

The "Other" tag is explicitly for pony characters. As in it says "don't use this for humans".

Wow, this was beautiful.

But I got a few hundred somethings in my eye. :raritycry:

3817692 There needs to be a human tag.

Wow, I'm amazed. Firstly because I wasn't the only one who made that incredibly-obvious logical leap, but how well you blended the two universes together. Although my romantic mind is weeping, I feel it really enhanced the story with them both trying to figure each other out, and then not getting the chance to. I know it's too much to hope for, but I really wanna see an epilogue.

Author Interviewer

That would be helpful for humanized stories, yeah.

Author Interviewer

Oh good, I'm glad I wasn't the only one who had that silly idea. :D

Really, there's nothing to be done for an epilogue. He can't see her anymore, end of story. I fully expect her in-universe identity to be revealed at some point (I've seen speculations), at which time this story will no longer be relevant.

The only way I can think to extend it would be SHIELD invading Equestria or something, but that would be horrifically stupid and certainly I wouldn't be able to maintain the narrative voice of this story. Plus, I found myself extremely uncomfortable writing a character who looks like a real person (in the way that I would not be uncomfortable writing a cartoon human). That's just a quirk of what ponyfic has done to me, I suppose. :B

Hmm, I suppose you're right. I guess I'm more upset how neither of them got the chance to say goodbye. If I were to write the epilogue (not that it's in my writing ability), I would have them happen to meet again at the same concert hall where they were feeling nostalgic for each other. They cry, hug, and spend a night together. Coulson eventually shows Octavia his scar, showing her a bit of his history, and when Coulson confronts her about the "extra dimensional" thing, have her admit a little bit about her world (Equestria, filled with horses, pretty boring for her). They both know a bit more about each other, but admit they can't make this a lasting relationship, and part with a kiss. </rant>

But still, i admit that might cheapen the ending, so unless if you really think tou can pull it off, i suppose you should leave me to my delusions. I guess you wrapped up the story pretty well. Thanks for the read!

And three months later, Phil Coulson will go to Tahiti.

It's a magical place.:ajsmug:

On a slightly more serious note, this is good enough to become my headcanon for who Coulson was referring to in that episode, until such a time as the character is mentioned in the show.

And just to add to the fiction world stew, mentioning Portland has got my head in Grimm.:derpyderp2: Now that's an odd trio.

Author Interviewer

I know just enough about Grimm to have that statement be dangerous. D:

Good fic. I would upvote it but the site won't let me for some reason. Site is fixed.

Not quite fave material because it was too limited to want to read again.

You should write more realistic crossovers. You are quite good at them.

Also perhaps you could have mentioned Octy's awareness of the Battle of New York as the reason she can't go back ever. After finding about a battle 10 times worse than the Canterlot Invasion, I would smash that mirror so no such evil could come through. Especially since she believed Phil was dead. She is a smart mare and could put 2 and 2 together that he died around the same time. Not wanting to allow those monsters to take anything else she loved is good motivation.

Or... Continue it. Where did Skye come from and why was an entire village willing to die to protect her? Skye = Skyla? Alter continuity, bby.

Author Interviewer

No fucking way am I dipping my toes into that pool. D:

EDIT: Also, you point out one thing I could have done: Octavia realizing that, while she went to Earth for the challenge, she found something better, and losing that something something never go back. I mean there's an entire scene's worth of meditation I missed out on! Dammit.


Mmm. I would think she still might go back, to visit his grave or reminisce. But teh danger is the only reason I can see her not doing so.

And yeah that last bit was for fun. I can see you not wanting to completely re-imagine AoSHIELD for a pony crossover.

You're finally getting your review, courtesy my wife, and she asked me to give it a read as well. Favoriting not because it was particularly relevant to my interests (I loved Avengers but found Agents of SHIELD underwhelming, and I'm much more fond of Vinyl than Octavia), but because it was a fascinating and unique bit of writing.

Author Interviewer

I'm so happy. ;_; It's been forever and I'd run out of hope.

Hi! This story's been reviewed in the Pleasant Commentator and Review Group!

And thank you for such an amazing story to read!

Author Interviewer

Thanks ever so much. :D I'm glad you liked it!

Author Interviewer

Hey, I should mention that they finally got to the story this month and it's in the "Masterpiece" folder. Thank you for suggesting I submit to them. :) Even if it took a long time, I wouldn't have gotten that if you hadn't given me the idea.

I saw, and am happy that was the outcome.:twilightsmile:

I don't usually care for crossovers, but this one was exceptionally well done. I had never stopped to think about it, but these two worlds actually lend themselves to crossings-over very neatly.

Tlast writing panel I went to, during the Q&A someone asked how one can make fantasy believable. One panelist said that you could make the setting as fantastic and unbelievable as you wanted, so long as the characters are believable. Though this story is not especially fantastic by most standards, I do think it illustrates the point well.


Keep up the good work!

I would like to see a sequel someday.

Author Interviewer

I've had an inkling for what one could do, but with the speed at which the MCU moves, it's really hard reconciling the dual canons. I think I'd have to come up with something completely different at this point.

I reviewed this story in Read It Later Reviews #41.

My review can be found here.

You had me at "not ScratchTavia" :scootangel:

I think this is the first time I've ever picked up a crossover for pleasure reading, and reading it was indeed a pleasure. Nice work!

Octavia is Coulson 's cellist? That's brilliant! :raritystarry:

I'll never be able to look at Agents of SHIELD the same way.

Author Interviewer

Of course, as I expected, the real cellist appeared later in season one. :B But this was fun while it lasted.


the real cellist appeared later in season one

I'd forgotten about that. Still Amy Acker's not the worst choice to play a live-action Octavia. Too bad about the accent though.

Wasn't sure this was very "pony" at first, but it worked out in the end. My unfamiliarity with the MCU was a slight hindrance, but not so much that I couldn't follow the story. Overall, a nice — if minimal — story. I really need to make more time for reading, 'cause I know I have at least one other fic of yours on my list

That ending was probably for the best. We all know where that kind of relationship can lead :trollestia:

Author Interviewer

I'm actually very glad that SHIELD almost immediately rescinded any attachment between this story and canon. I've had a lot of thoughts about sequels, and that is not something we need. :V Glad you liked it!

Amazing blend of different narrative voices and crackfic logic. I wish I'd read this years ago.

Agreed; I wish I had seen this earlier as well.

I actually came here from Estee's "utterly mundane crossovers" blog. And while I never really liked what I saw in Agents of Shield, I do like this.

And yes, I'd like a sequel, but there's nothing to sequel to. Octavia isn't coming back because of the sad memories; Coulson has no reason to go back to that city. There's no possible way that they could possible meet each other again, right? :-)

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