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Marigold Medley had always been excited to follow in the footsteps of her sister, Sour Sweet, and attend her first year at Crystal Prep Academy. But with the Friendship Games approaching, something seems off. No one's talking about the Games. There's no buzz of excitement in the halls. It's as if no one at Crystal Prep cares about the biggest sporting event of their high school careers.

Getting her classmates psyched for the Friendship Games may be a tall order, but it's one Mari is willing to tackle, with some help from her friends, of course. If only her shoes didn't keep getting in the way...

Featured by The Royal Guard!

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Wanderer D

... Okay, I'll read it.

That was fun! Now I want a band with three ears.

This was a very comfy story to read. Not sure why though. It just was.

Whenever she got bored with class, which was all the time, she could while it away staring into his luscious golden locks.

No way, there's a blonde kid in my algebra class who sits in front of me, and I stare at him in the exact same way! :pinkiegasp::rainbowkiss:

Oh, and btw, I dislike the name Orange Sherbette too. :raritywink:

I'm the one who came up with the name "Orange Sherbette" & now I feel really sad :(
Like now I feel kind of like you hate me or something...
I feel super bad & super sad now...


I've personally always really disliked the name "Drama Letter".

pleasing hang beans

pleasure heed bones


Swyping is the DEVIL. :flutterrage:

Nifty story! Well worth the read, :twilightsmile:

6689714 And I've personally disliked "Watermelody." :raritywink:


Did you really hate "Orange Sherbette" enough that you really felt the need to say it? :( I didn't say anything about "Drama Letter" until now because I knew that even though I didn't like it other people did...

I feel like I super messed up trying to give a name to my absolute favorite friendship games background human...

I had trouble sleeping because I felt like people hated me...

6690649 No, I don't hate you. Orange Sherbette is a pretty good name, I just have a different name that I prefer over that. There's plenty of people that'll use your name proposal over others.


It just feels super awful to have my suggestion dismissed so plainly & rudely...

I mean it's not like I want to force people to use what I suggested, but it makes me depressed to hear someone just up & say "fuck that" to it. I really don't mind the other names suggested, but it feels like my suggestion is made out of mud & shit when it's dismissed like that, you know?

Author Interviewer

Nah. I literally didn't know about that name until I went looking for cover art for this story. She hadn't been named when I started writing. :B

All he said was that he disliked it, unless there's a comment I'm not seeing anywhere. You're getting way too emotional over this.


Yes, probably, but please understand that I was having a really stressful day.
I got kicked out of a help group for being too much of a problem & my neighbors keep playing their music so loudly that it frequently causes me to break focus (a problem that's been going on for months). Plus it was put very rudely.

I already felt shitty & emotional. It's just that this really didn't help when I tried going here to make myself feel better...

Author Interviewer

These are the times when you should take a deep breath and step away from interaction with others. Maybe consider the reasons why these things happen to you, and if there's anything you can learn from them to improve yourself and keep them from happening again. Don't avoid fanfic, if it makes you feel better, just avoid commenting on things.

FWIW, I was under the impression background character names were achieved through voting, not the actions of individuals, and the note was more or less a "fuck that" to going back and changing everything I'd already written. I'm sure you can understand. :B

Generally people try to ask if the name they came up with is acceptable & go through with it unless there's a massive backlash or a sizable challenge from another name choice.

I asked a few times, but I actually didn't get much of a response back. The ones who did say anything seemed fine with it though.

So I think the system is more: I'm doing this, but I'll stop if I'm given reason to stop.

6690667 I see what you mean. I'm sorry for making you feel that way. :derpyderp2: Like I said earlier, Orange Sherbette is a lovely name, but there's another name I had been using before that, so I chose to stick with that one over yours.

Ah, didn't see the "fuck that" when I commented. Just read the story and author's note now, in fact.

I'm not saying this to make fun of you or insult you, but it definitely sounds like you have some issues that may require professional help. You mentioned a help group, but it sounds like that didn't work out. I understand that you were already having a stressful day but you said that you've actually had trouble sleeping over this. You seem like you're taking it kind of personally when people dislike the name you use for Orange/Marigold. Again, I'm not saying any of this to mock you, I just really think it may be a good idea for you to consult a professional. I did the same when people suggested that I might have OCD, and even though I don't I'm still glad I spoke to him. If nothing else I don't wonder about it, and if I did have OCD I'd rather be getting help than washing my hands a lot and wondering if I chose to do it or a condition made me do it.

This was genuinely fantastic. Love, love, love this.

except for double hyphens as emdashes. those make dubs a sad :fluttercry:

Author Interviewer

Your life will be pain so long as I'm around. :B

This story definitely deserves to be on Equestria Daily.

Great work, PresentPerfect.

Maybe someday, I can be among that wall of fame as well...

This was funny, I really liked the sugarcoat line of
"You're a disappointment to the English Language"
Best line ever.

Author Interviewer

Turns out Sugarcoat is very hard to write, so I thank you. :)

Really, I applaud your ability to make it seem like something she'd say!

This was really cute. Idunno what it is about the way this was written, but it just feels really nice. :twilightsmile:

...Now I want a three-eared headband. XD

I'm liking the stories around Friendship Games way more than the movie itself, and this was a particular good one.

Nice work there:twilightsmile:

PP, you have knack for writing some of the best one-liners ever.

Also, your attention to background details is astounding.

Nice work! :twistnerd:

Author Interviewer

I do? :O Which one?


The ones that stood out the most for me were the lines from Sour Sweet and Sugarcoat, but you also did an excellent job with the rest of the characters. I didn't find anything that felt out of character, rather you brought out the personalities of each one with a distinct flair that captured their entire character within the words alone. Plus, I love the inherent sarcasm of those two even though it's supposed to be a defining character trait which isn't technically sarcastic.

Twist carried her lisp without getting annoying to read. Cinch remained true to character in both mannerisms and speech. The "new" characters which made up the bulk of the story in both Mari and Navy had an actual personality defined by the piece without any further context.

Author Interviewer

I'm glad you enjoyed. :D I don't ever want to write Sugarcoat or Sour Sweet again because they are hard, so I'm glad I got it right the first time. :B

That was fun! The enthusiasm nobody else shared was sweet, and it was nice Marigold at least had her friends backing her up. Failing every step of the way, still ending up with a good result . . . they really are the Crystal Prep version of the CMC. :D

Also, I see I get to add you to my list of right-thinking individuals, along with people like Bad Horse and Skywriter (the latter perhaps by technicality via "A Princess by Any Other Name"):

On that particular day, there was also an interesting note in the form of a PA announcement from Dean Cadence.

However, this triple negative:

"If one of us can be excited, then there's no reason no one else can't be."

broke my flow while reading and pulled me out of the story as I tried to parse it, in part because I think it says the opposite of what she meant to say.

Author Interviewer

Hmm, you know, you're right. :O Good catch!

Finally got around to reading this! Got off to a bad start, 'cause I kept getting vocal tracks in my instrumental playlist, but it was pretty good once I got going. I can't believe the attention to detail you put into it. How many times did you watch that friggin' movie? Once was more than enough for me (still feel gross having to endure more Flash Sentry and HSM-esque singing :pinkiesick:)

I don't get the whole auto-correct thing. I mean, I've seen plenty of examples of it causing embarrassing situations, but it seems so weird to me 'cause I don't have a smartphone. Does it correct your text after you send it, so you can't override it, or is it a matter of people texting too quickly and not paying attention?

I was gonna say something about one Crystal Prep student being enthusiastic about the games, but then I found out she was the Indigo chick you mentioned liking the chant :derpytongue2:

Author Interviewer

See? Navy does that. :V I don't know anything about smartphones either, I just know autocorrect is as autocorrect does. :B And I watched the movie probably three times all the way through. But I kept a copy of it on my laptop while working on this so I could refer back to scenes.

Great work! I loved the details of the story, and how you wrote Marigold and showed her enthusiasm! I also loved how made the story seem so realistic it would be believable if it did actually happen during the friendship games. Although you could have showed more personality of the other characters, just a suggestion. I hope to see more! :twilightsmile:

I still love this fic and think it deserves so much more praise than it's gotten.

One of my personal favourites this. Your skill in bringing a background character to life is unparalleled on this site.

Author Interviewer

That is very kind of you to say, thank you. :)

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