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"Did you try setting it to Wumbo?"

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wow twilight and rarity are assholes and bitches.
good job spike.

This story is going to do quite well, Enclave!

so? they lied behind his back.
they still hurt him.
i hope he never forgives rarity.

3756012 again, they know he would be hurt so they were gonna tell him when he maybe wasnt interested plus spikes not someone who holds a grudge even if hes a drake

Well EG Rarity seemed to calm down pretty fucking fast considering she was about to attack him

3756102 Considering that she just fought a demon, a naked guy showing up in her house is pretty mundane in comparison. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Emoticons/shrug_Twilight_Sparkle.png

The concept is very interesting and it looks pretty good. While I'm not a fan of RariTwi, I can only hope that Spike does get together with the Rarity in the human world and have his own happy ending. And if Twilight and Rarity do realize Spike is in the human world, he tells them to "piss off" amongst other things and tells them he's got nothing in Equestria worth going back to because of this betrayal. I do think this has potential and that I hope it ends with EG Sparity. :moustache::heart::raritywink:

3755946 Thats a complete given. If you really look at the show Spike has never been a friend to any of the Cunt 6. All he's been is free labor, comic relief at his own expense and a target of jokes and pranks. If Rarity doesn't love Spike like he loves her, she won't come out and say so cause she's afraid he won't come around anymore and therefore lose out on the free labor.

I hope it's worth my time because right now I'm waiting on "The Wonders of Time" (a romance fan fic that talks about Rarity and Spike), "Mob of The Dead: Aftermath" (practically Al Arlington being sent to Equestria), "My Daughter" (a good quality copy of "My Little Dashie", although it barely has one chapter), and also a fan fic about Harry Potter and Princess Luna (and suprisingly, also Nightmare Moon).

I absolutely LOVE it darling! :raritywink:
Will there be more? WILL THERE!?

Wow, Rarity is HORRIBLE. How could you do this to best pony :raritycry:
I feel for Spike.

Please do keep up this storyline idea as it is off to a good start.:rainbowlaugh:

I cannot wait to see how the other girls take the news of Spike's "leaving" them and going into the Human world...again.:twilightoops:

Now that I've read this...
("Hitler Reacts To" mode): HOW DARE THEY DO SUCH SHIT TO SPIKE!!!! How dare they do such shit to Spike?!?! The cruelty of it all since Twilight is Spike's "sister" and Rarity being his former crush. I'll burn Rarity in acid after I strike her with a Riot Shield, a Paralyzer, a Zeus Cannon, and see her suffer. If you dare challenge me, Rarity has had many fucking years to tell him. Fucking estetic puttana (whore, in Italian)!!! As for Twilight, I'll tell Celestia and Cadence to banish her to the Moon and eat Luna's shit for 10,000 years! I guess I overreacted enough. I wish him luck with the Human Rarity. Keep up the good work, and I await the next chapters.

3756267 I'm not a RariTwi fan either and their relationship is not going to be the focus of this story. The story will take place entirely in the EG universe, with no chance of anypony coming in and bugging Spike. Sunset Shimmer, however, is most certainly on the table. fc00.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/336/5/7/13860064636854_by_blknblupanther-d6whl0i.gif

3756560 That sounds pretty cool. Last thing I would want to see really is Twilight trying to justify her actions to Spike, because she doesn't deserve to explain herself to him after all he went through.

One other question. If there's an epilogue at all, do we get to see the others mourn for losing Spike or something about the Mane 6 coming to grips with Spike being forever gone?

3756591 Honestly, I haven't gotten that far yet. Spike, for the moment, is stuck in the EG world for at least 30 moons (about 2.5yrs) which is in EG time, not Equestrian time. What I want everyone to understand is, that time between the two dimensions isn't consistent. Five years passed in Equestria, while only about 2 months passed in the EGU.

3756831 I got it then. Well I'm looking forward to what you'll come up with and seeing the relationship between Spike and Rarity grow.

THIS STORY IS INCREDIBLE!!! Except the part rarity used spike and crush his heart like a complete Heartless polthole, Generosity my flank - _ -## I'll be sure to send that rarity in Equestria to Tartarus for that - _ -## twilight is lucky that she will barely make it to heaven when she passes. When will the next chapter be posted?!? I MUST READ MORE!!! Very incredible job on the story to. P.S I hope everypony will find out in Equestria what that flankhole rarity did to him - _ -## she deserves to suffer and have that guilt of what she had done and said to him for the rest of her pitiful life!!

......raruty your elament is bull crap and twilight....yeah fuck you too
well cant wait for spike to have his day (once he finds a pair of pants) cant wait for the next update:moustache:

The Pia-sama cover makes me want to read this, but the allusions to Rarity and Twilight being terrible makes me not want to. It'd be one thing if they just... got together and Spike had his heart broken and left, but having them lie to him and act generally shady is unnecessary abuse to the integrity of their characters. I think I'll pass for now.

3757664 I knew going into this that it wasn't going to be everybody's cup of tea. Thanks for giving it try at least.:pinkiesmile:

great. Time to watch the spikefags congregate.



You dare disturb my slumber? You must die!

It feels fast, but it's really not :rainbowhuh:

Well, I kind of want to see how everyone, particularly the Apples, react when they learn/figure out where Spike went, but I don't suspect that'll happen :applecry:

I'm sorry, "Sparkle-Kitten"? :rainbowhuh: Looks like somepony's been reading Divided Rainbow :ajbemused:
But uhhhh, could've used a bit more build up for this, I can't say it was fast but I can't say it was at a pace I was thrilled with:rainbowderp:
Anyway, best o' luck with this story, Hakuna Matata :pinkiehappy:

I won't lie I hate when this happens but I seem drawn to it like a moth to a flame and can't stop reading Spike gets his heart shattered.. I also hope that one day i will see a fic where Rarity and her "Lover" gets their just deserts in said story. Like really the whole of Equestria falls on her. In this case I could really see Celestia saying how she has talked to spike so much about it and luna helping only for all of ponyville after having kicked out Twilight and Rarity tell them what they did. celestia then strips Twilight of Princesshood and Publicly denounces Rarity in front of every major designer in the world meaning She will never make a sale again on cloths and All the ponies of Canterlot will turn up their noses in shame at Twilight. Thus ostrisizing them both from everyone in eqestria forever.... But thats ust what I want to happen.

When I read the hands together for fire part I was thinking of that emo kid from Naruto forgot his name but I remember he had his hand together when he did a big ass fireball attack.

This is a interesting story. I really didn't expect that the twist was that Twilight and Rarity were a couple:twilightoops:(didn't see that coming) Still it seems weird that Spike went to the Crystal Empire with the intention of going to the other world and that the portal was activated at the right moment. Even strange that Spike became a human and not a dog with any explanation or the fact that he appeared naked while Twilight had clothes on when she was turned human.

But whatever, I'm liking this story and will keep my eye on it.:raritywink: I know that this story will take entirely in place in the EG universe but I want to see a scene back in the pony world seeing what happens with Twicorn and Rarity telling their friends that Spike is gone because he found out that they were a couple and keeping it a secret from him.(I want to see them SUFFER!!!:pinkiecrazy:)

alright, first human story that draws my attention...-sits back- You have entertained me. :moustache:

I truly hope you have a better explanation for why it dropped him in her room.
Also, when Twilight came through she was given clothes. Why was Spike not given the same consideration?

I'll watch this story, but until a few things are clearly answered I can't give it a thumbs up.

I mean seriously, I apologies to the people that actually like these but I LOATH Rarilight and DISLIKE Rarity. Sorry but this just came without warning and pissed me off, what's worse is that I was already pissed off. :twilightangry2:

I feel bad for Twilight cause she is one of my two favorite characters, and I can't bring myself to hate her... yet.

I like Equestria Girls despite some questionable things, I enjoyed it cause I liked the character designs and such. Did not appreciate Spike being turned into a dog even though I laughed the first time.:ajbemused:

For the first time, I actually want to see Sparity come out on top. I used to be neutral about that shipping but this time I hope all's well now in the Human world.

Good story just hate the ... well you now.

Don't hate me for anything fore I plead the first. :fluttershysad:

This story certainly does take advantage of how easy it is to make a reader hate Rarity, though not all of the stories she is a main part of paint her in the dark light. If you REALLY feel like getting angry with her in the fun way though, I completely suggest reading "Broken Hearts and Diamonds". No, really, read it. I triple dog dare you.
P.S. I'm not really trying to promote another's work here, just sort of suggesting if you like. That said, I really, really, reeeeaally can't wait for more of this story!

3759350 I am going to have to agree with you on some points, I might despise Rarilight, but as a character I honestly enjoy Rarity. Something about the pairing just makes me want to go into a testosterone fueled rage and stab Twilight with a broken bottle. :pinkiecrazy: Just my thoughts on the pairing.

Congratulations my good sir/madam for writing such a fine tale of such caliber!
Now if you can make periodical updates to the story than you will please both me and the audience of this fine work. :moustache:


I could try answering the clothes question for the author but I am by no means saying it is canon to this story. However if you think back to the movie when spike was brought over he received only a collar while Twilight had a full set of clothes and hair and all that stuff. I'm thinking that whoever passes through the portal receives clothing and protection up to whatever they had in Equestria. Thus explaining why Spike stayed small and kept his fangs and Twilight was made large and received clothes to keep her warm.

Again it's not canon as far as I know but it's what I'd like to think is true.

3759539 Already read it. Loved that story. Hated Rarity before this and still do. Which is why I love reading One Hundred and One Ways to Kill Rarity:pinkiehappy:

I'm actually intrigued by this......it sucks that basically Rarity and to a lesser degree Twilight both stabbed Spike repeatedly based on it....at least its not looking like Dark Seduction...but I have to ask what is going to happen to all the others on the Equestrian side at least when Twilight is forced to tell everypony about her romantic relationship with Rarity (already a big surprise there with Twilight coming out as a possible fillyfooler, and Rarity basically isn't fillyfooler all the way but is at least trying the other side after apparently striking out w/stallions), and more urgently, what are the reactions of the ponies? I'm pretty sure that even though there are ponies that are fearsome of dragons, there are some that actually like dragons, and specifically Spike.

I also am intrigued with how Celestia and Luna find out about this, but I can see that it's a minor thing, neither Celestia or Luna are tagged, so they're somewhat minor characters here.

And finally, how many of the humans will believe Spike's story of him returning to their world from the mirror, and that he's the talking dog that was here years earlier during the Sunset Shimmer incident? That is the most intriguing of all.


I'm disappointed in you for that. Sure you are setting it up so that Spike hooks up with someone in the human world, but it just seems to me that there's a hell of an opportunity to explore, even if it's just a cameo as to how the world in Equestria deals with the loss of Spike.

I'm still gonna read it anyway, I've already faved it.

If walking through gives you clothing up to whatever your capabilities were in Equestria, why did the 'adult' Spike not get clothes like the 'adult' Twilight?

I'm fairly sure the author just didn't think this one through, as loathe as I am to think that.
It's also rather apparent in that he was placed in her room. I have this bad feeling that he wasn't going to explain further than
"Maybe the mirror just randomly picks where the portal shows up."

I mean,if you want too)))

3758658 Ah you picked that up did you? That was my homage to Divided Rainbow. Clever boy:raritywink:

3759610 There is a reason. Remember that necklace Spike had? Well, let's say that it wasn't your run of the mill piece of jewelry. Yeah I know Twi showed up with clothes on but that was only because it was a kid's movie and they couldn't show any nudity. I dunno, it just didn't seem to make sense to me that he would magically have clothes on when he came through the portal. Sorry, I like using Terminator logic when it comes to time/dimensional travel.

3759732 I'm thinking it goes something like this, the mirror takes you where you need to go. :twilightsmile: went to the school because that's were she needed to be. :moustache: wanted to be excepted for who he is, so he went to rarity.

Ouch man Ouch. That one was a direct AJ buckle in the lower body. The day your own sister cock-block you is one to remember forever.
Cant wait for more.

Before I start reading!
Is it human Spike? And is it like on the picture which is shown?
If yes, I would like to read it! Hopefully someone can answer me. :raritydespair:

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