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"Did you try setting it to Wumbo?"

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Great chapter!

So far, the interaction with Adagio and human Flash is great.

The scene with her and the dying sailor was also great.

Wow, Granny Smith's even older than I thought if Ponyville was there in the siren's day.

Before the transformation, sand hadn’t bothered me too much, but now it was just coarse and irritating.

And it got everywhere.

Η θεά Αφροδίτη μου χαμογελά.” He rasped.

"The goddess Aphrodite smiles upon me."
Beautiful naked woman who appeared on the beach. Reasonable assumption to make. (And she'd certainly like it if castration were involved in her appearance here.) Hopefully the real deal doesn't actually exist. I can't imagine she'd be happy with Adagio claiming to be her. Claiming to be her daughter is only slightly less of a problem. Aphrodite wasn't exactly known for her patience and level-headedness.

You stand before the mighty cyclops, Euandros!

They say a good man is hard to find. If this is the one you get, keep looking.
(Also, the existence of a cyclops really underscores the whole "hubris" problem.)

This looks like it'll be quite the ride. Can't wait to see where it goes from here.


Wow, Granny Smith's even older than I thought if Ponyville was there in the siren's day.

That was a slight oversight on my part. :twilightsheepish:

I'll just change to some other pony-sounding town name.

Another Enclave2277 story? This is turning out to be a great day!

For a second I thought this was a Percy Jackson crossover.

Not exactly. I will say this though, the story will borrow heavily from IRL Ancient Greece/Mythology but I intend to take creative licences. It's not meant to be a historically accurate story down to every last detail. More like an ancient version of the EQG world with more magic.

Ok I enjoy this one

Great chapter!

The Adagio/Flash relationship is still great. She and Illiana appear to be getting along together nicely. If I were to choose who Flash should be with, it would be Adagio.

I'm a little disappointed that Adagio just...reforms like that, but I really like the setup of this story. I love the relationship between Adagio and Flash in this as well.

Dagi is simply stating her desire to reform at this point. She will struggle with morally questionable decisions throughout the entire story. I apologize if I gave the impression that she was instantly converted to being a morally upstanding character. Otherwise, I'm glad that you're enjoying the story so far. :twilightsmile:

So far, so good. I love how quickly Adagio & (Human) Flash have a great chemistry already & the scene of Adagio "comforting" the dying sailor was kinda touching. Also, the battle scene was pretty entertaining to read.

Gonna read Ch. 2 later today after work, til then have a great day Enclave.

I thinks its because you did a full paragraph of her stating she just gives up all the evil in one go. I think it would be more believable with her saying she realizes the 'being evil' is pointless where she is right now, but doesn't know how to go from there.

But that's my opinion/viewpoint. This still works, I just thought it was way too quick and...well, you just see Adagio as being evil as a priority for her. Its in her character and personality, but that can be changed.

Interesting hints at Adagio's history. We'll see how long her current attitude lasts...

Alright I'm officially hooked on this story and I'm shipping Adagio & Flash M. like crazy! I hope things go well during the games without a hitch and part of me hopes Illiana joins them on their Journey, when this is over... For anime reasons :raritywink:

P.S. Speaking Illiana, anyone else kind of imagined her as a young version of Xena? I don't mean that in any disrespect, Enclave.

I'm loving this so far I can't wait to see where this goes. I hope Flash can gun her good.

This was a really fun and interesting chapter I hope Flash makes a harem .

Ok this is really well done

Interesting...very interesting. I didn't expect the Greek Gods to appear so early on.

Do the other two Dazzlings appear in this story?

Must be tentacles. Anything else and enough strength to damage it would also be capable of physically throwing it far enough the drop would cause even more damage. And its repeatable.

Wonder if between them, Adagio and Flash can Grab And Pull?:eeyup:

No, they're not even in the same universe as Dagi.

Ah, I love it when the plot of a hentai is taken out of context. :trollestia:


I thought the whole plot of hentai, was to tentaih the plot? :trollestia:

Excellent so far, though i do hope that you won't go the far too common route of making Hades the villain

Interesting, so not only to the gods are aware that Adagio is not from their world, but Aphrodite, herself sees no issue with Adagio claiming to be her daughter.

The next chapter of a very interesting to see what Poseidon's Minions going to do to test out Flash M & Adagio, especially now that she does not have to deal with that annoying prick anymore.

P.S. I hope we get to see more of Lisandra. A young maiden like her, deserve some extra screen time after how well her conversation went with Adagio.

Lisandra was Aphrodite in mortal form the whole time :pinkiegasp:

What!? *Quickly goes back to re-read the first paragraph of the Mount Olympus scene*

The Goddess Aphrodite wore nothing more than a pleased smile as she ascended the steps of her father’s house. She’d long since shed her mortal coil; that of a servant girl tending athletes.

Oh I'm so dumb for missing that :facehoof:

No, he's not the villain. But our heroes might run into him later. :raritywink:

Shoot! Why didn't I see that?! It just glossed over my brain!

Are they in the same universe as each other? If all three are in different universes and none went to Pedestria, can I ask the presumptuous request that this be part of a trilogy and you cover the other sisters?

1). Three Sirens. Three Different Universes
2). It was never part of the my plan to make this a trilogy.

Yeah...I should have known, as many Greek Myth stories have the greek gods take human form all the time.

It makes you wonder, if that minion that's going to be sent to test out Adagio and Flash M, is going to have a human form or just appear in its original form

Glad, that I checked the comments before reading. Dagi wanting to "reform" (one bit to the pile of hate to this particular word) is not Dagi I want to read about. One more story of her is always good though.

Probably. I mean, some beast could hurt others, which he agreed not to do.

Comment posted by KingJoltik deleted Jul 6th, 2020

excellent, I hate when the most Reasonable non Hephaestus olympian is always thrown under thr bus just because he ruled the land of the dead

Agreed. If you need a greek myth villain, something like Aries makes more sense.

I kinda hope that Tyche makes an appearance since she's probably the only greek goddess whose worship technically never stopped through til at least the 1800s(and even still people give an occasional prayer to Lady Luck)

I don't know if that would make a villain though. Heck, this story kinda doesn't really need a villain if you think about it. Right now, Adagio is her own worst enemy.

oh. i didn't want her as a villain, just a character, honestly as far as anyone is, Ares and Zeus are probably the most villainous of all the greek gods, though i do understand why you wouldn't cast Zeus as a villain

True. If this is anything like mythology Zeus, he's not evil, just really really horny all the time.

This was a awesome and interesting chapter I still ship Flash and Adagio get together maybe even a harem .

Oh, I like this Nomiki character already. Nothing beats a laid-back opponent for a story like this.

Well then where did they go?

At this point, I haven't decided if that's an avenue I'm willing to explore yet. Adagio was always meant to be the star of the story.

You gotta watch out for these types of combatants. Either they have an entirely separate 'battle persona', or their hyperness leads to some absolutely ridiculous feats of evasion and surprise attacks, not to mention the effect their disarming nature can have on a right's opening few moments.

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