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"Did you try setting it to Wumbo?"

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I like this. First-person narration was a pleasant surprise, and Big Mac's characterization is perfect.

Zecora is absolutely correct that there's no substitute for bare feet on grass. Rugs don't come close.

Liked and upvoted :pinkiehappy:

Ooh boy, this shows some promise. Can't wait for the next chapter.

This was fun, and pretty cute as well.
It did strike me as odd that Zecora seemed perplexed and/or surprised that Big Mac was uncomfortable with her nudity. She seemed unusually aware of the cultural differences going through town, and she admitted that even in her own culture it wasn't common for women.

That white space tho.

Alright, you have my attention. Let's see where this goes!

5679534 I tried to get rid of that, but to no avail. It's just G-docs being stupid. roundstable.com/forums/images/smilies/dingdingding.png

Hmmm....Do I sense a lil' Zecora X Big Mac...?

Upvoted and favorited!

I like what I see so far, joke definitely intended.

I'm intrigued. I like Zecora, and even though this particular ship is 'eh' to me, she's enough for me to keep reading.

Well this seems promising. I'll track for now just to see where it goes.

Well, admiral biscuit's blurb about you was enough to get me interested, but you've managed to keep that interest. I love cultural exchanges!

I spotted a typo.

After getting out of bed, I shuffled towards the window and allowed the golden rays of sunlight warm my face.

You seem to be missing a "to". So it should look like this:

After getting out of bed, I shuffled towards the window and allowed the golden rays of sunlight to warm my face.

Big Mac's reaction was hilarious! I can tell I'll enjoy this


Great story so far, and I like how you thought up how Zecora's cultural and her way of life consistent of being nude.

“Oh heavens no. I’m absolutely beside myself because I’m trying to design clothing for a HABITUAL NUDIST!!”

Rarely have I had the pleasure of reading a Rarity line more akin to her personality. Looking forward to more!

My modesty, as per Equestrian standards, was being preserved so why did it matter if I was nude underneath?

Fun fact: you're naked under all those clothes.

Color me intrigued.. which i hope is a shade of red.

I really hope the third chapter will be up soon. I really like this story. It's very good.

5815959 I'm working on it. Hopefully, I'll have it up by Saturday.

Damnit. Now I wants another update....:pinkiecrazy:
Thanks for the update though.

Ya should mah sister, AJ

Shouldn't there be a "meet" or something in that sentence?

Another well done chapter.

I like how AJ absolutely ripped into Mac without a second thought. Stay classy, AJ.

AJ just loves to embarrass her brother doesn't she, :rainbowlaugh:

5824547 I concur. That part is a little confusing.

That's right AJ go ahead and impose your beliefs on a foreigner as the track record for that is fantastic! Nice chapter though.

What's the status on the next chapter? I'm really look forward to it.

5950584 I'm going to try and get chapter four out by this Saturday (5/9/15), but I can't make any promises. The reason being is: I'm working a lot of OT at my job, which cuts an extra day out of my weekend. That being said, I appreciate that you enjoy the story so much. roundstable.com/forums/images/smilies/rariwink.png

Zecora likes what she sees, huh?

Nice chapter, it was a great read.

The hunt begins! Interesting way to take it and raise the stakes. Colour me intrigued

I like your use of "Carol" for Granny Smith. Seems fitting.

I finished painting the rest of his body with a quick succession of dots and lines. What I neglected to tell him (out of embarrassment on my own part) was that it was customary to paint the penis as well. But…he did not need to know that. And I do not believe the spirits will take great offence to it either. The intention was good enough, in my humble opinion.

I bet she'll mention it later :3

You know, I can't see why this story is M. only nudity is mentioned; it's not like there's anything romantic (for now, though the author says that there's not clop planned) going on and certainly nothing untoward. Hell, there are stories marked Teen with greater emphasis on sex and the like than this one.

Just something off the top of my head.

6041167 My definition of a "clop-fic" is a story in which the primary focus is sex. When I said that this wasn't going to be one, I did not mean that there wasn't going to be any sex in it. Whenever I write romance stories, I tend to stick with M ratings so that I can add sensual content (if I want to) without having to publish so called "Lost Chapters". So that's why it's not T-rated.

I am going to include some sex scene(s) in the story eventually, but I promise you that it will be as tasteful as possible. Sorry if that confused you, I should have been clearer with my explanation.:twilightoops:

Since no boots mentioned as part of the loaned clothes, can we assume Zecora did her farm work barefoot? Just curious.

6065823 Yep, she's been barefoot the whole time.

6067305 That's what I thought. Just making sure I didn't overlook it. I am greatly enjoying the story thus far.

This Story needs more love man! It's great! XD Keep up the Good Work- you darn done good!

That was awesome. I hope for more in the future.

I realize I'm horrible...call me out on it:

...First to comment on this chapter about how much I love this story.

We know why Zecora lives as she does now, but I can't help but feel there is more to that story.

Well Z's dad is such a nice guy :twilightangry2:

“The Career Maker Crusaders”

Nice. If I ever write a human fic involving them I'd like to use that cool? Also great chapter.

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