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"Did you try setting it to Wumbo?"

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You forgot to close an italics tag near the end, the word Wyvertii seems to be the cause.

But yeah, I like. Man, I suck at this 'giving compliments' thing

7172037 Alrighty, I'll get that fixed up. Thanks.

There's another missing italics tag near:

Celestia sighed. “Yes, I am aware of their particular customs. You can do as you please while we are in the castle, but try to be more modest while we are in public. That is all I ask.”

“Perhaps to you and I, Twilight. But they think differently than we do. Their society is quite a bit more draconian than ours because they are a warrior culture deeply entwined to nature. Competition and death are just a part of their daily lives.”

Ahaha I see what you did there. :ajsmug:

Anyway, a humanized sex-charged version of Gauntlet of Fire? Who's characterization is a bit telly but seems to be pretty balanced, overall? Neither dismal nor exalting of the characters...

Alright. I'm in.

More please.....also loled with brae's pec reference

7172118 Yeah, I'm having a horrible time with the italics. I imported this from G-docs and they got all fucked up somehow.

I have to always do regular expression magic whenever I import to standardize the length of the tabs and stuff... and remove extraneous italic openclose tags right next to each other and stuff, so I undrestand.

I just read your story and would love to say it's good, it's got potential and you should finish it.

7172188 Don't worry, this is an on going story. Thanks for reading~

How'd you do it? I've been trying to figure out how to import a Google Doc without a link being involved, but all I can think about is, compy and paste.

Well so far so good. I can't wait for the rest. Also I hope Spike gets some cool powers or something?

7172304 It has to do with the share settings in the doc itself. You have to set them so everyone can view if they have the link. Otherwise, it remains private and won't post properly.

7172311 He already does, I just haven't shown it yet. Don't worry, it's not anything Gary-Stu ish.

7172321 Hey if it's a character I like I don't care if he's powers are op. So are is powers normal for his race, different, more powerful than normal or his races powers but with a twist?

7172481 His power is not abnormal for his race, but rare. As for the twist, you see him demonstrate it in the show quite often. But in this universe, he manifests it a bit differently.

7172585 So he can teleport and summon weapon and a level of pyrokinesis?

I like it! ANOTHER! (Smashes mug)

You have piqued my interest good sir:moustache:

7172781 More like general pyromancy, but I'm still ironing out whether or not he can teleport more than just small objects with it yet.

7173398 I looked it up on a super power wiki that green fire is stronger than normal fire and can ignited in water. Also it can do fire healing but I think that a bit of leap. I say start small in the early chapters and bigger stuff in the end. I still say he would have a sword he can summon. It would be cool if he also could summon little things like a first aid kit.

This is an awesome story!

An action hero, Spike is not.

However, he did at least have a super risky actionable plan to survive.

Good job I love The Story So Far:twilightsmile:

Ember is the best dragoness. I love this "Tsundere Ember" headcanon :rainbowlaugh:

7174491 I wanted to make her as Tsundere as I could without going overboard. Because I know how annoying they can get in some animes.

Well Machete is good enough for me in blade department and I like the gun though I feel he's going to trade it in for a bow.

So it's like fir bender but rare good to know. I love them both teaching each other stick their doing.

Once again a very epic and good chapter

Ember frowned. “Not even to help out a friend?”

This seems a little out of place, especially considering canon Ember didn't think they did friendship... and it doesn't seem like you've established her as that different from canon Ember... she still has harsh Wyverti ways, after all, so it's a little bewildering for her to try this first, before life-debt things or anything.

7175174 It sounded better in my head, but I guess it didn't quite work out very well. In fact, I'll just get rid of the two lines in between. Makes more sense now.

It's hard writing a non cliche Tsundere, but you did a really good job.





Not bad not bad, not that i can talk because i havent uploaded anything...yet, but i like where this is going....question though....are we going to see more art about the characters?? And i mean garble and the others

A whole civilisation of fit people. Fit women. YASS

7191947 I wish, but the cover pic wasn't exactly cheap. As much as I love Blaz's technique...it would break my bank account to have scenes drawn for every chapter and not to mention the time factor. It took him about two weeks to draw that.

Cool new chapter and nice profile picture

7192302 Thanks. If you're interested, I wrote another nudist oriented story called Jewel of the Jungle. That one is a bit different in which it's written in 1st person from Zecora's perspective. It's mainly a humanized romance story involving Big Mac and describes Zecora's difficulties adjusting to "Equestrian" culture.

Oh I saw that one. I'll try to read it

7192548 No rush, you don't have to force yourself on my account. Just thought it might be a story you'd be interested in. :derpytongue2:

It's ok I'm not forcing myself to do anything. I'm reading for the fun of it

Hehe, good chapter. I'm loving this fic.

well spike hope to survive this.

I hope winter silk get to be involve

Torch is much more pleasant in this one, haha.

I also like the modification that Spike is actually embarrassed to be hailed as the hero. I appreciate he's recognized but not for something that was not entirely his deal. It never seemed like he earned that over say... Cadance and Shining Armor.

Whelp... looked like Spike is boned now! :moustache:

Oh, Spike, that was just...the worst. I mean, damn. I can't...I'm gonna do other things now because...yeah.
Then again, seeing the kind of women he's hanging around he gets about 1% off his part of the blame. Also surprised he didn't get hit more.

Just read this a would say it's the best and by the way nice going on spike's past

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