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I am a loyal Brony and a proud citizen of Alabama. I love to write, and I love this show. My favorite pony, you ask? I am torn between Luna and Twilight. I'm looking forward to your comments!


Celestia wants to show her mother that she wasn’t lying about dating a dragon, so she reaches out to the only dragon she knows she can trust.

What could possibly go wrong?

***Updated: 7-12-18***

Chapters (2)
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You uh....might wanna bring up that rating

chanting 'Bump up the rating'

Not referring to that. But the picture does make it look suggestive.

This is interesting for sure. I can't wait to see what kind of question's Celestia's mother will ask Spike about their relationship. It will be fun for Spike to learn more about Celestia as well, find out that she is far more like a everyday Pony than he ever knew. Or find out about her filly years as well as her awkward teenage years lol.

How is Twilight gonna react about him & Celestia's relationship.............................if she find out though? :rainbowderp:

I like this but at the same time, it feels rushed.

"Now, tell me more about this boyfriend of yours."

"Oh, we never told her, did we?" Spike paused, looking over to Celestia, silently praying that she follows the bit, "I mean, we've been meaning to tell you for a few months now... what was it? Six? Seven? But we never really found the right time, and things kept getting in the way, like the whole Tirek fiasco... PLUS, there's the fact that the public might not exactly take it the right way: that their eternal, all powerful ruler is dating not just a non-pony, a hideous beast that's been known throughout time and tale to eat fillies and colts as soon as they see them... So sorry if we kept it a bit too close to the vest to tell anyone."

A bit quick but interesting. Has the potential to be more, because this felt like a 2 chapter intro.
Good job!:moustache::trollestia:

How a about a complete sequel series where Spike and Celestia go on clandestine dates and adding some humor to it, each date ends up having them run into one of the Mane 6 and Luna spying on them. This is has serious potential.

This could be an amazing story. Have them go on a few dates and maybe have her parents start saying they want them to get married so Equestria can have a king or something

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