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Divided between two worlds for thirty moons, left alone with their individual thoughts, Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer meet again. However, Twilight brings Sunset an option that she had thought long and hard on. A single choice that would alter both of their beings for all eternity if accepted. A grand yet humbling gift left only to the other to decided.

Art beautifully done by Xaztein.

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Sunset Shimmer
Favorite genre.

Marry me and have my babies. All of them

Wait... Complete? That seems a tad... sudden, but still, very well done... Really makes you think, a bit...

And just like that, my read later list grew.

Ummm... Dumb question, but:
What happened at the end? :sweetieunsre: is Twi going back to get Sunset?


I read the tittle in my notification page and I tough that this was another poll. LOL.
Now, let's give it a look.


:fluttercry: Goddammit Flinx! This was too freaking sad!
Nice story tough, I specially like what you did with the simultaneous dialogue, that must have been pretty darn tricky. So, for what I can gather, Twilight is going to give Sunset a chance to return to Equestria. That'd be great for her character and it should have happened in the mov~ but I'm digressing. This raises one question though: What happened with Human!Sunset? I mean: the Human world has counterparts for almost all pony characters and Human!Pinkie implied that there exist a Human!Twilight. So, what happened with the other Sunset?

I would actually like to see an AU of Equestria Girls where the roles were reversed for Twilight and Sunset.

No fair, Overlord, I was using that cover art for my story. :pinkiesad2:
But, you have a very touching story here, so I guess we can share.

It's probably because I'm an idiot, but what exactly was sad about this? I mean yeah it wasn't exactly happy, but it seemed more like they had both reached a realization rather than do anything tear jerking.

3220972 Wait for the second part.


Wait... what? :rainbowhuh:

If there's a second part, why does it say the story is complete?

Makes you think.

I liked it. It was very... artful.

I don't get it... if this is a two part story... why not put the second part on here as well?
Why does it need a separate story slot? Does it somehow stand alone?

This is pretty cool. I've been really interested in trying to explore Sunset Shimmer's character recently. I like what you're doing with her here, and might I say this is great dialogue. I would have been much happier if this had been a little more expansive, but I was satisfied in a way because it was a kind of art form you used.
I found one error.

Everypony I know, they can sympathies with me, and I'm thankful for that.

Should be 'sympathize'.


I did a thing with it a while back where every day I would change it slightly to be more creepy.

It got kinda gross.

Well, this has been interesting. I'm looking forward to reading the second half!

Comment posted by Melkor deleted Sep 18th, 2013

I can imagine how that'd happen.

Part two. I demands it.:pinkiecrazy:

This is beautiful. *clap clap*
One like for you, eager for you to continue. :heart:

I liked that. I liked that a lot.

Damn. I actually kinda like Sunset Shimmer now. How could you do this to me?

Anyway, aside from a spelling error, and maybe a tad too many ellipses, this was great.

Looking forward to the next part.

This made me cry.:fluttercry:

i'm not crying it it- OH WAHHHH!:raritycry::fluttercry::raritydespair::ajsleepy::applecry:

A soundtrack as a tribute to these two.

Damn. Nice way to end this.

~Skeeter The Lurker

GOD-f:yay:king-dammit, Flinx! And that song now! Wait, I need a second...

[HSXI.exe needs to reboot.:twilightoops: Please stand by.]

Now *sniff*, I gotta say, that this was truly a emotional fic. The fact that Sunset isn't capable of forgiving herself for what she has done and planned to do is really heart wrenching, especially considering the s:eeyup:t she's been through: got extremely frustrated, dropped studies, got trapped in an alien world for (how many years), had to endure highschool, got heartbroken and her ultimate plan of revenge and world domination was stopped by the worst plot device that has been used in the history of this show. Yeah, she became an Alpha B:pinkiegasp:ch and was pronounced Ball Princess three times in a row, but was she happy at any moment? :unsuresweetie:

I see Sunset Shimmer as a "tragic villain": She went through some hardships (that might not be as bad as some may think:ajbemused:) that ultimately molded her to what she is, and she still couldn't achieve what she most wanted with what she's got; and not only that, but she also loses every little bit of respect that she had in the same day:fluttershyouch:. That is a tragedy, and you managed to portray that pain perfectly in this fic. All the pain, the shame and the suffering is all weighting down on her conciousness, feeling that if she forsake that guilt and got over it might as well be sign that she didn't learn a thing. That... is powerful.

I could go on and on about what I can compliment about this fic, but I think this comment is too long already, so I'll leave it like this. Kudos, sir. Have a moustache :moustache: (X5).

-HSXI May the Power protect you.

My feels, they have been hit..... a lot....... :raritydespair:

Beautifully done.^^

3225808 ... If you hadn't linked that, I was going to. Bloody BRILLIANT game, with bloody BRILLIANTER music...

:moustache:I must say, I actually felt something. Not necessarily sadness, but more of a closure.


*Manly tears through my face* Celestia, that ending... Beautiful, sir, beautiful

I had this tune in my head while reading this.

It was a good story, congratulations.

A good end. Good, as in appropriate. Also, did you credit the artist of your cover art anywhere? That would be great if you did.

I'm getting a Naruto- Gaara vibe from Twilight and Sunset

:fluttercry: That was beautifull and a brilliant closure from her start over the movie to your finish.

Err Mah Gerrd, dem feels :raritydespair::raritycry::fluttershbad:

Especially since I just finished watching EqG :twilightsmile:

I like it. but I don't get it. Not completely. I mean I kinda do know what's going on, but I don't. I guess that was kinda the point.

I am currently bracing for a dozen downvotes instead of an explanation.

But I don't even really need an explanation. I have my guesses.
I'm not utterly confused like when I was reading the fic which shall not be named, because it has no relevance and shall not be compared to this one.

That was a what the heck is gong on confused, this is an I'm not completely sure I understand confused.

But regardless. this is beautiful, and you should be proud.



I had downloaded this, and read it, but there must have been a download malfunction, because I only got the prologue. I came to the website to review it... and um... just realized there was a second chappy. so um... yeah. Itmakessomuchsensenowandifeellikeanidiot

Um... well.. my last point still stands... this is beautiful, and you should be proud.

I enjoyed your oneshot, despite my dislike of the character that is Sunset.

Pretty good for a one shot.

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