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If I ever rip my readers' hearts to shreds and leave their emotional state in tatters, I do it out of love.


This fanfic has been cancelled and will not receive further updates. Ever. Apologies to those who were following it.


When Button Mash finally gets hold of a new game he is disappointed to find that he needs some co-op buddies. Nopony seems interested at first, but things quickly change when his mother makes a visit to his school. They must just really like video games, right?

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Well... I mean, she's got it going on.

Apparently IGN exists in Equestria.

we're going to get our cutie marks in drug peddling! - BEST. LINE. EVER. I :rainbowlaugh: 'ed so hard at it!

The Scootaloo part surprised me a bit...


The ultimate mount in World of Warcraft is Button's Mom.

That akward moment when you as a gamer realize your co-op buds are only hanging around because of your hot mom. This should be fun.:rainbowlaugh:

I can not wait to see how this turns out
3095717 I agree :twilightsmile:

Romance driven gaming companions, this is bound to be interesting!

As silly as this story is, I had to give it a thumbs-up. It's too cute. :pinkiehappy:

'Featherweight's balls dropped.'

I see what you did there. :rainbowlaugh:
This is gold. Please continue.

"The Epic Quest" huh? Alright, I'll bite... But if I don't see a golden chalice at some point, I'm hitting you with a subpoena for false advertisement. :trixieshiftleft:


This is utterly ridiculous.
I love it!


So many wonderful comments! :raritystarry:

I just got back from my week in Greece last night so I'm a bit tired and have a few things to sort out, but I'll strive to get another chapter posted soon enough. How could I not with all you lovely readers!?

I actually submitted it before my trip, but it got rejected for not having a sex tag. D'oh! :facehoof:

As for the comment about the golden chalice... Hmm... I'll see what I can do. :trixieshiftright:

“Do it! Or I’ll killstreak your whole damn family right in front of your eyes! And tea-bag them!”

and here we have evidence of the incredibly rare and highly elusive gamer mom!

“And plunge our weapons into their soft, pink flesh!”

“Yes! Yes! A million times, yes!” Featherweight shouted, barely clinging onto consciousness.

(We hath observed what thou didst perform there, o humorous scribe...)

The two colts’ eyes widened as they turned to their love-struck companion. “Scootaloo!?” They both said aloud, watching as the filly drooled giddily over the sight of Button’s Mum.

And suddenly, there was a great disturbance in the Force...

so will there be actual behind the scenes sex? or was the teen rating a mistake?

(please say it was a mistake and it's mature)


Sexy times will happen before this fic is over but it won't divulge into clop. So no, the teen rating wasn't a mistake. Sorry to disappoint. :pinkiesad2:

Dang... would've liked this better if you replaced Snips with Rumble...:ajbemused:

Whateves, still good.

Woooooow. Thumbs up, just cuz of the title. Haven't even read it yet :rainbowwild:

Just below the title were the words: The fun has been quadrupled! – Princess Luna.

I like this line. It pleases me.:ajsmug:

Good lord...this is going to get weird REAL fast...but really? Scootaloo? Really?

huehuehue this has 69 likes when i saw it

I'll take a piece of that quest :raritywink: Ficta, you outdid yourself this time. Haahha.

Button's mom, has got it goin' on...


*Wakes up*
*Looks at this fic's popularity*
What have I created? :facehoof:

But still, thanks for your ever present support! :raritywink:


Even little fillies aren't immune to Button's Mum's charms! :rainbowwild:


I am reading the first chapter again! :twilightsmile:


I only just now noticed how damn cute your profile pic is. :yay:

You're reading it again? *squee* You flatter me! :pinkiehappy: I'll be working on chapter 2 soon! The epic quest has only just begun! :pinkiecrazy:

3103245 thank you. Rainbow dash is best pony! Some people need to appreciate good works of writing. If anyone can, please read my story "rose petals"

We’re gonna get our cutie-marks in drug peddling!

Kids grow up so fast these days.

Featherweight’s balls dropped.

Oh my :trollestia:

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Yes! This shall be GLORIOUS! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

And o' course Scoots would be there. :scootangel: She's such a cute little...well, you know.

Next chapter, please! Please? :fluttershysad::fluttercry::yay:

This looks pretty interesting and funny, i shall give it a read :moustache:

3103381 your profile pic is death from diabetes :derpytongue2:

button's mom has got it going on..

I am surprised that no one has posted this yet

Get ready to explore the most wondrous of caves!”:unsuresweetie::rainbowkiss::ajsmug::pinkiehappy::rainbowwild::trollestia:

a warm moist most inviting of caves with warm silky soft walls and.... hmmm i'lll be in my bunk.

but seriously love the wordplay and double entendres

My god these fanfictions are working fast over Button and/or his mom.


“What great timing for your friends to visit! I have all this milk. I made it fresh just this morning!”

Oh that sounds so innocent and yet so naughty. :rainbowwild:

AHAHAHAHHAHAHHA, this story is hilarious. Wait, what's this?

Applebloom and Sweetie-Belle were unsurprisingly curious about Scootaloo’s newfound interest in video games, especially since she’d never played one before. (Her parents couldn’t afford to pay for a games console, mostly because they were dead)

Did you just

So Casually


3115958 Great minds think alike

Anywho, what a great chapter defiantly worth the wait :twilightsmile:

and this is why i love this fandom :heart:
all ready a buttons mom fic

brilliant its a good story i will be waiting for the next chapter:moustache::moustache::moustache: have 3 moustaches

I now feel the utmost sympathy and shared pain for Snips.

I knew Snips didn't have any balls

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