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If I ever rip my readers' hearts to shreds and leave their emotional state in tatters, I do it out of love.


Twilight has a secret. For the past few weeks she's been working on a romantic novel of the mature variety. As her magnum opus, Twilight plans for it to change the world of erotic fiction forever! Or at least it might do, if Twilight had the writing skills to back it up.

Rated T for Teen.

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For those of you who feel inclined,
To lay back and expand your mind,
This poem aims to make you smile,
So line up, readers, single file,
Into a world beyond compare,
No sense or logic anywhere,
There's really nothing else to say,
For you see, today is opposite day.

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This fanfic has been cancelled and will not receive further updates. Ever. Apologies to those who were following it.


When Button Mash finally gets hold of a new game he is disappointed to find that he needs some co-op buddies. Nopony seems interested at first, but things quickly change when his mother makes a visit to his school. They must just really like video games, right?

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(Based on canon events)

It was just one stupid mistake. I never meant to hurt anyone, least of all my friends. But Twilight found a solution, a way to put everything back to how it should be. How could I have predicted her actions? How could I have stopped her? Lives have been lost. None shall mourn them. None shall miss them. None shall even remember them. Except for me.

Twilight Sparkle is a murderer. And it's all my fault.

Art by MysteryEzekude

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Twilight's ascension to becoming an alicorn princess has caused her great happiness, but as the notion of immortality dawns on her she is plagued by doubts. At the end of her emotional tether, she finds solace with the Element of Honesty.

To have no regrets would mean the world.

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Fluttershy yearns for a family of her own but is too shy around stallions for her own good. When Pinkie Pie discovers that her friend has a crush on Big Macintosh, she makes it her personal mission to bring the two together, whether they like it or not!

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Six ponies. One bullet. Twilight is having a slumber party when she comes across an interesting game in one of her books. Armed with a Single Action Army, the mane six take their chances with a friendly game of Equestrian Roulette. What could possibly go wrong?

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It's been several years, and the once adorable Gummy has grown into an enormous beast with an equally enormous appetite...

When Pinkie has to leave Ponyville for a few days the task of babysitting this behemoth falls to a trio of playful fillies. What could possibly go wrong?

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Twilight's Princess Coronation has gone without a hitch, the young unicorn turned alicorn finally achieving her destiny. But it seems not everypony is too happy about that fact... Cue the radical new group, P.A.T.A. Can Celestia bring order back to Equestria?

This is meant as satire, and is NOT a Twilicorn hate fic.

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This story has been cancelled and will no longer receive updates. Ever. Apologies to those who've been following it.

“It is said that our lives are mere drops in the ocean. How appropriate then, that we should strive to make the biggest splash.”

Rosa Bloom is stuck in a rut. Torn between feelings for a close friend and a life that’s going nowhere, she feels that her purpose in the world is lost. However, an unexpected series of events will change everything. All she can do now is hope for the best.

Meanwhile, Twilight receives a visitor at Golden Oaks library, one sent by Celestia herself. While appropriately polite and well-spoken, his motives run far deeper than he is willing to let on. And why does Twilight find him strangely familiar?

“We all have untapped power. It is simply a question of whether we are brave enough or stupid enough to use it.”

Rated T for violence and mild adult themes. Cover image by shadowkixx – DeviantArt

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