• Published 4th Feb 2013
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Pinkie The Match-Maker - Ficta_Scriptor

Fluttershy yearns for a family of her own but is too shy around stallions for her own good. When Pinkie Pie discovers that her friend has a crush on Big Mac, she makes it her mission to bring the two together whether they like it or not!

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Chapter 6 - Operation Fluttermac!

Chapter 6 – Operation Fluttermac!

“Welcome! Welcome!” Pinkie exclaimed, motioning for Octavia to come inside. “It’s great to see you again!”

“And you too, Pinkie Pie,” the earth pony replied with a smile. “The last time I was here was a pure breath of fresh air. I didn’t know how much I liked parties until…” The young mare trailed off as she spotted a certain unicorn from over Pinkie’s shoulder. “I’ll speak to you again later, Pinkie,” she said simply, slowly trotting away.

“Sure thing!” Pinkie called back, taking another moment to look through the window at the dimly lit streets of Ponyville. Where are they!? she pondered, frowning irritably. She had never been a patient pony at the best of times. What if something’s happened to them!? What if Fluttershy got blown away by the wind!? What if Big Mac fell into the sewers!? Wait, do we even have sewers in Ponyville? It’s never been made very clear, has it? Oh, what am I thinking? Where are they!?

Pinkie wasn’t the only one at the party who was acting restless. Five stallions had arrived, all dressed in dapper suits and waistcoats in the hopes of impressing the very mare that had enticed them here in the first place. However, Rarity was nowhere to be seen, and unbeknownst to them would not be making an appearance at all. Still, one young pegasus had found a suitable replacement in the form of a certain DJ. Or at least, so he thought.

Lyra, Bon-Bon, Berry Punch and Derpy had also arrived, which just left Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy and of course, Big Mac. Although it had only been around half an hour since the party had officially begun, Pinkie couldn’t help herself from getting overly worried. It was getting to the point where her overall party mood had been hampered somewhat.

“Hey, Pinks!” Vinyl Scratch called as she took a break from the decks. The pegasus stallion had been left standing, looking a little disheartened. “What’s goin’ on with you? You’re looking nervier than a paedophile in an orphanage.”

“Oh Scratchy, it’s this whole Fluttershy thing,” Pinkie replied disgruntledly. “I really want to get her and Big Mac together, and I had this whole party planned for it, and neither of them are even here!”

“Don’t sweat it, they’ll show,” Vinyl said with a shrug. “And even if they don’t, I’ve got a feeling that we’ll see some sparks flying tonight.” She pointed towards the corner of the room where Twilight and Octavia were sat, chattering animatedly. “See? Everything is looking up! Now bring the old Pinkie Pie back out, the one who has everypony laughing and cheering!”

Pinkie mulled over this for a moment and began to smile. “You know what? You’re right! I promised a party and I’m gonna give everypony a party!” She charged forward through the ponies milling about on the dance-floor and leapt up onto the table. “Okay, everypony! By the power invested in me as the Element of Laughter, I hereby decree shots for everypony!”

There was a cacophony of hoots and cheers as Pinkie grabbed several bottles of brightly coloured liquor and slammed them onto the table. Vinyl complied with the new order and levitated a stack of shot glasses and split them up for everypony that crowded round.

“Do you think we should?” Octavia asked, looking to Twilight uncomfortably. “I was hoping not to get quite so… inebriated as I did last time.”

“Come on,” the unicorn grinned, taking her place beside the rest of the partygoers. “We’ll just make sure not to drink too much after this. It’ll be fine!”

“Woo! Octavia!” Vinyl hollered, raising a hoof in the air. “Don’t be shy, small fry!”

Octavia grumbled something under her breath and took her place next to Twilight while the rest of the ponies cheered. Vinyl and Pinkie began doling out the shots and pretty soon, everyone present had a drink to hoof.

“I’d like to make a toast!” came an abrupt shout from none other than Derpy. “To… um… To the muffin man! May he make muffins forever and not die from bran poisoning! Amen!”

There was a series of chuckles around the table, but Pinkie quickly complied with the request and raised her glass. “To the muffin man!”

“To the muffin man!” the rest of the group chanted together, swiftly downing their drinks.

“Hey, what gives?” came a voice from the other side of the room. “You’re not even gonna wait for me before you get this thing started? I demand a shot!”

“Of course, Dashie!” Pinkie chimed, pouring one out for the cyan pegasus. It was then that she noticed who was standing behind her. Pinkie giggled to herself and smiled wider. “And how about you, Big Mac? We couldn’t leave you out, could we?”

The bulky stallion smiled. “Eenope!”

“Pinkie, this punch tastes kind of… strong,” Big Mac commented as he took another gulp from his glass.

“Oh, you’re just being silly!” Pinkie giggled, subtly nudging a large bottle of rum under the table behind her. She had a feeling that Big Mac needed a little ‘kick’ to help him along tonight. “Now, drink up!”

With but a moment’s thought, he knocked back the tear-inducing beverage. As potent as the concoction was, he wasn’t about to make himself look weak or pathetic, not when he was meant to be fearless and daring on a night like tonight. He needed to keep up that mind-set if he wanted everything to go as planned. For now, he had to wait.

One down, one to go! Pinkie thought as she bounced around Sugarcube Corner, checking on her guests and ensuring that spirits were high, and alcoholic spirits were almost as high. If anypony was going to fall in love tonight, they needed to be surrounded by as much happiness and good cheer as possible! Fluttershy was the only remaining missing piece. Oh, gosh! I hope everything’s okay. Come on, Fluttershy, don’t fail me now!

“Another one?” Twilight asked, floating another glass of punch towards Octavia.

“J-j-just one more then,” replied the swaying earth pony for the sixth time that evening, drunkenly grabbing the glass and trying to act as coolly as she possibly could. “I-I think I can maybe handle just the one more.”

“I’m sure… sure you can,” replied the equally sozzled unicorn, smiling to herself. She quickly downed her own drink, ignoring the urge to double over. “So… what sort of stuff d’you like to do? I mean, apart from playing the cello.” Twilight clutched a hoof to her chest and let out a small giggle.

“What is it? What’s so funny?”

“It’s nothing, just… I probably shouldn’t say it. You’ll get all weirded out and stuff.”

Octavia’s eyes grew wide and hopeful. She gingerly placed a hoof on Twilight’s shoulder. “N-n-no, now you have to tell me. Now that you’ve said that, I need to know.”

Twilight blushed, stroking her lips anxiously. “But… you might not like what you hear.”

Please, Twilight, j-just say what you were about to say. I want to… want to know.”

Twilight looked over at her new ‘friend’, smiling sheepishly. “I was just gonna say…”


“That cellos are just giant violins!” Twilight exclaimed, grinning uncontrollably.

Octavia’s face fell, her entire being crestfallen. “B-but… that’s not—”

“I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have said that!” Twilight wrapped her forelegs around Octavia, taking the mare completely by surprise. “I just thought it was funny, and I shouldn’t insult cellos! I’m sure they’re not j-just giant violins at all!”

Octavia blushed, trying her best to seem annoyed so that she’d gain some sympathy. “Well, yeah. Y-you should know that playing the cello and is all kinds different, and they’re not just oversized violins, and I’m a little upset that you said that, but—”

“Oh, Octavia...” Twilight whispered, pulling the earth pony closer and resting on her shoulder. “The l-last thing I ever wanted was to make you sad.”

“It’s f-fine, I’ve forgiven you,” the cellist replied, wrapping her own forelegs around the unicorn and stroking a hoof through her mane. “It was my fault for m-making you say it, anyway.”

“Scratchy? Are you crying?”

The DJ jumped in surprise, turning to see Pinkie Pie stood next to her. She smiled sheepishly, rubbing away a loose tear from her eyes. “M-me? Crying? What you smokin’ girl?”

“Scratchy, you’re not a very good liar,” Pinkie stated with a smirk. “If you’re upset about something, maybe you should tell me, and I can cheer you up!”

“Okay, fine, I was crying,” Vinyl admitted, blushing slightly. “But I’m not upset, far from it. Just… look.” She gestured towards Twilight and Octavia — who were now huddled up together in the corner of the room — and began to tear up once again. “I’m so proud of her. She’s been my best friend for so long and I always wanted her to find someone and be happy. And look. She’s so happy…”

Pinkie found it difficult not to well up with emotion as she saw the smile on Twilight and Octavia’s faces. She’s right. They look so happy, she thought to herself. I never even thought of helping Twilight find love, but I guess I didn’t need to. She’s managed it all on her own. It’s so sweet, even if I’m not a fan of lesbian shipping. But still…

Distracted by the sight before her, Pinkie Pie failed to notice something happen — something that she had been adamant about preventing.

“I’m going to do it,” Bon-Bon said with a burning resolve. “I’m serious, girls. I’m really gonna do it.”

“You’re totally serious, aren’t you?” Lyra asked, brimming with excitement. “You’re really gonna ask out Big Mac? I need to see this.”

“Oh, I’m gonna do it,” the cream-coated earth pony repeated. “Oh, I am so gonna do it.”

“Well go on, then!” encouraged Lyra. “Derpy and I will be cheering you on!”

“Oh, I’m doing it alright. I’m gonna start walking over… now!” Bon-Bon said without moving an inch. “Okay… now! And, how about now!?”

“Oh noes!” Derpy exclaimed, a worried expression on her face. “The voice-change pony has forgotten how to walk! I’ll help you, fair maiden!” With one swift movement, Derpy shunted Bon-Bon from the side, sending the horrified mare hurtling towards Big Mac. After a few seconds of tumbling and skidding, Bon-Bon managed to right herself just in front of where the red-coated stallion was standing.

“Hey,” she said as seductively as possible, batting her eyelashes and posing provocatively.

“Hey?” Big Mac responded with uncomfortably, torn somewhere between a smile and a frown.

A few moments of awkward silence passed as the two ponies merely stared at each other. This was followed by Bon-Bon unceremoniously vomiting across the floor in front of Big Mac’s hooves. An oily, lime-green mess now covered the floorboards, a collective series of wretches echoing throughout Sugarcube Corner. (With the exception of two ‘pre-occupied’ mares sat at the far wall) Bon-Bon and Big Mac looked from each other, to the floor, and back to each other, before Bon-Bon walked solemnly back to where Lyra and Derpy were standing.

“I messed it up, didn’t I?” she wailed.

“No… it wasn’t all bad,” Lyra replied with a strained smile. “You were doing totally awesome, right up until the point where you barfed everywhere. Apart from that, you were golden!”

The mess was quickly swept up by Pinkie, Vinyl and Lyra, the green-coated unicorn offering her deepest apologies as she sprayed air freshener across the room. Big Mac had shied away from the faint stain, the stench still clear in his nostrils. The night wasn’t supposed to be like this! He’d come here as a bold, dashing stallion. At no point had he expected to be wiping his hooves to rid them of regurgitated alcopops. Now how was he going to impress…

The front door of Sugarcube Corner opened slowly, revealing a canary-coated pegasus adorned with a flowing red dress. There was a collective moment of silence throughout the room as Fluttershy stepped inside — not timidly, but confidently. She was blushing from the sudden wave of emotion as she locked eyes with the stallion several metres directly in front of her, but she was undeterred. Her pulse was racing, her tail was twitching, her face had grown hot, but she was smiling a genuine smile, one that eclipsed even her beautiful dress. I’m ready, Fluttershy thought to herself. And I’m too happy to be scared.

“Scratchy! Music!” Pinkie said in a hushed shout, ushering Vinyl back to her decks. The party pony felt absolutely ecstatic. Everything had to be perfect.

“Sure thing!” Vinyl quickly twiddled a few dials and levitated another record into place. Within moments, a sweet — but slightly corny — melody began to play.

Pony… in red…

Fluttershy took a deep breath and slowly stepped forward. She flashed Pinkie a quick glance as a way of saying thank you, to which the party mare nodded. Taking a quick scan of the room, she noticed the looks she was getting from the various stallions. It should have made her uneasy, but it didn’t. For once, she felt truly and unabashedly beautiful, and it was nothing short of breath-taking. She could see Rainbow Dash splayed out over at the side of the room, looking rather worse for wear. She could see Twilight and Octavia holding hooves in the far corner. She noticed a peculiar and pungent smell… but none of that mattered. Putting her eyes forward, she delicately — but surely — trotted her way towards Big Mac. He was the only thing that mattered.

“I don’t know about you guys,” one of the other stallions commented. “But I call dibs on this one.” He cocked his head and began to approach Fluttershy.

“Oh no you don’t,” Pinkie whispered, appearing almost out of nowhere and bucking the stallion to the other side of the room. He slammed into the wall, narrowly missing Derpy’s head.

Another stallion got the same idea, readjusting his tie and swaggering towards the young pegasus. He didn’t get far though, as Pinkie leapt from inside a nearby plant pot and dragged him inside, popping out a moment later with a content grin as she dusted off her hooves and glared at the remaining stallions. Appearing to heed her warning, they each backed away from Fluttershy’s path with nervous grins. Go for it, Fluttershy, she said inwardly, feeling a sense of immense pride at the pegasus’ newfound poise and grace.

Big Mac’s jaw dropped. In all his wildest dreams he could never imagine Fluttershy to look so… amazing. It wasn’t just her meticulously woven clothing; it was her heart-melting smile, her determined, yet subdued gaze that bore into his retinas, and something else. There was no other word in Mac’s vocabulary that could describe it. Aura. The pegasus before him exuded some kind of unearthly force, something that he’d so rarely felt in the presence of other ponies. Now face to face, Big Mac snapped his jaw shut.

“Hey,” Fluttershy whispered, blushing a stark beetroot.

“Hey,” Big Mac replied softly, as if in a daze.

Vinyl switched the song back to something a little more upbeat, and the general mood in the room shifted to something far less awkward. As the stallions assumed their chances ruined with Fluttershy, their attention was drawn away from her. The other mares began chatting naturally as they’d done before, everything at Sugarcube Corner pretty much returning to normal. Except — of course — for a certain pair.

“Ah… Ah like your dress,” Big Mac said nervously.

“Why thank you,” Fluttershy replied, taking in a deep breath as she rolled a hoof over the fabric. “At first I didn’t think that red was my colour but…” She trailed off, pausing for a moment as she looked between her dress and the muscular stallion in front of her. “I think it’s grown on me.”

Big Mac gulped audibly. “Is… is that so? Hmm…” Damn it, Mac, what are you doing? the stallion said inwardly. Get your head in the game! You deliberately tryin’ to ruin your chances!?

Fluttershy smiled and began to pour herself some punch as she continued. “I’m not normally one for dresses at all, even if I did have that brief stint as a model.” Stop talking about yourself! she cursed in her mind. Are you honestly expecting some kind of miracle here? He’s right in front of you for Celestia’s sake! “So, how are you enjoying the party? It must feel nice to be invited for once.”

“Yeah, it sure does.”

“I’m really happy that you’re here, though. I never really got a chance to speak to you properly before now.” Fluttershy looked briefly in Pinkie’s direction. The excitable pink pony was beaming from ear to ear, attempting a thumbs-up, but realising that she didn’t have any thumbs.

So Pinkie’s been planning this? How did Ah not guess? “Ah… guess you’re right.” Big Mac took a quick breath. “Just to say Ah’m real sorry for ditchin’ you at the farm the other day, but—”

“It’s okay, really. You were in a hurry, and looking back on it now it was pretty stupid of me to get upset. I know you’re not dating Cheerilee and…” Fluttershy stroked a hoof through her mane nervously. It was out in the open now. “And that makes me happy, because it means that I might get to be your very special somepony.”

Big Mac’s heart raced as Fluttershy inched closer, a few strands from her swirling pink mane brushing against his chest. He was meant to be strong, meant to be tough, but in the presence of this kind, loving, beautiful creature who longed for him, meaning just wasn’t enough. He couldn’t even make himself smile. He just stared in awe. He could hardly believe that Fluttershy was being so bold, that merely staring into her eyes made him tremble like a leaf. It wasn’t how he’d envisioned the night to go, but it was… something. An opportunity that many a stallion might kill for. He wasn’t sure if it was just the effects of alcohol consumption, but standing there in that moment was like a dream. A dream come true?

“So tell me a little bit about yourself,” Fluttershy said, overpowered by the immense happiness of finally saying what she’d wanted to say. “I’d love to get to know you better.”

Pinkie was overjoyed. They’re talking. Talking! Sure, it doesn’t sound like the most riveting and natural conversation in the world, but it’s not like I ever expected them to sit back and joke around. They look so perfect together! And Fluttershy looks so happy, and Big Mac looks like he’s fighting the urge to grab her in his hooves and wrestle with her tongue! Keep fighting it for just a little while longer, Maccy my boy!

Fluttershy was thrilled. It’s going even better than I imagined! And he’s so amazing… That charming smile, that unkempt mane, that voice… Every time he speaks I just want to leap onto him and… Oh, wow. Did I just think that? What’s come over me!? Just gotta take things slow and act natural. Oh, Mac, just take me…

Big Mac was dazzled. Eeyup.

“Now that is sweet as sugar,” Vinyl commented as she watched the ensuing romance between the new couple. Taking note of them both — as well as the unicorn and earth pony mare pair nuzzling each other a few feet away — an idea popped into her head. Flicking through her playlist, past Skillrex and D3adPon3, she came across a select few tracks worthy of this moment.


“No, not that one!” she muttered under her breath as she received a few confused looks from around the room. She dropped the bass and volume just a tad and smiled to herself. “This one.”

Suddenly, the barrage of wubs fell silent as a melodious piano tune trickled from the speakers. Vinyl levitated a disco ball (of which she had many stashed around Ponyville in case of rave emergency) to the ceiling, letting the light bounce across it, a cascade of twinkles dancing across the room in perfect harmony. Then came the softly spoken words of Eric Clopton.

With this love…

The pony race shall run free!

Big Mac instantly noticed Fluttershy perk up as the mood changed. “Y-you want to dance?” he asked aloud, accidentally slurring his words.

Fluttershy blushed harder and brighter, but still kept her eyes locked to his. Without a word, she nodded, walking slowly to the centre of the room. To her surprise, Derpy and another pegasus stallion had already begun to dance. She hadn’t imagined the mail-mare to find herself a partner with such ease.

“You mean it?” Derpy asked her new companion. “You can really take me to the south pole? Oh, joy!”

“H-how about a dance?” Octavia asked, gesturing to the rest of the group.

“Okay, b-but, hang on,” Twilight answered, untangling her limbs from the other mare. “I just gotta… gotta get up. I can still walk j-just fine.”

The two ponies stumbled to their hooves, leaning on one another to keep their balance. Just as they managed to rise into a standing position, they both toppled backwards and collapsed to the floor.

“I’ve got another… a new plan,” Octavia announced, lolling her head groggily. “We dance… but, we dance on the floor.”

“That s-sounds like a good plan,” Twilight replied. Together, the two mares began wafting their legs in the air in some kind of attempt at dancing, all the while singing along — completely out of tune and using the wrong words.

Fluttershy and Big Mac were together now — their necks pressed to each other’s — swaying gently to the music. The pink-haired pegasus sighed deeply as wave after wave of emotion swept over her. She could feel the anxiety of the past few days drift away into the ether, the feelings in her heart leaping to the forefront. The earthy aroma of Big Mac’s pelt was soothing, but that wasn’t what comforted her the most. Being this close to him she could feel every breath, feel his pulse run through the veins in his neck. It’s as if we’re together as one. Hearts beating together. Lungs breathing together. Together…

“This is just the way I imagined it,” she said softly, tilting her head to fully rest it against his body. “I’m not even afraid anymore. I can say whatever I want now, and still be okay. I’ve always thought you were handsome, but… I never knew you could be so gentle.”

Big Mac let out a small chuckle and dipped his head closer to hers. He stayed quiet, the only noise escaping from him being long, deep breaths.

“What… what are you thinking about?” Fluttershy asked.

The bulky stallion stayed silent for a few moments before speaking. “Just thinkin’ that… you’re beautiful.”

Fluttershy couldn’t stop herself. The tears were already flowing the moment his words were spoken. “Thank you,” she whispered, allowing herself to cry joyfully against his frame. To hear him say something like that… It stirred up something inside her. She thought of every moment of sadness that she’d felt, every time she’d wished for a companion — a soul-mate — and had to come back to reality, that somepony like her could never find someone else, never find true happiness. That was all over now. Her dreams were the new reality; that much was clear.

“I just can’t get over it,” Pinkie whispered to Vinyl. “She’s so happy that she’s…” Before Pinkie could even say the word she started crying herself.

“I know what you mean,” Vinyl replied, tears rolling down her own cheeks as she watched Octavia and Twilight whispering to each other.

“It’s l-like I told you,” Twilight stuttered, stroking through Octavia’s mane. “I never even thought I liked mares, but y-you’re just… You’re something special. It’s like I don’t even care that w-we’re the same gender. I like you for being you.”

Octavia shuffled closer, their faces now but inches apart. “I always kind of liked mares but… I was so ash-ashamed.” Her face grew solemn as she relived past experiences. “I tried to tell myself that I l-liked stallions, that I w-wasn’t a filly-fooler. I tried to c-convince myself—”

“Octavia?” Twilight gasped.

“I tried to tell myself that I didn’t feel that way, and those f-feelings got pushed deep down. I thought there was something wr-wrong with me. But… But now that I’m here with you, I don’t w-want to pretend anymore. I really like you, Twilight Sparkle, and I’m not ashamed to say it. You just—”

The chocolate-haired earth pony was swiftly cut off.

“There it is!” Vinyl exclaimed, tugging on Pinkie’s head and forcing her to look where she was pointing. “Her first kiss. I don’t believe it.” Vinyl fought valiantly, but the intense waterworks were inevitable. “I’m so proud of her,” she sobbed, pulling herself into Pinkie’s chest.

“Oh, Scratchy, I’m so happy for you.” The pink partygoer wrapped a hoof around Vinyl’s head. She too was crying just as much as the eccentric unicorn. “I think everypony is happy tonight, and that makes me even more happy.”

“You’re right. You’re totally right.” Vinyl wiped away her tears and brought herself to Pinkie’s level. “Hey, I don’t mean to weird you out or anything, but d’you wanna dance?”

“You know what, Scratchy? It’d be my pleasure.”

In all of the years that Pinkie had been throwing parties, nothing could quite match what she’d managed here tonight. She’d always aspired to throw the ‘best party ever’, and sure, she’d thrown some absolute crackers in her time. However, none of them could even hold a candle to this. It wasn’t even the concept of her pals hooking up that made it so important. She could make her friends laugh and smile just about any day of the week, but what she couldn’t always do was make them feel the kind of deep, soulful happiness that they felt now.

Pinkie kept her eye on Fluttershy — the nervy, timid mare who always had to struggle to find her confidence — as she wrapped a hoof around Big Mac’s neck. As much as she had helped her friend, it was Fluttershy who had pulled through and found happiness for herself. It was something truly magical to behold.

Fluttershy sighed once again, running a hoof across Big Mac’s shoulder. He was a stallion of few words — there was no doubt about that — but he didn’t need to say much. Somepony once said that actions spoke louder than words, and she could see why they were right.




The song was slowly petering out, soon to reach its end. It wasn’t even a song Fluttershy particularly liked, but that had changed. For now, it was their song. As the vocals faded into soft, drawn out string and piano notes, she dropped her hoof to the floor. Slowly, she brought her head back, coming face to face with her very special somepony. Without words, without inner turmoil and without hesitation, she leaned forward and pressed her lips to his.

It was such a simple kiss. There was no passionate combing through his mane or slapping of tongues in a game of tonsil tennis, but it was good. Fluttershy felt content, but perhaps most incredibly of all, she felt loved. Loved, perhaps, by the one stallion who could have possibly stolen her heart.

Their lips parted, and Big Mac stared into the adorable mare’s eyes. Everything was… Everything was…


Fluttershy couldn’t understand what she’d just heard. “What… what is it?”

Big Mac shook his head gently side to side. “This wasn’t meant to happen.”

Fluttershy felt an instinctive lurching in her midsection. She held her breath without realising. “I don’t understand what you—”

“Ah’m so sorry, Fluttershy.”

The young pegasus could only watch in astonishment and horror as Big Mac trotted away from her with his head hung low, opened up the door and left without another word. A sinking feeling swept over her, an immense pressure building from the tip of her nose and moving down, throughout the rest of her body. “What did I do wrong?” she whispered. “What did I do—” And so she fell to the floor, emitting nothing but heart-wrenching wails and sobs.

What just happened!? Pinkie thought in utter shock. One moment she was watching her friend’s first kiss and the next… How dare he make Fluttershy cry! How dare he ditch her like this! What the hell is his problem!?

As much as Pinkie wanted to comfort the distraught mare, what took over her sense was a pulsing fury. She bolted from the scene, crashing through the front door and out onto the street. She knew the way to Sweet Apple Acres and there was no way she was about to let Mac get away from her! Running as fast as she could, she soon spotted the galloping stallion out in the darkness.

“Hey!” she bellowed, not stopping for even a second. “Just where do you think you’re going!?”

Big Mac didn’t answer; he speeded up, trying to outrun her.

“Oh no you don’t!” Pinkie cried, expending every ounce of energy to catch up. He was fast, but not fast enough. Pinkie soon got behind him grabbed his tail between her teeth, sending them both skidding into the dirt. Before Big Mac had a chance to get up, Pinkie had his head pinned to the ground, her teeth bared. “What are you doing!?” she screamed.

“Ah’m sorry,” Big Mac trembled, looking terrified. “Ah can’t—”

“You can’t what!?” Pinkie interrupted, fighting the urge to bash his face in. “You can’t act like a proper stallion!? You can’t be nice to Fluttershy!? Do you have any idea how much you mean to her!? Do you have any idea how much you’ve made her cry!? Do you!?”

“Ah really am sorry, but—”

“But what!? This was your one chance to be together and you blew it! Why did you do this!? Give me one good reason!”


“You really need to loosen up…”

“Ah really like her, and Ah think she likes me. Ah saw her today and…”

“But I spoke with Applejack and she said she was absolutely certain that her brother didn’t have a special somepony…”

"She was smilin’, but there was this look of disappointment…”

“And why would you let her think a thing like that?”

“…and so I said ‘What’cha doin’?”

“An’ there’s somethin’ about her…”

“Instead, you should be wondering if you’ll find happiness…”

“You’re invitin’ Mac?”

“This kind of raw innocence…”

“So the next time you get a chance to spend time with her…”

“Here’s an invite for you!”

Ah saw that face, that look in her eyes…

“Grab it by the hooves!”

“But wait a second…”

…see that sweet smile…


“He looked pretty happy…”


“Are you tryin’ your hoof at wooin…”

“Happy ever after…”

…pink mane…


Big Mac thrust himself forward, planting a kiss on Pinkie’s left cheek. Her anger turned to confusion as the stallion solemnly got to his hooves, a lone tear crawling down his face. The heavens opened, bathing them both in an icy cold downpour.

“It was you,” Big Mac croaked, drawing in shallow breaths. “It was always you.”

Pinkie stayed glued to the ground as Big Mac left, trotting sadly through the mud. She couldn’t move; she couldn’t speak. She could only watch silently as the gentle stallion slinked his way over the hill and out of sight, leaving her in the company of nothing else but the pouring rain.

This wasn’t meant to happen. This wasn’t meant…

Pinkie started to cry.

Author's Note:

Don't raise your pitch forks just yet. This story isn't over.