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If I ever rip my readers' hearts to shreds and leave their emotional state in tatters, I do it out of love.


Twilight's ascension to becoming an alicorn princess has caused her great happiness, but as the notion of immortality dawns on her she is plagued by doubts. At the end of her emotional tether, she finds solace with the Element of Honesty.

To have no regrets would mean the world.

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Looks interesting. Don't understand how Applejack fits in yet.
I will be looking forward.

Interesting to say the least. I'll be waiting for a tear-jerking chapter.

Interesting idea and wonderfully written! I love how you creatively tied in some back stories for Celestia and Sombra. And I am totally excited for how Applejack (my favorite pony) plays a role in all this! :twilightsmile: FAVING!

I'll pay attention to this. Do my girl A.J justice.


Applejack is my favourite pony too! Don't you worry, sugarcubes. :ajsmug:

2206735 Mine too! (: I reckon this calls for a brohoof. :ajsmug:

oh god no not Granny Smith :( :ajsleepy:
totally loving this story though, i woulda liked to have seen a fight between RD and LD.

Look, the solution's simple. Just drive your friends away and you won't have to watch them get old. That's what everyone else does. :derpytongue2:

Yay an update!

It's a refreshing take on the usual woe-is-me immortal-angst. I have to say, I don't think Applejack will take missing Granny Smith's last moments all too kindly...

Update :3 .. And a very sad one, twi's gona feel terrible about how aj missed granny, but i think she'll find in herself to forgive twilight, but twilights gona feel guilty still. :ajsleepy: Glad for upate hope to see more soon. ;)


Looks like my fear of 'nobody caring about the update because it's been so long' was just baseless paranoia. :twilightblush: Sorry it took a whopping 68 days for me to update this fic. There were a few reasons why this happened. (See this blog) Hopefully, the next chapter won't take nearly as long to complete.

I know the whole 'immortal Twi sad-fic' has been done a hundred times before, but I'm adamant to explore things in ways that other authors haven't. I hope you enjoy (at least, if you call heart-wrenching sadness enjoyment) what's in store for future chapters. Support from you guys keeps me going more than you could know. :pinkiesmile:

Crap, this story is amazing! So much inner turmoil and emotional insight -- I LOVE IT! Honestly, that exploration of Applejack's life-worth was so well written! It was sad as hell and my heart really went out to her, but damn that was some well-written dialogue! You have a very cohesive "5 years later" view of MLP and I really enjoy reading about it! All the things the mane 6 managed to do with their lives and even Spike and the CMC getting older! :twilightsmile: Oh my god, DAT ENDING! :pinkiegasp: :fluttercry: TEARS FOREVER!

Great update, I am excited to see where this goes! :pinkiehappy:


Congratulations, you win the award for 'most misleading first word in a comment.' :rainbowlaugh: For a second there, I genuinely thought you hated the chapter. :twilightblush:

Thanks ever so much for your kind words. The conversation between Twi and AJ in particular was something I found difficult to write. I was honestly afraid that I'd messed up the pacing there, and this is the first time I've written a focused sad-fic so I'm glad you enjoyed it. :pinkiesmile:


Love the story, but still not enough for me to classify it....wriet moar!


Not sure what you lean by 'classify'... But yes, I will be writing more eventually. :twilightsmile: Glad you liked it so far.


Well, Applejack seems to be more than a minor character, but not the main one and I would like to add it to the correct folder in my group....

....classify. :ajsmug:

This is excellent, and more of it happening will be an excellent thing.

I know the whole 'immortal Twi sad-fic' has been done a hundred times before

There's no such thing as 'new' in terms of telling stories. They've all been done before. You're telling it skillfully, and that's all that matters, IMO. :pinkiehappy:


As soon as I can. Be aware that I have 4 ongoing projects right now! I've written just over 5000 words of the next chapter so far, and it's my main priority at the moment.

Hopefully it should be finished within a week's time. Don't worry! I haven't forgotten about this fic! :scootangel:

2822823 Why did you do that to yourself? :fluttershysad:

Well, here's to hoping! :pinkiesmile:


I do it to myself because I have so many stories to tell!:rainbowwild:

And yes, hopefully I can have the next chapter out soon. I just don't want to rush things or cut it short...

So far this one is right in the feels, but I love it, ill be sure to follow this one.

Wow. Things just got real.

I'd like to commend the pacing here. Although there are a few grammar errors, they are nothing too serious so as to detract from the flow of the story. I can't wait to find out how things pan out when they all gather in Ponyville.

Whenever a story features the title as part of the story, like an important part not just some stupid nod to the audience, I think of this gif;

And it conflicts here greatly.

The point is, this is really good


Thanks ever so much for your words of encouragement. :pinkiesmile: They mean more to me than you could ever know.

I do apologise for such a long wait between chapters. I guess I can blame having three ongoing fanfics in the works, but still. Two months is a long time and you guys deserve better. Hopefully I can sort that out. :twilightsmile:

I imagine this is going to compound Twilight's concerns and the guilt isn't going to help either.

2876659 Quality is worth the wait.

Poor aj, she's got quite a decision to make

It is clear to see you spent some time polishing this, and I am so glad you did. Best thing I have read from the pony fandom in some time. I liked how you handled Big Mac, over all very well done. Worth the wait, and exactly what I needed right now. Thank you :ajsmug:

You have a talent for putting them through hell and back, that's for sure.

I wonder if Mac really thinks of Twilight the way you portrayed or if it's just grief talking... will AJ and Mac reconcile or will she have to choose?

I feel so horrible , I think i spent this entire chapter yelling "Kiss Her Dammit!" :fluttershysad:
They WILL kiss eventually ... wont they? :fluttercry:

Mac is lucky Fluttershy wasn't a witness to his behavior or he would be well and truly chastised.

A really touching chapter... I'm looking forward to seeing what Twilight has in mind to help them both.

*squee* Thank you for your compliments! My hard work is paying off, it seems! :pinkiehappy: Honestly, Big Mac's behaviour in this chapter was something I was really worried about. I thought maybe people would rage at him for acting that way, so it's good to hear someone complimenting me for it. :twilightsmile:

I'm not going to spoil any future events.

Yes, another comment! :rainbowwild:

That's actually a good point. Originally, my idea was for Fluttershy to be there with them, but I thought about that scene in particular and decided against it. Anyway, I'm super happy you liked the chapter! For a while I thought people would have lost interest considering how long it's been since I updated.

I hope for Big Mac that that was grief talking, or else he's just an @$$hole and a retard at the same time. Yeah, clearly Twilight had everything handed to her, never did a day of hard work in her life and, what with being immortal and all and having the nice prospect of seeing ponies die left and right in her future, obviously has no clue what loss is. Idiot. :facehoof: Stick to applebucking, Mac, and leave deep thoughts about other ponies' lives to somepony capable of doing that, because you clearly have no clue. :ajbemused: Again, that had better be simply his grief over Granny Smith's death talking, because otherwise... hoo boy.


Mac's emotional response to loss has been (of course) sadness, but with a compounded sense of anger about the way events have transpired. He is by no means in the right to say the things he said, (considering that he's hurting AJ in the process despite caring about her so much, something a lot of men are prone to do in tough situations) and he is wrong to think in such a way, but there is a sliver of unfortunate truth in there, buried underneath crass accusations and selective reasoning born from his rage.

As for how this relates to the direction the story is heading, I'm not willing to say. But be aware that I am in no way trying to paint Big Mac as a 'bad guy'. He's just making some rather bad decisions.

When I began reading this story, I did not expect the emotional turns things would take for AJ on her end, or how Twilight would be drawn to her during all this. Gotta say, I'm loving it. :moustache:

Yes, another comment!

^ I may not comment much, but I am paying attention. In fact, out of the 114 stories I'm tracking yours is the one I look forward to the most. :raritywink: Just please update when you can.

3342565 3341402 I think that deep down most of his feelings are due to his big brother-like, protective nature: if I'm guessing it, he sees that both Applejack and Twilight were equals at one point and have saved Equestria countless times together. Yet Twilight was given the wealth, the status, the immorality, and the finer things in the world while life gave his sister the bad hand of the mane 6. There's also that Twilight hadn't visited for so long. Big Mac might have been an unwilling witness to some of AJ's heartaches over the years, and there was no Twilight around then to help her through it. He could view this as Twilight discarding AJ, like the world has, not needing her anymore once she moved up in society. Big Mac understands his little sister's open, giving nature can lend others to take advantage of her. So to him, someone in Twilight's position, after all these years, coming to ask for help from someone in AJ's position is nothing less than "preying" upon.

At least that's my take on it.


Your interpretation of Mac's behaviour is pretty much spot on, and exactly the kind of idea I wanted to convey. :raritywink: Big Mac IS NOT the bad guy here. He's just another imperfect character making questionable decisions.

I'd like to clarify that I'm not saying or thinking that Big Mac is a bad guy, mind you, just that he's being an idiot and a (bit of a) dick, due to understandable circumstances. But understandable doesn't take away that it's still dumb and stupid of him to think like that, let alone say it.

3351654 Then it will be quite a chapter when his feelings are made known to our two central characters. :twilightsmile:

This story isn't getting any less good. This chapter was beautiful! The funeral part was pretty relatable, too...

I know you did it for the familiarity, but this chapter sits a little uneasy with me due to your use of religion. They don't really ever specify what their religion is like, but it is known there are wakes of some type. Can't think of anything else right now.

Well this was a basket of feels in my cereal bowl. I'm normally not too big on the TwiJack, but as I've said before this story is written just so damn well. Characters really jump out at you

Seems disrespectful to the mood created to comment on what a treat it is to see this story continuing, but it really is one. I'm looking forward to seeing how they continue to heal each other!

I can't say I'm a fan of religion in MLP fiction, but it's still a good story that manages to escape from certain cliches. The characterization in particular is great. I also like the fact that it was sunny instead of raining at a funeral for once.


That's fair enough if the notion of religion in Equestria doesn't sit well with you. I guess I find it difficult to imagine a funeral being conducted without some facet of faith. But that's just me. :twilightblush: Still, thanks for commenting.


Thanks ever so much for your comments! I am really glad you enjoyed this chapter. Your support makes it all worth it! :pinkiehappy:

:raritycry: *tears of joy*


And that's why I don't really have a problem with it. Not intellectually, anyway. Maybe it's because I always fell asleep during sermons.

It's just that their religion hasn't really been brought up before. I thought it was inferred from 'Princess-worship.'


It's not really religion in Equestria per se, but that it's so out of left field. It's never mentioned in the show AFAIK.

That said, I don't want to give the impression that I don't like the story, because I do.

Update! Thank you, thank you, thank you. :pinkiehappy:

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