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Apple Bloom's recent interest in sailboats and naval activities becomes amplified when she finds out Scootaloo built a sailboat and intends to race it in the annual sailing race across The Equestrian Great Lake, a race she's always wanted to attend. She appoints herself captain of the vessel and assembles a crew. Join Captain Apple Bloom in some crazy maritime adventures and steamy fraternization as she and her crew lean what it takes to run a ship.

Rated teen for Apple Bloom's potty mouth.

Huge thanks to OC+Beats for the awesome cover art.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 7 )

Wow! OK, this was pretty good.:rainbowderp::rainbowkiss::rainbowwild: I like it. I have the weirdest feeling that AB and SB will get together in the end, and Sweetie Belle saying "Shit"... Priceless!:rainbowlaugh: Can't wait to see more!

command master chief or CMC.


must have coasted,

must have cost

can you please make more of this story thank you :scootangel:

6116309 There are about 3k words to a chapter that was never published. But, this story is dead, and I haven't had any intention of reviving it. It might show up in a scraped and unfinished story thing I was thinking of publishing.

can you gave this story to someone?:scootangel:

6124516 It's yours if you want. There are no notes or outlines, so take what's there and make it into something.

OK I will take this story :scootangel:

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