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There's a lot more going around Fluttershy's cottage than anypony knew. But it might just be time for it to be exposed... or not?

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my rantfic sense is tingling

*Commence read*

Opal is best gangsta

yet another amusing oneshot from that crazy D. i liked it.

You are a silly, silly man, D. Perhaps the silliest of mans. May we never know.

That was ... amusing. It made me grin. Also, Octavia, you suck. And paranoid Squirrel is right. Twilight is OP, and you should go on red alert whenever she's near or when she can't be found.

What I don't understand is how this got 2 thumbs down. Must be raiders.

Well, it wasn't quite a rantfic, but it seemed to be a parody, very well written though.

I'm taking the D. All of it. Because I want it, and I love it.

Oh, sure, end it right there. You've just made my death list. I hope you're proud of yourself.

AUWEGH SHET. I shoulda seen DAT ENDING coming, but I did not. Very awesome! :rainbowkiss:

X-25 :

It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you.

What? I don't even.... Huh?!

Well that was...something. I'll give you that.


The things leading up to this cracked me up I almost ended up on the floor.:rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy: Oh and Fluttershy the Queen of the Hive.:trollestia: You dirty skaleewag!:rainbowkiss:

Wanderer... you're ... odd...

2683039 For shizzle. (yes that was deliberate)

There has got to be more of this you got to add more!!!

:rainbowlaugh:I'm entertained... but confused.:rainbowderp:

You've done it again, D. I'm not entirely sure what it is you've done, but whatever it is, you've done it. :ajbemused:

Comment posted by 17th_Immortal deleted Jun 6th, 2013

yes to "more plz" :twilightsmile:

Well, time to break out the ol' Secret Changeling bingo card.

Seriously though, not bad for a 90 minute run.

Pretty much. Changelings, even Queens, can't produce their own love to feed their Hive with; Fluttershy could and did, ergo she's not a Changeling. Calling her a "queen", in this case, is merely symbolic. :twistnerd::twilightsmile:

Though now I've suddenly got the image of The Changelings (i.e. Chrysalis & her Hive) trying to invade Ponyville, only for the pets to be the ones to fight them off. :rainbowlaugh:

D, you are an odd duck.

Never change.

Ether I'm drunk, or that just happened. Looks at bottles all around room*... Both! :twilightsheepish:

I see you used the Ebonics translator for Opal

(Grtgfbll) What if Twilight was the only one in Ponyville who didn't know? What if Spike knew and didn't mention it because he thought Twilight knew? What if-
(Everyone else) WE GET IT ALREADY!

I should cast an odorless spell on myself


2683457 Yes ma'am. *administers belly rubs to pony* :D

Wait... That is it? But I need More!:raritycry::raritydespair::fluttercry::fluttershysad:
Oh, and by the way: LOVE the story!

I love you Wanderer. :heart:


Far from your best work, I must say, but it finds so much charm in it's simplicity ~ it doesn't need to be as fancy as Sweetie's story, or as deep as Rarity's, because it brings a smile to one's face in its own way. I would certainly not complain if you were to post something like this once every few weeks (or whenever you aren't swamped with life :<).

Ugh Opal was obnoxious, did you stick her lines in gizoogle? The invisible unicorn joke was pretty great.

*reading* :rainbowlaugh:
*middle of story* :rainbowhuh:
*end* :rainbowderp:

Well, this is funny one. Also, there is a whole group that is called like this chapter's name. :pinkiehappy:
I don't know if that is done on purpose or not, but I think that this story is essence of all "x is a changeling" stories.
Made to be funny, it delivers. :pinkiehappy:

Hmm... did you forget to add some description of casting the odorless spell? Now it is Twi stating she needs the spell and immediately after that saying that it's good to go.
Aside from that, awesome story!
I don't know what was more hilarious, the sneaky unicorn paranoiac that was right or the fact that Fluttershy understood them perfectly without them knowing.
The way you set it up... not really sure if Shy is a Queen or not. Hay, it can be even discussed whether the animals are Changelings or simply believe they are Changelings. True, there is something about love being given... but still, that one could've imagined it. I mean, it's the paranoiac...
Though the idea of all Shy's animals being... brainwashed? into believing they are Changelings is a tad less probable than them actually being Changelings.
And that stopping point is just cruel.

Have a fave and a like!:twilightsmile:

*Snort* Nice. That rant, I could see it coming. They would encounter an invisible, silent, odorless unicorn. :pinkiecrazy:

Fluttershy is second best changeling queen.

X is, indeed, a changeling.

Wait. This is a story about Fluttershy and her seven evil X's. Okay, more than seven, but still, couldn't pass up the opportunity. :raritywink:

In any case, most amusing. I'm not sure if it would be funnier if Fluttershy was or wasn't a changeling herself.

Ha. Ha ha. Ha.

...how is this story not in "X Becomes A Changeling" yet? *Fixed*

I can sum up my reaction to this story in five words:

What the? Give me more!


Thought really, it would explain a lot about angel...!

Opal-as-rapper was a nice touch.

i just want to know about scootaloo

i second wanting to know about scootaloo

This literally made my night. Thank you wanderer.

Wait wait wait wait wait...Fluttershy's a Changeling Queen?


By the way, what was Fluttershy saying when she said "I hope you're not doing what I think you're doing to her" or something like that? Beat up Twilight or turn her into a changeling :rainbowhuh:?

New Headcanon acquired :pinkiehappy:

2686667 Oh, Scootaloo was a Chicken changeling who decided to become a pony to get closer to Rainbow Dash. Because she's awesome.

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