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This story is a sequel to An Alternative Ending

Gregory Graystone faces a monumental task. He must repair the bridges between several nations. Pull the former elements out of their sorrow and light the banner of harmony and friendship once again. And, maybe, help his fellow man out of his malaise. Meanwhile, groups behind the scenes work to undo the changes happening in Equestria.

Written in collaboration with


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You are Anon, and you own a musket for home defense. When four rapscallions break into your house. "What the devil!?" You do what must be done. Now you have to explain to Twilight why this makes sense.

Edit: Featured? Thank you everyone!

Reading by Wuten: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8Hab2Ff1cI

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This story is a sequel to Changing Expectations

When ages are segmented and divided in the annals of history, it is done so with great events as breakpoints. The Second Age of Heroes was unanimously declared to have started with the return of Princess Luna and the changeling Invasion of Canterlot.

For thousands of years, the changelings survived beneath The Great Tapestry, that which connects all living and nonliving things. Hundreds of generations worked endlessly to keep their existence a secret. With one command from Queen Chrysalis, the Masquerade was broken.

In a single night, the changelings waged war against Equestria and took the Kingdom by storm. Months later, the war between changelings and ponies has ended. A new tapestry, a new story, must be woven between the two species. Equestria and the Fifth Hive have gone through a dark chapter and have emerged stronger for it.

One war ends and another begins.

As The Sword of Damocles hangs above the heads of the formerly-human King Phasma and his Equestrian counterparts, the forces of light must work on an ever-shortening window before war once again brings Hell to Equus. Dark powers grow in the places that the light does not reach, and they bring one irrefutable truth.

Epitaph is coming.

Cover art by Nixworld.

Special thanks to my pre-readers!

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This story is a sequel to A Very Batty Hearth's Warming

The small village of Nocturnis is growing, things are peaceful, the magical dome to protect the town is close to completion, the train is once more working to connect to the rest of Equestria and Princess Luna is coming to visit. Things are looking good for Prince Page!

He really should have known better than that.

Cover image by DALL-E AI.

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This story is a sequel to Beginning Anew

Prince Mark Wells' interdimensional business with Earth is expanding into new locations, and those require managers with knowledge of the existence of the magical nation of Equestria. Several men and women are selected and introduced to the new world and each must learn how to cope in their own ways with the culture shock.

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This story is a sequel to A Flurry of Problems

My name was once Noah 'Storm' Smith, but it is now Summer Storm. Once I was a human just like any other, but thanks to an asshole I ended up in the body of a small filly. Hopefully, I don't end up messing up this new life just like I did in my old one. Thankfully this time I have some people ponies that care for me and will help me, as long as I don't do anything too stupid...

Updates on Saturdays.

Credit for the cover art goes to Santagiera on Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/santagiera/art/Good-night-554627232

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Ever drank too much and woken up in a different place? I have several times. Ever woken up in a different body than your own? No, that one is new.

Hello, my name is Storm and I am a 24-year-old dude. Or I was yesterday, now I am some kind of filly and everyone is calling me 'Flurry Heart'. Everyone thinks I am 10 and that I am confused and traumatized. Probably doesn't help that I keep asking for a drink and am a bit lost with what's going on. I just hope that these ponies, frequent disasters and one scary pink pony don't kill me before I can go home.
Now translated into Chinese by Aeri: https://fimtale.com/en/t/31675
Credit for the Cover Image goes to SkyeyPony.
Link can be found here: https://www.deviantart.com/skyeypony/art/Flurry-Heart-908403193

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This story is a sequel to I Am Human, And That's All I Want To Be

A/N this is a sequel to my story I Am Human. It is not required reading for the sequel, but you may want to read it regardless. Also, I work as a PMC, so I don't get alot of free time. As a result, updates will likely be sporadic. Thanks.

A/N woo-hoo! Featured! Thanks for reading and the support!

Its been just over six years since your injury. You're not sure what happened but apparently while flying over the city you lost control and plummeted to the ground. Thanks to the Princess you were still alive but with no memory of your life before the incident. But lately, you have been plagued with dreams that seem so familiar.

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A/N Hi guys, this is just a short story I wrote in about an hour, HOPE YOU ENJOY! (I'd like to thank everyone who likes this, thanks for getting it featured)

A/N audio reading can be found here. Read by our very own The Mysterious Fluttershy Fan. Be sure to show your support to his channel if you like it!

You have lived in Equestria for some time now, around five or so years. You never meant to come here it just kinda happened. The first few months were a living hell for you, you were attacked because most thought you were a monster. This continued until you were captured by the Royal Guard and brought to meet Celestia and Luna. You explained your situation and over time you became friends, but that didn't stop the fact that you were ridiculed and attacked whenever you left the castle, and so in time you became content with staying within the confines of the castle. But one day guards showed up to your room and put you in chains...

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Seth Madigan is an avid hiker and survivalist who spends his summers escaping his collegiate life in the city in the mountains of the eastern US. During a typical hike, he finds himself experiencing strange phenomena that leads to him landing in a world unfamiliar to him. Zinnias is a slice of life, slow burn styled story of Seth as he comes to terms with a new body and new world.

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