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A troubled fourteen year old boy who's never heard of 'My Little Pony' or 'Twilight Sparkle' finds himself being abducted by the latter and taken to Equestria, in a form that's not even his own. What does his future hold? Why don't you find out?

Featured from 26/3/24 to 29/3/24. True.

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Chaotic Harmony, Book 1

Blue Frost is a pony, now. He remembers being a human, but with little else, he must make his way in the world of Equestria and find where he belongs. With the town of Ponyville opening its arms to this new pegasus, Blue forges forward into a life he never thought possible. Laughs, loves, and loss await.

Official remake of my first big series "I Left My World for Ponies?!". While there will be similar plot points, this will be a fresh take on the original story after my years of growing as a reader and a writer.

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Warning: This story and this description both contain spoilers for the Web Novel: Worm. If you don't want to be spoiled, read Worm first, then come back and read this

The apocalypse had come at the hand of a god-like multidimensional alien entity. Taylor Hebert, a parahuman with power over bugs and bug-like things has her powers altered by a former enemy and subsequently uses morally questionable means to make everyone in existence with superpowers fight this evil deity, eventually defeating him.

This however came with a cost. Her mind was deteriorating as her power was subsuming her. Thus another cape decided it would be a mercy to put a pair of bullets in the back of her skull.

Another entity witnessed all of this. This entity, grateful for Taylor's role in stopping this alien god and thus saving countless worlds and thus countless lives, decides to intervene. It brings Taylor to Equestria turning her into a Changeling Queen in the process.

(Warning, Dark, Death, and/or Tragedy may be added to the list of tags in the future, depending on how things go. Furthermore, the Suicide tag is for the references to suicide in the description and in the first chapter. Suicide and/or self harm will NOT be a major theme in this story.)

(This is a crossover with the web novel called Worm by the author Wildbow. I highly recommend reading it if you haven't, it's a really good story!)

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This story is a sequel to Eclipse

Page needs a vacation.

He's not getting a vacation.

What he does get, is... how do they put it? Brand new exciting opportunities.
He never wanted to be a Prince, nor to rule. But he's stuck with the job, which means having ponies relying on him.
So he's doing his best.
Which would be fine, except ponies seem happy to keep finding brand new ways to make it harder for him.

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This story is a sequel to Inevitabilities

The conclusion to the trilogy. Read Destinies and Inevitabilities first.

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My name is Comet Tail, and I have died many times.

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Conflict has been boiling between the two Apple siblings for a while now, but when the trouble between them seems to reach it’s climax, an unexpected twist leaves them back at square one. Big Macintosh, the hardworking backbone of Sweet Apple Acres, claims he isn’t Big Mac. He denies being himself, and denies being the big brother to Applejack.

At an impasse on what to do, Ponyville’s local psychiatrist is called to help find out what happened to Big Macintosh. Can she find out what is going on with him? Whatever the truth is, the mind inside of Big Macintosh makes one thing perfectly clear. “I Am Not Big Mac.”

Content Warnings: Discussion of Death, Loss, Grief. Explicit Language.

WARNING: Spoilers in the comments.

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Twilight thought she was coming into her own as Princess of Equestria.

With each passing day, she grew more confident in herself, her choices, and her ability to rule. She even began holding her own court these days, and enjoyed hearing out problems and working on solutions for her subjects.

Yes, she really felt like she was getting a handle on it all, and could deal with just about anything her subjects and the position of princess could throw at her.

Then a little green filly waltzed in and threw her one heck of a curve ball.

"I believe Cozy Glow should be freed."

Excuse me, what?

Twilight had no idea what she was in for, and all the aspirin in Equestria wouldn't be enough to sooth the headaches to come.

Was there something in the Equestrian water supply that was turning cute fillies into devious little monsters, or is she just that unlucky? Well, at least this one didn't seem bent on world domination. At least, Twilight hopes she isn't. This green nightmare might be even harder to stop than Cozy Glow if she ever put her mind to it.

This is not a "Cozy did nothing wrong and the main cast is evil," fic. Just a little filly who may or may not be more than they seem offering a different perspective on the whole situation involving an evil little villainess and what is the best thing to do with her.

Chapters (6)

This story is a sequel to Rekindled Embers

Thanks to the efforts of Emberglow, her fellow Elements, and all who stood against tyranny, the twisted heart of the Holy Equestrian Diarchy was exposed and expunged. Some time has passed since then, and all the creatures of the land have settled into a new normal. While there are those who still cling to their old fear and hatred, the seeds of change have been planted in the hearts of many who once blindly followed a bigoted faith. Others have already embraced peaceful coexistence, following Emberglow’s example.

But sudden, unfathomable arrivals trigger a seismic shift, upending what everypony thought they knew and threatening to undo everything Emberglow and company achieved. Can they uncover the real truth once again and protect Equestria? Or will renewed violence and conquest sweep across the entire world under the purview of those who would claim absolute power?

Edited by LysanderasD and the inspiring applezombi
Cover Art by JodTheCod

Come join us on the Rekindled Embers Discord!

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Need deniable arson? Anger a kirin!

Preread by Samey90. Discussions and BSing with the usual crowds, thanks!

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