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When I said I was going to be a Brony for life, I meant it! That didn’t mean one year or two years it meant for life! Also, I'm pretty sociable, PM me if you wish to talk or have any queshtions.

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  • Lulz 128 stories - 405 unread chapters Mostly comedies that while might not be great in quality are still hilarious.

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It's a simple thing, really. Celestia and Luna would normally do it, but the palace has been rather busy of late. So all Twilight has to do is go to Baltimare and officially launch three ships, because launching ships is one of the official duties of a Princess. What could be simpler?

After Twilight instinctively chooses the wrong definition of 'ship' and desperately asks a friend for help? Just about anything.

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"Ponykind must have run out of colours when they finally got to this pony. Everything from his mane to his ass was all seven colours of gloom and doom. He was so dark and brooding he probably ate glittery emos and shat vampire bats.” - Quote of the Week

1000 years the ponies have prayed for a saviour to deliver them, whether it was their long lost sun goddess Celestia, or even Nightmare Moon, maybe even the chaos lord Discord, anypony! After suffering under the yoke of a tyrant god for so long, they decided any saviour will do, even a dark demonic overlord. One unicorn sorceress finally decides to take matters into her own hooves. She sets out to the frozen ruins of a long lost Empire in the Crystal Mountains bearing a grand sacrifice of 1000 ponies in an attempt to summon the dark demonic overlord of the Crystal Empire.

When the dark ritual turned up a blank, the universe decides to shuffle in the next best thing. Will he rise up to the expectations of his newfound flock? He'd better, and quickly, for the tyrant god's inquisition is out to get him and the 1000 'blasphemers' involved in his summoning. With a nation to build and an evil tyrant god to fight, never has there been a taller order to fill. But it's alright, he's a dark demonic overlord, right? He quickly finds that with some smokes and mirrors and the help of 1000 very magical ponies, anyone can look the part, even an entirely magic-inert pizza delivery dude.

Now a long-haul fic! Many thanks to everyone who convinced me to make this a reality!

Many many thanks to the Editing team, Dumbgamer99, Not A Hat, and Brad The Brony. Be sure to thank them by checking out their pages!

Our lovable number one overdude assistant, Crystal Heart, now has a musical theme, aptly titled 'Dual Core A.I.', kindly provided by AdmiralTigerclaw! Epic now comes in an entirely new flavour! Many thanks!

Somebody kindly messaged me and told me I should announce here that the story was featured from 27 - 30th of April. I completely missed that but many thanks for making that possible, everyone!

Cover Art: Placeholder drawn by me. Will be a background for a full cover at some point.

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Sweetie is having the worst cramps of her filly life.

Thanks to a misunderstanding and a little ignorance, she now thinks she's pregnant.

How will she tell the others, what will she learn, and who could the father be?!

Rated teen for 'misunderstandings'.

Alt. Endings, you choose!

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Twilight Sparkle was hoping to spend the morning snuggling with her loving girlfriend, Luna. But princessly duties demand their attention, and Luna has no intention of letting her sleep. Naturally, it's time to object. Creatively. And she's determined to come out on top of things.

Figuratively speaking, at least.

A oneshot voted on by my patrons.

Preread by Timaeus.

Artwork by Silfoe for her Tumblr blog, The Royal Sketchbook, and used with her permission!

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A visit to Twilight's house started off like normal. Some gossip here, some makeup there.

Then Rarity ventured into Spike's room, and is appalled at how child-like It looked. Dolls, Comic books, and even a Power Pony themed blanket. As an act of "generosity", Rarity decides to surprise Spike with a new room and gives away all of his collectibles.

His reaction? Well... It's rather... explosive.

Rarity is screwed.

An unrealistic interpretation of Spike's reaction if his comic books were to be tampered with. Written for fun/practice as my first comeback story since 2014! Enjoy!

Full reading was done by Night Spark! Listen to it here!
Thanks to FamousLastWords and ChappedPenguinLips for pre-reading and editing!

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Twilight is assassinated. Repeatedly. If only anypony knew what the word "immortal" meant...

Now with a reading by Skijarama!
Now available in Spanish!

Originally written for the Writeoff Association's February contest, "The Twilight Zone."
Thanks to Not_A_Hat, Masked Ferret, Floydien, Chryssi, and ChappedPenguinLips for prereading.

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Soarin has liked Rainbow Dash for some time, but unfortunately, she's really bad at picking up romantic hints, which pretty much annoys everyone.

Gift for Nordryd

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Before she became Nightmare Moon, Luna fought many adversaries who threatened Equestria. And since her return, new and old enemies have appeared with alarming frequency. But the land had peace for a thousand years while Luna was on the moon, and now the princess questions how such a thing could be possible.

Celestia offers her a completely logical and reasonable explanation.

Now with an audiobook by Illya Leonov.

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As a bright and promising student entering her senior year at Canterlot High School, Trixie Lulamoon thought she was prepared for many things... the least of which was being magically summoned across dimensions by her equine doppelganger to perform an all-important task. A bit of a warning would have been nice. Some clothes would have been nicer.

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