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When I said I was going to be a Brony for life, I meant it! That didn’t mean one year or two years it meant for life! Also, I'm pretty sociable, PM me if you wish to talk or have any queshtions.

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In a miscommunication gone awry, Starlight Glimmer has killed Twilight Sparkle with a fork.

Luckily for Twilight, Starlight's already acquired a resumé in doing the impossible.

She's totally got this.

Coverart created by Lord Destrustor!

Chapters (1)

Twice. That's how many times Tirek has tried. Twice. On two occasions he fought in what he believed and twice he has been put back in an eternal prison.

Not long after Tirek loses and is sent back to Tartarus, the centaur is visited by someone. And the two decide to have a discussion, where Tirek reflects on his abhorrence of the Equestrians.

Chapters (1)

A magic experiment strands Starlight Glimmer in another world, with no way to get home.

There's only one thing to do in this situation: learn a friendship lesson! Oh, and have some lunch. Okonomiyaki, to be precise.

A crossover with one of the Internet's oldest fandoms.

Special thanks to guest editor Mooncalf!

Chapters (3)

As a bright and promising student entering her senior year at Canterlot High School, Trixie Lulamoon thought she was prepared for many things... the least of which was being magically summoned across dimensions by her equine doppelganger to perform an all-important task. A bit of a warning would have been nice. Some clothes would have been nicer.

Chapters (1)

Hey guys, the story is back on. Progress is halted, though. Go read the blog post.

The Ponyville Mayoral Election is coming up, and Twilight is excited to root for Mayor Mare alongside her friends. That is, until she discovers that in Ponyville stallions are not allowed to vote. Twilight quickly gets mixed up with the Ponyville civil rights movement, but when the time comes, will she stand against her friends?

Chapters (17)

Since Luna's return, the diarchs' discussions have ranged from pleasantly inane small talk to world-shaking affairs of state. Sometimes both at once.

Inspired by Estee's The Elements of Elements collection. Now with a reading by Pony&Wolf Productions.

Chapters (1)

When Twilight was younger, she would sometimes be privately tutored when Celestia was occupied. Once a professor attempted to teach Twilight Military Strategy. It didn't go well.

-Made it into the Feature box for a few short days in November 2016. Thanks all!-

Chapters (2)

Strange symbols have started appearing all across Equestria that nopony can read, except Discord. As he comes to grips with what this message means, he is determined that nopony find out its secret. If they do, absolutely everypony in Equestria will die.

This story is a cosmological crossover with The Three Body Problem trilogy by Cixin Liu, and thus contains spoilers for that universe. But can be read without prior knowledge of that story.

Audiobook available on YouTube!
Featured on Equestria Daily!

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There's a lot of things about Cadance and Shining Armor that never quite made sense: their sudden appearance before the Royal Wedding; their suspiciously convenient suitability as rulers of the Crystal Empire; their oddly abbreviated pregnancy; and even their quick change of heart after Spike asked them to forgive Thorax.

Twilight Sparkle knows exactly how deep that conspiracy goes — she was there in the beginning, when her hive's queen created Shining. And she wasn't happy about it.

Finalist in the "Things Left Unsaid" December 2015 Writeoff! Rewritten and greatly expanded to fill in more backstory and to account for Season 6 canon.

Rated 'Worth Reading' by Titanium Dragon! "If [you like] the idea of a story which hints at a greater conspiracy behind the scenes which explains some of the plot holes we see in the series, you’ll likely enjoy this."
Reviewed by Matthewl419!

Cover art by Lo-23, using Twilight from "Deception is Magic" by Heilos.

Chapters (1)