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A magic experiment strands Starlight Glimmer in another world, with no way to get home.

There's only one thing to do in this situation: learn a friendship lesson! Oh, and have some lunch. Okonomiyaki, to be precise.

A crossover with one of the Internet's oldest fandoms.

Special thanks to guest editor Mooncalf!

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Haven't even read it it yet, but as a longtime fan of Ranma 1/2 I feel obligated to...

A Ranma Crossover by Bookish? Auto thumb!

Interesting... Very interesting... Ukyou was probably the best choice for Starlight to end up with, and if you continue this, has the best chance of Empathizing with Starlight because of how Ranma left her when they were kids, even if they maybe weren't exactly as close as Starlight was to Sunburst.

Who knows, maybe Ukyou will end up learning a Friendship Lesson of her own from Starlight and figure out how to patch things up between her and Ranma better. Not necessarily giving up on the whole fiancee issue, but easing back and focusing more on being a supportive friend first, which could, in the end, make all the difference in the world...

This is all rampant speculation, of course, so take it however you wish.

The only choices that would have been about as good would have been Kasumi or Tofu, but the former would only be if Akane and/or Nabiki would have been absent to jump to conclusions/take advantage of the situation (Granted, the former would be less likely than the latter, unless you went with a more heavily Fanon interpretation of Akane, but the possibility would still be there however slim...).

Nice how we jump right in. No long expositionary explanation, no wild panic attack, no nonsense.

I hate to admit it, but... my waifu kinda had that coming. Jusenkyo curses make for an effective end to a fight.

Curious to see Starlight maintain her pony form when dimension jumping. No sudden and appropriate clothing?


Leave it to Ukyo to use cooking as a metaphor for friendship. The girl's got a lot of other talents but she can't help coming back to the classics.

Ah, yes. A connection. I wonder what it could be?

Still, it's a nice speech and speaks well of Ukyo's character.

I'm just hoping that season 7 will have Starlight drop the angst. It's getting tiresome.

One more!

Nice wrap-up! I too felt a little melancholy that the two new friends had to part ways so quickly, even if I spent less time with them than they did themselves.

Good to keep this simple. No need to bring in the whole cast of one series, have them do their thing, then leave. We got our setup and payoff in a nice little package!

But seriously, Starlight. No more woe-is-me, you got that? I'm watching you. :ajbemused:

Hmmm... so no heart to heart about their pasts (yet...?)... I'm a little disappointment, but there's still one chapter left. Forward Unto the Breach!


An interesting end. Twilight reinforcing the lesson Ukyou gave her while the Chef's gift wraps things up on a good note.

I hope she does make it back one day to visit and get that heart to heart chat with Ukyou, and introducing the Mane 6 to the NWC would be all Kinds of antics, but I'm not sure if I'm eager or terrified of the thought of what could happen if Discord came along for the ride...

Nostalgia, strong characterization, a nicely executed fight scene, and just a hint of cheese. This story is good eating. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

Ranma 1/2 fans don't die they just get older. Really good story I really enjoyed it.


Curious to see Starlight maintain her pony form when dimension jumping. No sudden and appropriate clothing?

I missed writing ponies. It's been a while. :twilightsheepish:

I was reading Ranma 1/2 fanfiction long before mlp fanfiction, though I haven't read much of it in quite a while. Ukyo always was a favorite, though, and I enjoyed this.

Of course, it'd be interesting to see Ukyo in Ponyville...


Recognized the restaurant at a glance. Obviously this story is for me. Also, I am shocked that it's been a whole chapter and nobody has been called a Jackass, and Starlight hasn't been hounded as the cure to certain curses.


I am shocked that it's been a whole chapter and nobody has been called a Jackass,

You missed it :fluttercry:

Ranma 1/2 was one of my first true anime Fandoms (Robotech doesn't count as I didn't realize it was an anime at the time) and you really caught the feel of it here. More than that I can actually SEE this happening.

Great job!

Wanderer D

O_O Bookish... thank you. Thank you.

Wanderer D

Ah, Ukyo, there was always a reason as to why you're best pony fiancée. I should go back to writing you.

Wanderer D

Man, I needed this, you have no idea.

One could say Ukyo had a selfish reason to help Starlight get back home, to make sure the unicorn never meets Ranma... had to say it.

Oddball of a crossover, but it works.

Ranma 1/2 funny enough was the fandom I first cut my teeth into, not sure how or why but I did. Still enjoy it greatly since it does seem to have matured a bit past the bashings... well apart from Genma but he deserves it.

I was just watching some Ranma 1/2 yesterday!

And you just happen to post this?!:heart:

Ah, a good ol' random Ranma 1/2 crossover. I miss those.


Given the way Ranmaverse fanfic works, Starlight probably would get hit by Spring of Drowned Girl within a week. :pinkiehappy:

Wow. Speaking as someone who's seen very little of Ranma 1/2 (a grand total of three episodes), I enjoyed this very much. It was fun!

Of course, there's always the chance Starlight and Ukyo could meet again. If one magic portal mirror can be made, another could always be made too, right?

7793054 Ever hear Ranma 1/2 logic?

That was a lovely story that captured a lot of why Starlight Glimmer appeals to me as a character. Also, while I've never seen/read Ranma 1/2, I was able to quickly connect with the characters from that series and what they're like, Ukyo in particular, as her character definitely worked brilliantly alongside Starlight's in this story.

Now that I think about it, I should definitely check out Ranma 1/2 at some point. :twilightsheepish:

Anyway, excellent work as usual. :twilightsmile:

So, when does Shampoo bust through the dimensional wall to deliver Trixie her ramen?

I've never even read Ranma 1/2 and this was a fantastic story. Bravo. ;u;

Thaaaaaaat's the stuff....

I started reading fanfiction back in '96 at the beginning of the Era of Ranma. All those Bet fics... O_o
This is a nice nostalgic feeling. There is so little 'good' Ranma stories these days and even fewer MLP crossovers with it. Liking this already. :twilightsmile:

Yes, Ukyou. She was always the most sane and collected of Ranma's love interests. In Ranma 1/2 though, that's not really saying much. She was always my favorite except for when I tried to put Ranma with a Fanon based Nabiki.

Ranma 1/2.... Now that's a name I haven't heard in a very long time.

Much older than I ever thought I'd be.

Thankfully Starlight made it out of Nerima before something magically irreversible happened. And thankfully she didn't meet Happosai (I doubt he'd grope a pony but you never know). :yay:

Thumbs up. Great slice of life story. :twilightsmile:

Ukyo waved a hand dismissively. "Please. It's all on the house. Mainly because... oh, this is going to sound so silly." Ukyo's expression went sheepish. "But... do you believe in kindred spirits? I... just get this feeling that you and I..."

"...might be connected somehow?"

"You do get it." Ukyo's face scrunched. "It's just something I haven't been able to stop thinking about since we first started talking."


I suspect that is going to fly over the heads of most. But that is a wonderful little callback. Hah!

Ah, this did bring back nostalgia. I bought all the manga when I lived in Japan and Ranma was one of the first anime-things young me had a fan-crush on. Oh, those halycon days of the early web.

...Now I feel nostalgic for Geocities Webrings. Wow.

Well, now I want to watch Ramna...

I kept trying crazier and crazier plans until, finally, I put nearly all of Ponyville under a mind-control spell just to get them to act how I wanted.

I remember that diferently. She only wanted three fillies to like the doll and not whole Ponyvile.

This is the second time I have seen okonomiyaki mentioned in a fimfic in as many weeks, which doesn't sound like a lot but is 200% more than I expected to find.

Ranma was also one of my first fandoms (only beaten out by Monster Rancher because I had weird friends), and Ucchan in particular was my favorite/first anime crush. Okonomiyaki was the second dish I ever learned to make in my pursuit of becoming a home cook.

Thank you for the nostalgia. :twilightsmile:

In the English dub, Shampoo's voice actress is the same lady that is Spike in FiM. :)

That was a fun little read. The first chapter felt a little too late-90s Ranma fanfic, but the sentiment and the friendship lesson du jour more than made up for it.

7793506 Oh, shit, I just saw your profile pic!!!

*tears the f*ck outta there*

Thumb-Up. "Ranma"... Practically my first love.

Ah. There you are, Bookish.

Ranma 1/2, Okonomiyaki, Ukyo!!! Thumbs up, favorite! Now excuse me while I actually go read the story.:twilightsheepish:

Well, that was fun.
Can the two remaining chapter live up to it though?

"Humans," Twilight Sparkle had called them, stating that they were "a lot of like us ponies,

if you choose to write it that way, "humans" shouldn't be followed by a comma or a period and "a lot like us" should be the beginning of a sentence and thus "a" should be capitalized.

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