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Twice. That's how many times Tirek has tried. Twice. On two occasions he fought in what he believed and twice he has been put back in an eternal prison.

Not long after Tirek loses and is sent back to Tartarus, the centaur is visited by someone. And the two decide to have a discussion, where Tirek reflects on his abhorrence of the Equestrians.

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damn this is good

Fancy conversation we got in here, it covered some interesting topics. Sad how Tirek's brother is unable to help or understand him, tragic how there is no one who is both willing and able of reasoning and reforming poor Tirek. The story painted him to have been obscenely misguided, more than anything else he was and still is a lost soul in need for guidance.

Although by now he clearly does have some mental issues to work on as well.

Then there is Scorpan which seems to be a mature, rational, and compose character; yet in here his brother Tirek managed to push his buttons presumably due to them going far back to their infancy.

That happens, people tend to take the words and actions of individuals one is familiar with much more personally than the ones of strangers.

“Tell me, Scorpan. When does discipline. Punishment. Retribution. Condemnation, whatever you want to call it, when does judgement change from being about breaking laws and rules. To turning into torture?”

I can answer this.

It's whenever an element of benefit is absent, like reformation or order keeping. At that point the pursuit of justice becomes merely a means of seeking a sense/feeling of balance, in other words it's a suboptimal response for distress which focuses in making the victims or the overall majority feel better at the stake of holding those labeled as violators responsible through some form of punishment. In short, mere torture for the sake of justice is really a manifestation of insanity.

One aspect that characterises sanity is being able to accept reality without letting irrational feelings dictate how we respond to unfavorable things.

Ideally, we should all always respond in the most beneficial way possible, and that sometimes means forgiveness without punishment.


PS: Grammatically, for some reason this had a lot of inconcistent spacing, but besides that I saw nothing else.

Whoa I don't know what to say buy that was deep

Waah waah, poor baby. Bunch of made-up backstory about how nice evil dictators are, then a lot of whining about how nobody's been nice to him in prison. In every case the victims stopped the threats by doing the only thing they could do, and in one of those cases the protagonist spent the next thousand years regretting that it had to be done--funny how ol' Tirek glossed over Nightmare Moon, isn't it? But no, poor Saddy Dumpingtirek is the real victim here. Boo freakin' hoo.

P.S. Burn in Tartarus, Ayn Rand.

7804417 Good sir, would you prefer some cheese with your whine?

This was easily one of the greatest stories I've read on FiMFiction, and the best in terms of Tirek's character. As soon as I get a quality microphone, I will be doing a dramatic reading of this, if that's alright with you, Black Hailstorm.

8207356 By all means I'd be honoured

8207420 Really? That's perfect! Now if only I could afford a decent mic...

I might need a raincheck on that reading; sorry. :applejackunsure:

8209219 It's all good man. Appreciate you liked the story though

A pretty good story though at times I had trouble understanding what Tirek was trying to make a point about. Anyway, it was a nice read. Good job, dude.

Wow. I love reading fics that go deep into a character’s psyche, how they see the world, why and how they become the way they are.
Going off by S4 alone, this is pretty good, and I’m glad we got more of Tirek’s character up to S9, almost being really different than S4 (he got a musical number, like w o w).
Even way back then.. he goes have a point. I mean look at how HE ended up like with Cozy Glow and Chrysalis. A world that’s heavy on their themes of friendship, except for some, then it’s 1000 years of imprisonment (like they did with Luna, Tirek, almost Chrysalis (in the comics), Discord, and now most likely the trio) for them.

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