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Unhappy that her future as a member of the monarchy is denied by Celestia, Sunset Shimmer escapes through Starswirl's mirror into another world, planning to take it over to prove once and for all she was fit to rule. What she didn't expect—besides a species change—was to arrive in a world already conquered.

TvTropes Page (Just created! Needs Help!)

Art (Will contain spoilers)

Sunset Shimmer - Bloody Sunset

Spoilers Ch. 11+: Angel - Angel and Sunny
Spoilers Ch. 18+: Princess - Comic
Spoilers Ch. 121+: Alejandra Acevedo - Flying at the speed of death
Spoilers Ch. 161+: Apple Bloom - Bloom
Spoilers Ch. 180+: Food - Sunset's Party Dress
Spoilers Ch. 185+: Fugue - Fugue by Rametep
Spoilers Ch. 197+: Exhausted

(Art is always welcome!)


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It occurred one peaceful night. Half of Equestria awoke to the sound like a double-shot thunderclap. A percussion heard in the skies and rattling windows from Apploosa, to Canterlot, to Ponyville. Nopony knew what it was or what it heralded for the world as it drew a line across the nation.

For Twilight Sparkle, this isolated incident might have faded from memory after a time, if not for the strange rumors of a creature sitting on the hill on the outskirts of town.

These are her thoughts given written form. These are Sparkle's Notes.

Report EVERYTHING to the Princess.

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Desert Mirage lives in a world full of guns, lasers, explosives and people competing to be the best of the best. There she excels at what she does: hunting. She started as a nobody, and yet became one of the most sought-after gunslingers.

Sunset Shimmer was practically born the best of the best. Selected by none other than Princess Celestia to be her prized student... until she ran away to another world in search of power. Through trials and suffering she was eventually taught humility and friendship.

At first blush, they don't have much in common. But their connection runs deep, and sooner or later it will change their worlds forever.

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"A good teacher is like a candle— It consumes itself to light the way for others."

Fresh out of college and ready to tackle her career with all of her might, Cheerilee is what some ponies would call perfect for teaching in Ponyville's schoolhouse. It's her first day on the job, and she's ready to start doing her part to help the town's foals grow to be happy, healthy adults.

Of course, there are some things that college simply can't teach. When one of her pupils begins to show signs of trouble, Cheerilee will be forced to learn a very important lesson.

Teaching is about a lot more than writing on a chalkboard.

Concept gifted to me by my good friend, Blue Flame

Concept Development, Prereading, and other assistance by KillerShadow 15

Edited by
Lord-Commander (Chapters 1-11)
Xhoral1865 (Chapter 12)
Kestrel (Chapters 12- )
MissytheAngle (Chapters 13- )

Cover art commissioned from Sayer09

Thanks go out to everyone else who has helped me along the way, and to you readers for taking the time to read my writings. Enjoy the story!

Featured on Equestria Daily! 9/30/2015

Reviewed by Blunt Reviews!

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XCOM Record: Operation: Rising Star
11:52 am, 18th Febuary, 2016
Northwestern Territories, Canada.

Summary: Witness reports contact with extra-terrestrial creature. X-ray is unconcious and unresponsive. X-ray does not match description of previously observed species.

Response: Strike-One dispatched on high alert, orders are to recover X-ray alive. Alien Containment prepared for the new arrival.


The war ended. They were beaten back, their mothership destroyed, their command structure in ruins. Lost ships and soldiers continued in vain, but thanks to XCOM, humanity won, and the world was saved. The Volunteer saw to that - everything changed because of one man.

And then suddenly, everything changed again. Only this time, it's not a man's doing - it's a mare's.

Proofreading by the aweome Setokaiva, entirely without me asking!
Tagged Dark and rated Teen: Gore, because there is going to be some blood shed by the end of this.

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To ponies, the Windigos are some of the worst beings imaginable, but for young Orli, they are the brethren she is proud to accept. For too long, she felt that pony society would only accept her from afar, and so she chooses to provide unseen aid as her kind has done for centuries. But as she recalls the brave actions of her mother, she inadvertently performs one of her own, one that leads her to a sudden epiphany: perhaps enemies don't always stay enemies...

For the Equestria Daily Outside Insight contest.

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At home, aware that her sister is out there—beyond her grasp and beyond her ability to help—Rarity waits and despairs despite the support of her friends. And then... one day... Sweetie returns home.

Note: This is a side story to The Sweetie Chronicles: Fragments. It is not intended to be read on its own. (I mean, no one will stop you, but you will be confused.)

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This story is a sequel to The Mare of the Night

It's been six months since Starlight Nightflier, batpony prostitute, was hired to be the conversation partner of UN ambassador Daniel Habbuck. Since then, she's gained a new job, a new home, and a new future for her beloved son.

But that's not enough for Starlight. She wants to be more than just a friend to Daniel. Much more. But something's holding her back. Something from her past that refuses to die...

A collaboration between moi and Comrade_Pony

Special thanks to AidenHeaven, HolyStreak, KG472, zxzxzxzxzx24, and NarlepoaxIII for proofreading and editing!

Cover image source: Link

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During an experiment with new magic. Princess Twilight Sparkle suddenly finds herself in a strange new world and in even stranger company.

Kai is your everyday guy. He wakes up, goes to work and then comes home again, a monotonous routine that is his everyday life. That is until a talking, purple horse appears in his apartment. Well… so much for monotonous routines.

The Princess has a secret or two though, perhaps a new friendship will help her forget some old ones?

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Be Awed and Amazed by the tale of Sweetie Belle as she traverses the multiverse in search of her lost mentor and friend, Twilight Sparkle! Will she find her in post-apocalyptic Equestria? Or maybe in a strange world where everypony is the wrong gender? Or even where a Pony claims to be a human? Read as she journeys through very familiar worlds you might have read about... if you dare!

At this point in time all the main worlds to be visited have already been chosen. Thank you all for the suggestions, and I hope you enjoy the surprises!

Here's the official TSC:F Music Intro: The Sweetie Chronicles: Fragments

You can also visit the TV Tropes Page which has spoilers!

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