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You've heard the story before, right? The guy who wakes up as Twilight Sparkle one day in Ponyville and has to adapt. Well what about if his younger sister accompanied him as Spike, and he knows next-to-nothing about the show whilst she's a crazy fan?

All this, and they find themselves at the very START in S1 ep1, the very first scene. Sometimes knowing EXACTLY what's going to happen doesn't make things any easier... particularly when your entire reference for knowledge is a smart alec kid who you're not sure even wants to get home....

In other words... HELP!!

Featured from 3/9/23 to 6/9/23. Yup.

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Thumbnail made by the Awesome-Amazing - Chilly Krow

He thought he had found a safe haven in Ponyville. A place with infinite love. A place where a Changeling could rest his head. Unfortunately, one too many rash decisions start to add up, leading a certain filly to start pestering the bug.

Current plan is whenever i feel like it (common Cxcd L)

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This story is a sequel to Triptych

There are those who say that a mark is a portion of the soul made visible to the world. That the mark is destiny, and so cannot be denied. Equestria has existed under the influence of marks for all of its recorded history, allowing the ever-changing tide of icons to guide the way.

But it could also be said that every system contains the seed of its own destruction.

There is one who believes destiny is nothing more than a trap. And there is nothing she will not do to make the world free.

(Part of the Triptych Continuum, which has its own TVTropes page and FIMFiction group. New members and trope edits welcome.)

Now with author Patreon and Ko-Fi pages.

This story is a direct sequel to Triptych. Do not read it unless you've finished the original.

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You’ve seen Humans in Equestria… but have you seen them done quick? Will PonyRunner420 crumble under the pressure of one frame tricks, uninvited couch commentators, and suspiciously self-aware NPCs, or will he successfully kill Celestia in record time?

A short story about the magic of speedrunning, and it’s power to bring people across the world (and across dimensions) together with the common goal of raising money for charity, and just killing Celestia really fast.

Featured 2023/01/10. You’re supposed to brag about this here right

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This story is a sequel to Schadenfreude HATES MAGIC

Schadenfreude has always played by the Rules of the Game. Break a rule on the list? Get a punishment. Break four? Well.

Twilight Sparkle, on the other hand, was new to the Game, although familiar with the players. Which she really should have thought about when she tricked Schadenfreude into violating multiple rules on the list at once.

So for Schadenfreude, it was a month of community service. For Twilight Sparkle? A trial by fire of working side by side with her new employee.

And the School of Friendship's newest substitute teacher.

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This story is a sequel to Idol Hooves and The Deathly Tired Princess

With the Summer Sun Solstice around the corner, it means the time as come to cover one of the most renowned, and culturally important works of the last two decades- 'How to Pony.' By Idol Hooves.

Join us as we follow a class's journey into these renowned books that have helped many creatures around the planet become the best they can be, and how the author's own experiences helped create this wonderous book series.

Note: While this story is listed as sequel to my Idol Hooves Spin off, it will borrow from all the side stories created by Vdrake and fans alike. Think of it as a Breath of the Wild situation were everything is basically canon, but not canon.

Cover art belongs to Vavacung's comic: Changeling-Scout comic.

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This story is a sequel to GARGANTULON VS. THE SPACE DRACULAS

Rarity and her friends are too old to go trick or treating-- which is what little sisters are for.

With the excuse of chaperoning Sweetie Belle and company, Rarity sets out to savor the last Halloween of her youth before she heads off to college.

Plus, free candy.

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A nation fractured and surrounded by enemies, a physically weak ruler who struggled daily to maintain an empire that weakened with each passing year. Together with nobles increasingly ambitious and emboldened as the emperor's authority dwindled.

All this added up to a powder fuse for a nation that would explode into conflict with the ambition of the various duchies and counties that already wielded considerable power.

And in the middle of all this chaos, he is born.

An old spirit in a young body. The first and only heir of the Von Greifenstein dynasty and the last hope of a declining Griffonian Empire.

Grover the Sixth, Emperor of the Griffons.

This story is based on the mod for Hoi4 Equestria at war. It's really worth checking out. All types of constructive criticism are accepted and very well welcome! I don't own any of the images! They all belong to the Equestria at war Dev team and their Artists!

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The Kingdom of Equestria

  • Total population: 27
  • Neighboring countries: 0
  • Estimated time until the end of the world: <7 days
  • Purple alicorns searching for their memories: 1

The story takes place in a setting continuing from season 3.

Thanks to the /fimfic/ Anons for writing advice, pre-reading and feedback.

The fic was loosely inspired by the song Solastalgia by Francis Vace and Luck Rock, so thanks to them, too!

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There's only one pony in Ponyville that the Mane Six have never met. Pinkie Pie has never thrown him a party, Applejack has never sold him a mug of cider, and Twilight has never seen him check out any books. And as far as that unicorn, Lapis Print, is concerned, that's exactly how it should be.

Lapis can't risk them knowing where he lives, what he does for a living, or even what his name is - if he gets his way, the Mane Six won't even know he exists, and nopony in Ponyville will miss him once he's gone.

It should be a piece of cake - after all, it's not like the biggest magical power in Equestria is about making sure everypony looks out for each other, right?

(Rated Teen for language - mental cursing mostly.)

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