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I've heard that I write a pretty good story named Fallout: Equestria - Memories.

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Twilight Sparkle has been through quite a lot during the course of her young life. With her friends she has re-discovered an ancient magic, saved the world from Nightmare Moon, and imprisoned the embodiment of Chaos in stone.
However, she cannot help but feel in over her head when she wakes up aboard an alien space station, where strange creatures are running dangerous experiments on her and others in an effort to make living weapons.
That's just the beginning however. She soon finds herself and her people caught up in the middle of an interstellar war over one of the most basic principals of sapient life.
The right to think for yourself.
Just an idea I had, and I'm not even really sure where it's going to go. But I liked it and I thought that it would make a great story. comments would be appreciated, especially those geared towards making me a better writer.

Cover Art by Mario94 on deviantART URL: http://mario94.deviantart.com/

Preread by Doomotter

Also, mad props to my new editor Eddiehowell! He's great!

Additional characters and tags will be added as the story dictates.
MLP is owned by Hasbro and Faust.
All other characters and worlds in this story are made by me.
This story is 100% approved by Twilights Library!
Also, if you don't like my story, that's fine. Just tell me what I'm doing wrong before you click that downvote button. How can I improve unless I know what I'm doing wrong?

Chapters (22)

This story is a sequel to Fallout: Equestria - Duck and Cover!

NOTE: Duck and Cover is not required reading for this story.

Atom Smasher is a special kind of pony. She lies, she cheats, she steals, she stockpiles explosives and relishes their liberal application, and she's one of the good guys. She earned the praise of the locals after becoming the accidental hero of the wastes around her home, but once the day is saved, being the hero is boring. She needs a new adventure.

One day, a letter arrives, inviting her to join her brother in San Palomino on a search for their missing dad.

She doesn't remember having a brother.

It is, however, just what the doctor ordered. Now, if only this desert wasn't so damn hot...

A more serious look at Atom Smasher from Duck and Cover. Also being written at a less breakneck pace. Original by Kkat, cover art by me! Editing by IsiahJacobs.

Chapters (24)

Following his tumultuous defeat, King Sombra is flung across space and time to exit out a human's malfunctioning toaster. For weeks, Sombra monologues his revenge to destroy those that hurt him. But seven months later, when a route back to Equestria is found, does he not seem all that interested in returning.

Edited by spigo.

Prequel: The Roommate From Tartarus
Side Sequel: (Not My) Home Sweet Home

Update: labelled as complete. The last three chapters will remain as bonus chapters.

Chapters (19)

Celestia is trapped on Earth.
Not as a human. Not as an alicorn. She's a common horse, an Arabian mare, without her magic, voice, knowledge of the language - not even freedom, forced to work at a riding school.

What can a single Arabian mare do to get back to Equestria from this backwater European country? With only the mind of a princess and a pencil in her teeth, Celestia must find a way home.

[Illustrated] [Alternate Earth] (without Bronies)
Rated Teen for language and some scarce suggestive themes.
Proofreading by AlicornPriest

Polish language version

Chapters (9)

Applejack is chosen as The Nightmare's new host.

It really isn't that big of a deal. Until it is.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Stardust

Everyone knows the story of Hearths Warming Eve. They know the tales of the three pony tribes and how their strife brought the Windigoes upon them, and how the Fires of Friendship saved them from their frozen fates. For countless generations the tale has been told, but how has it changed over those years?

Or is any of it true in the first place?

Only one pony knows, and Celestia would prefer that the past stay forgotten.

(Based on a 'What If' line of thought that was born from the Stardust storyline. While some familiarity with Stardust and Mente Materia doesn't hurt, this story can be enjoyed on its own)
(Coverart available soon from the amazing FoxInShadow!)
(Many thanks to Arzoo, BradTheBrony, Vandenbz, and Setokaiva for prereading!)
(Complete with it's own TVTropes page as part of the Stardust continuity)
(Character tags will be added as chapters are added!)
(Possible spoilers in the comments! BEWARE!)

Chapters (12)

Star Power isn't Twilight Sparkle -- but she does play her on TV.

This story has an audio version!

Written for the December 5th Writeoff Contest. Prompt: "Behind closed doors."

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This story is a sequel to The Dresden Fillies: False Masks

It's been a while since the girls have seen their good friend Harry Dresden. Discord escaped, Luna attended her first Nightmare Night, the Royal Wedding was crashed by hordes of changelings, and Pinkie Pie threw a statistically improbable number of parties. They tried inviting Dresden, but between his new job and new apprentice, he always claimed to be too busy. The solution was obvious; if he couldn't come to his friends, they needed to go visit him. Besides, they say Earth is lovely this time of year. What could go wrong?

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It had been nearly a year since you won that labor lottery. This job had quickly turned into the best thing that has ever happened to you and your family. From the Grestin checkpoint, you had seen it all; terrorist attacks, long-seperated lovers getting back together, people trying to smuggle drugs into the country...
None of that compares to the day a portal opens to an alternate dimension just outside the walls.
Which is bad, because inevitably that means more papers for you to check and double check.
But still, a job's a job. Might as well keep a straight face about it...
And remember:
Glory to Arstotzka.

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Our six heroes decide to settle down for the night with a few bottles of their choice beverage and a few hands of poker.

The night was going so well until Rarity decided to wager her virginity.

Now she's desperate to get it back.

(Formerly known as Rarity Loses Her Virginity in a Poker Game. The author's artistic integrity was long gone by the time of writing this.)

Special thanks to Blue_Paladin42.

Chapters (3)