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Exactly what it says on the tin.


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I like the smell of this fic so far...
Onward! To satirical victory!

This was beautiful to read! You keep on writing this! :twilightsmile:

Oh man. The worst terror of all - a player character. And Equestria thought the fallout was bad...

And like the poster above me, yes. I was strongly tempted to upvote just from the cover and description. Had to read it, though. :P

Not going to lie. I was sold just from the cover.

This is an ingenious idea and from the description alone i'm left wondering how on earth did the myriad of FOE spin-offs not produce such a pure, simple and brilliant a concept?

On my to read list.

btw "Maybe I'd wait until I we could see Colton before offing them" only noticeable mistake, last line.

4105 words of pure entertainment.
You even made the "explaining something everybody knows about" part funny. This story is awesome, keep it up! :)

Oh, F*ck me that is funny!:rainbowlaugh:
Cant wait to see what kind of shenanigans will sprout from this. Though I am actually surprised that no one has thought of doing 'actual gamer' reactions to this.

Okay, now DIS gun b GUD.

*grabs popcorn, settles in*

3434765 Thanks! I'm normally quite good at catching mistakes while I write, but I can't catch everything, and because this is NaNoWriMo, more things are probably going to slip through than normal.

Ooh, not often you see a sociopath protagonist like that. Nice one.

Oh… my… fucking… god. I've been waiting for a story like this forever. Good show, good show! :derpytongue2:

Oh my god, yes! This is fucking glorious!:pinkiehappy: Wishing you luck on your NaNoWriMo challenge, I'll be following the entire way.

You know, I actually kept that BB gun in Fallout 3. I wish there was a "Nerf or nothing"-esque perk that could make the BB gun useful for more than just setting off landmines.

Also, I'm hoping Atom's not ACTUALLY racist, and just hates everypony equally, like a good little delinquent should.

I think I just came...
All I want to know is when do you plan you updates cause I NEED TO KNOW!... When to get the popcorn ready for ;D

Hrm. Interesting. I like the way it ended, and exploding foam darts is good fun. Always nice to see more comedy surfacing around the FoE Fanfic space.

Here's to hoping things are super mega ultra fun in upcoming chapters. ^.^

whoa... I wish I could do this kind of thing in Fallout more regularly... oh and they are hoofballs, not foot. Ponies don't have feet. That would be really weird

3439674 Technically speaking hooves are feet, even snails have feet albeit just the one, it's just a general term but yes hoof does sound better.

Btw good chapter, loving Atom's morality, she's a lot of fun.

This is everything I wanted from my story on a much more extreme scale. 10/10 will advertise for you later.

Just in time to alleviate my boredom!

3438635 Since you posted this comment I've posted two chapters. I've been posting about 8pm GMT every day.

3438504 Thanks! I've been hitting 4k words a day which is going to get gruelling. Probably going to need all the help I can get.

3435642 Entertaining exposition can be done! Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams are good study.

This just showed up in the Recently Updated section, and I love everything about it.

I have to say, this chapter is a slightly unusual read for one familiar with Manchester. Clearly I'm not used to enough horse-puns in my daily-diet.

Another well done chapter!
Can't wait for tomorrow to read the next one :twilightsmile:

TF2 and Murky Number Seven reference?
I'm liking this more and more each day!

Yay, new chapter! Had been refreshing all day.

Except for number seven, which for reasons that are beyond me, was thick with murky fog.

groan You had to go there...

I preferred her "Hat Accent" monicker.

I like how nopony bats an eye over her use of those nicknames in actual conversation, as if acknowledging she's in it for the fun and is only marginally fazed by anything less related to causing exothermic mayhem.

Stars hit the ground with her forehead. "We're getting distracted."

Wouldn't a unicorn have to tilt her head awkwardly to hit her forehead on the ground?

Pretty good for chapters being released so fast

I like how these chapters are so short and sweat

YES! They have Diamond Dog as a pet. Best help yet...And I really feel bad for Stars.:fluttercry:Losing a brother like that. Though it was awesome to see her cause all that carnage.

Poow widdle Stars horsie!

"We had some RadAway earlier, maybe she needs to pee, I don't-"

... the things Fallout/FoE companions need to put up with on a regular basis... :'D


i am loving every second of this, i very rarely laugh out loud at things i read but this! I'm actively laughing at every chapter! :rainbowlaugh:

keep up the damn fine work, i eagerly await the nerfing, card flinging, OP magicness ahead!
carry on good sir! :moustache:

Oh by the way, would Atom have been able to stop Hobo Blanket's rampage with that whip?

Awww, I liked these Scots ponies. I hoped it would work out.:fluttershysad:

3487392 It would be like applying a moist towelette to a housefire.

3487736 So you sided with Caesar's Legion in New Vegas?

dunno, the whips at least seemed to grab her attention, give her pause (albeit minor)...
when she mentioned that she hadn't gotten a chance to use it, that's what made me think "you sorta did", but watching,the carnage unfold is always more fun.

Dunno, I like to imagine what a high karma char like Littlepip would have done instead, and would think of Atom when shown what actually happened after being tossed into such scenario (memory orb, simulation, whatever)

oh, and your fic is highly entertaining, like others have stated numerous times before!

3487787 Thank you!

Statistically speaking, Littlepip and co probably would have gone from room to room murdering most of everything. Part of my joke is that Pip and Atom kind of have the same problem-solving methods.

Come to think of it, pip did tend to clean out first confirm intel later for convenience's sake...
Good point.

3487758 Who? {never played the Fallout games...Don't really care for Fallout stuff, but your fic caught my interest and I enjoy every second of it}:pinkiehappy:

3488306 Hah! I feel special. I based the Scolts a bit on Caesar's Legion, where this guy went out to a bunch of raider tribes and impersonated the historical Julius Caesar, rallied them together, they started making imitation Roman uniforms, and then they started marching on Vegas. They were, however, baby-eating villains who went around burning villages to the ground and crucifying their enemies. I didn't quite capture that in the short time the Scolts were on screen, but that was the idea.

3488306 Essentially, they're a bunch of rapist slavers that have a military system based off of the ancient Romans. They increase their numbers by integrating other tribes into their military, or taking them as slaves.

3488347>>3488354 OH!...In that case KILL THEM ALL!:pinkiecrazy:

Hey! You can't kill a villain without letting him monologue first! That's an unskippable cut scene. Great chapter, and House really has to brush up on his speech skill.

Are fabulous stallions included in your definition of a queen.:duck:

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