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Everybody knows what really happened in Fallout: Equestria · 9:12am Aug 1st, 2012

It's all a conspiracy! It actually is completely different and was adapted so bronies, being male and gamers, could better understand!

It's actually the story of the PPPP, the Perennial Pretty Pony Pageant,
which, in the pre"war" era, was the first ever to include non pony contestants!

In which Applejack was responsible for accessoires,
Rarity made 42 figurines from her finest fire rubies
Twi designs spells to make ponies feel chilly, making them put on socks and saddles

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816332 I know the feeling... until I got my Note it took forever to type anything into Fimfic. Perhaps we should promote a Mobile friendly version :pinkiegasp: Oooo good ideas!

Oh, I Read the first coupla chapters and decided I liked the protag and general premise.
gonna try to catch up over the weekend.
(if this comes across as awkwardly written, it's because my phones having problems displaying more than 1 letter per paragraph for,some reason)

Hey! Thanks for the favourite on Ouroboros! Anything you like in particular? :pinkiehappy:

Well, helps keep up with your chapters right when they come out *stops shivering from fic withdrawal*

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