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An Atom Smasher Side Story? In MY FIMfiction? It's more likely than you think! · 2:20am November 18th

Hey check it out someone did a thiiiiiing. I wouldn't necessarily call it canon but then, the nature of fiction is ultimately malleable and you can choose to believe what you want to believe. It's thematically interesting anyway! And also I offered some editing help.

Also it has cover art by the talented Brisineo!

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Good News, Everyone! (Duck & Cover printing related) · 7:44pm April 9th

If you’re interested in the Duck & Cover/Make Love Not War printing, the signups are going so well that the price per copy has been reduced to $25.99 with free shipping to the US! Signups close on April 15th so if you haven’t ordered yet get in there now!

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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