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This story is a sequel to It's Elementary, My Dear Rainbow

Something is going bump in the night in Ponyville, cutting a path of destruction through the quiet town. It's up to the brilliant mind of Twilight Sparkle to get to the bottom of this, accompanied as always by her loyal assistant (and new marefriend) Rainbow Dash.

This is a stand-alone story following the Twilight Holmes continuity established in It's Elementary, My Dear Rainbow. Reading the first story is recommended, but not required to enjoy Sabotage After Sunset. It is followed by Salting Snails.

Editing by Doctor Strangelove and Formerly Committed.

Chapters (1)

Rainbow is confident and cool when faced with the prospect of dating, especially if it's just to test the waters. So why is she acting like this?

Cover Image by me. Ink and watercolor on paper, roughly 8x7.

Editing by Doctor Strangelove starting at Chapter 2, and Formerly Committed as well starting at Chapter 3.

Chapters (7)

Twilight needs help researching flight dynamics to improve her wing-granting spell. She seeks out Rainbow Dash's help. Dash has other reasons for helping Twilight...

If you're a Twidash fan, thanks for giving this old thing a read. When I wrote it, I did ship Twidash myself. Alas, no longer. I will not be writing a follow up, I will not write another Twidash story unrelated to this one. Between some kind of artistic integrity and a desire not to remove a story no matter how little I care for it, this story will stay here.

Chapters (1)

Everypony knew about Dash's feelings for Twilight, everypony but Twilight that is. As the girls come together for a slumber party, Rainbow Dash finally sees her chance to tell Twi how she feels. With her friends behind her Rainbow Dash throws caution to the wind!

Chapters (1)

Looking back, it should have been obvious. It wasn't at the time of course and they knew that, but it was now. All those brief moments they spent together, the close encounters, it was like they were dancing around the subject.
And it all began with something so very small.

Set during season two.
Story eight in my Twidash Challenge: Song Fic
Cover art by johnnoz

Edit: Yes, I won the contest, to my absolute glee!

Chapters (1)

Twilight and her friends have been sent on a trip to Trottingham to oversee preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration. On said trip, Twilight Sparkle will learn something interesting about Rainbow Dash, who will learn a few things about Twilight in return. Emotions fly, and every time something seems to go right, it turns around and goes quite wrong. The true question here is, will they have time for the Celebration?

Rainbow Sparkle fic with potential for other pairings later. A commentary on the awkward beginnings of a relationship and learning about each other. Based loosely on experience, sans ponies and trains.

Chapters (7)

When Twilight discovers an invisibility spell, she decides to use it for pranking her friends. However, she soon finds out some interesting news that one of her good friends, Rainbow Dash, might be interested in her as more than friends. But can Twilight accept this news, or will she rebuke the rainbow maned mare? What chain of events will this set off?

Edited by The Abyss

My amazing cover art was drawn by Graphic~Lee!

An extensive re-edit will be happening soon. Expect a re-working of the ending, if it stays the same.

Chapters (18)

Twilight and Rainbow Dash, together? Must be that 'opposites attract' thing. Then again, maybe they have more in common than they're letting on...

An ongoing series of slice-of-life snapshots. RD, I said to keep the Library clop-free, not... oh, forget it!

All chapters originally written as separate entries for flash-fic blog Thirty Minute Pony Stories (TMP). I highly recommend a visit to TMP if you're looking for some of the best 1000-word gems in pony fiction. Many thanks to TMP for inspiring me to write!

Chapter Summaries:

Epilogue - The next Daring Do book isn't out yet, so Twilight convinces Rainbow to read a romance novel instead. That never works - does it?

Second - Twilight reads everything she can get her hooves on. Sometimes she finds things she'd rather not know, or in this case, that Dash would rather not know.

Becoming Daring - The latest Daring Do novel isn't quite what Dash expected, and her reaction isn't what a friend of hers expected, either.

Firelight - Not every schedule has to be full and not every list has to be checked off.

Lift, Weight, Thrust, and Drag - Dash's friends can't save her from an anniversary date with Twilight, at which she will show Twilight a secret skill she's kept from everypony. Twilight's definitely not complaining!

The Wait - Agony is knowing the one you love is standing hoof to hoof with danger and knowing there's absolutely nothing you can do to help.

Hoofing It - One day, Twilight will learn that reading Daring Do alone won't get Dash to do everything. That day is not today.

Variations on a Theme - How many combinations of Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash can there be? Plenty!

Reluctantly Yours - There's something Rainbow Dash doesn't want to lose, and Twilight refuses to let it go. Will this be the end of the awesomeness that is Dash?

Closer to Home - Giving up one dream to keep another isn't always a bad trade.

Wings, Wonderbolts, and You - Always read the fine print. And the rest of it, too.

Pinfeathers - Dash was all she ever wanted and all she'll never have. Twilight hasn't lost Rainbow Dash, but someone has.

Daring Do and the Chapel Perilous - Something's wrong with the Daring Do fanfic Dash and Twi are reading, and it's not funny.

Pew! Pew! Pew! - Rainbow Dash finds new and unexpected uses for the Elements of Harmony.

Less of Me - Twilight decides to help Dash's career along, but she might be getting ahead of herself.

The Ink Wasn't Even Dry Yet - Dash and Twi go head to head in a battle for the ages! And oh, the stakes...

Audience - Twilight Sparkle doesn't dance. We hope. Dear heavens, please let her not dance.

The Trip and the Destination - Dash took on one storm too many and Twilight's had enough of it.

A kind chap by the name of munngojerrie graciously offered to do a dramatic reading of Egghead and Featherbrain. It's done, and it's an hour of audiobook shipping goodness your ears will thank you for! Take a listen to part 1 HERE and part 2 HERE and part 3 HERE.

NOTE: Not related to the Luna's Librarian / Rustic & Romantic / If the Flight Suit Fits continuity.

Chapters (18)

Rainbow Dash isn't having a very good day. First she was in some dark place, then it turns out she's in the hospital. Oh, and she's apparently blind now.

Eventual Twidash!


Inspiried by the cover art, which belongs to the awesome 8-Xenon-8 on deviantart! Also inspired by the Ask Blind Rainbow Dash tumblr blog by Jykinturah.

Youtube reading, by the awesome L0RdZovChAoS, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6S23CkL48EM

Chapters (19)

Twilight has feelings for Rainbow Dash but she is too nervous to tell her, even if she did have the courage she wouldn't know how, So she tries seeking some outside advice from some of her friends. Will Twilight get Rainbow or will she be left longing for the mare she loves.

(Pre season 3, set after season 2)

Chapters (6)