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Trixie steals the deed to the Golden Oaks Library. She quickly finds out this doesn't mean what she thinks it means.

Inspired by this blog post by MythrilMoth.

Trixie vector create by Silentmatten

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The discovery of a tiny extraterrestrial object within our own solar system makes a strangely equine alien race aware that the Earth is inhabited by an intelligent species, and they're on their way to come visit.

But since space is a really, really, really big place, they aren't going to get here for about a thousand years. They do have FTL communication, though, so while we wait maybe we'd like to be pen pals...

You could win a free one shot commission! Check the associated blog post for details.

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In the 31st Century, humankind has spread to thousands of planets in the Inner Sphere. Once united under the glorious banner of the Star League, the Successor States and their noble houses now fight bitter wars over the scraps of empire. When a JumpShip carrying a special task force from the Federated Suns suffers a catastrophic misjump, the occupants find themselves stranded above a strange, beautiful world at once alien and eerily familiar.

Meanwhile, in the peaceful realm of Equestria, Ponyville’s resident bookworm , Twilight Sparkle, has stumbled upon hints of a secret buried for centuries. A secret that may lay bare long-forgotten aspects of Pony history and culture.

Our story begins on the planet Valexa, where the beleaguered Militia has launched a last-ditch effort to call for help against overwhelming odds.

Written with those who are not familiar with the BattleTech/MechWarrior universe in mind.

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It occurred one peaceful night. Half of Equestria awoke to the sound like a double-shot thunderclap. A percussion heard in the skies and rattling windows from Apploosa, to Canterlot, to Ponyville. Nopony knew what it was or what it heralded for the world as it drew a line across the nation.

For Twilight Sparkle, this isolated incident might have faded from memory after a time, if not for the strange rumors of a creature sitting on the hill on the outskirts of town.

These are her thoughts given written form. These are Sparkle's Notes.

Report EVERYTHING to the Princess.

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It is the year 3070, and Mankind is once again at war. The battlefields of the future are dominated by fierce, robotic war machines known as BattleMechs, and under their auspice empires have risen and fell. Now with the worlds of the Inner Sphere once again facing the drums of war, two mercenary units have set off on their respective missions, their only tie a common ride upon the back of a JumpShip.

Yet when a cosmic accident causes a misjump, they find themselves thrown into a world that they cannot fathom: a world where magic is a force of nature, where mythical creatures live and thrive, and colorful ponies live protected under the aegis of their monarchs. New choices lie ahead, decisions must be made, and the inner character of Humankind will be put to the test when the question is asked: to conquer, or protect?


It is the year 1023 after the ascension of Celestia and Luna to the dual thrones of Equestria, and Ponykind is at peace. With Luna cleansed and Discord sealed away even more thoroughly than before, all looks bright for the future of the colorful equines. With friendship and optimism, they face each day with hope and vigor.

Yet, when the heavens scream as a foreign object tears its way into their reality, the princesses and their subjects face a new threat that they cannot fathom: creatures and machines from a world of death and darkness, where magic is unheard of and the avarice of powerful men drive the engines of war to crush the innocent under their bootheels. Can they survive the coming of these coarse beings, and can they maintain the magic of friendship in the face of Man's Inhumanity?

With Russian Translation provided by Undermind.

A crossover with the Battletech universe, though this is an alternate BT timeline of my own devising. [WARNING: Fandom related material and fanboy rant to follow. Non-Battletech fans won't care, read at your own risk.]

Because **** the Word of Blake and their munch-tastic "armies from thin air" BS. Yes, I know the Clans were almost as bad, but at least they had some sort of justification in-universe. Wobbies? No. Just no. I don't care that it was 15 years, you don't go from "fringe group of mutually-antagonistic and argumentative sub-groups following various degrees of religious mania" to "WE ARE THE SPACE NAZIS ALL WILL BOW BEFORE US" like that.

So for BT fans, this is a 'verse where the Second Star League is still around, the Wobbies still had their temper tantrum though it was smaller and more in line with a bunch of religious fanatics. No stupid "knock everything down for ClickyTech" Wizkids/Fanpro approach, nor any "hey let's shove a bunch of cheesy Level 3 stuff at the players to make the game even more complicated" Catalyst Games stuff. This is just good ol' fashioned 'Mechs wailing on each other, only with ponies. Who will also be wailing on 'Mechs. GLORIOUS.

Cover image by Icaron of DeviantArt.

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The sequel to Wayward Courier. Read that first, or you'll get lost.

Two months after his first visit to Equestria, Thomas has returned. And this time, he's not alone!
Now the ponies have to deal with not only him, but a depressed snarky ex-Scribe and a Brotherhood Ghoul with her own list of incredible achievements and emotional baggage.
However, things aren't well in Equestria, as they quickly find out...

All major details relating to Season 3 are non-canon to this fic.

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After a mishap involving the Transportalponder, the Courier finds himself in a place he doesn't recognize. With no way back and nothing else to do, he decides that wandering into the nearest town is the best option. Being the Courier, things aren't that simple...

A Fallout: New Vegas/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crossover

The style alternates between omnipresent third-person and the Courier recounting his tale to... Well, take a guess.

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While pursuing a splinter of Hive Fleet Behemoth, Captain Sicarius and the Ultramarines 2nd company are caught in a warp storm that carries them and their prey to an unknown planet. Meanwhile, Princess Luna notices something strange in space that could spell danger for all of Equestria. Swept up in a war between the terrifying Tyranid swarm and the vengeful Ultramarines, the ponies must fight for their lives in a war that spans a galaxy.

Thanks to thirdstring_overlord and GiftedMonster for proofreading my newer chapters. thirdstring_overlord also writes an excellent 40k crossover that needs some fans. Go check it out!

Disclaimer: I do not own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Warhammer 40k. They are the properties of their respective owners.

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It has been several months since the disappearance of Twilight Sparkle..

One night, after watching her sister raise the Moon and set the heavens alight, Princess Celestia begins to bed down for the night, only to be interrupted by portal forming in her room. From out of the portal comes none other than Twilight Sparkle, garbed in strange armor.

Princess Celestia, along with Luna, Cadence, and Shining Armor, are overjoyed by the Element of Magic's return, but are justifiably curious as to where she had been and what she had been doing. And so, Twilight begins her tale. A tale of survival against impossible odds. A tale of a people fighting for the most basic right of all sentient beings. The right to exist.

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Not so long ago, Equestria barely defeated two almost unstoppable creatures known as humans, which they called the Second and the First. Almost five years later, another one has shown up. The military takes up arms, the princesses are stricken with fear, and the Elements of Harmony assemble, ready for battle. But 'the Third' has no idea what's going on, and only wants to know how he came to be here, and how to get back home. Good questions indeed...But will he ever get his answers? Or will his predecessors' legacy catch up to him first?

“Side story/prequel to Human by DannyJ, but can be read on its own. Contains spoilers.”

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