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The Thessalonica Legacy - Dashukta

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The Thessalonica Legacy

Twilight Sparkle couldn’t hide her surprise at the turnout. She had expected a small crowd and perhaps some reporters from the more major newspapers. Instead, the rail yard had taken on a carnival-like atmosphere with banners and flags and crowds of ponies everywhere. It seemed as if half the countryside had turned out to watch the exhibition race. She stared in awe at the grandstands flanking the starting line, filled to capacity and with hundreds more ponies swarming the surrounding grounds. She was even surprised to see how many ponies had already taken sides in the competition, displaying colorful banners and slogans cheering on their chosen teams.

“Looks like an even split,” Spike said from his perch on her back. He had been attempting to count the banners supporting either side in the competition. Twilight said nothing, but nodded in agreement.

She passed through the cordon set up by the overtaxed guards with a nod to the guard closest to her. Stepping gingerly over the rails, she moved around to get a clear view of the two large, steel locomotives standing silent at the starting line. She had always found the word “locomotive” funny, as the machine really did nothing of the sort. No doubt the flywheels did help ease the burden for the pull-team once up to speed, but it really did not provide much pulling power of its own. Ultimately, the “locomotive” served as little more than a portable water tank and rest car for the pullers.

One of the locomotives had its pull-team hitched to the front. Big, strong stallions blessed with near supernatural strength and endurance. Their checkered hats and blue bandannas identified them as from the Palomino Royale Line, famous across Equestria for their ability. Twilight politely introduced herself and wished them luck as they limbered up for their run.

But it was the second locomotive which truly held Twilight’s attention. At first glance, it looked identical to the other, only lacking the team of burly ponies. What was special about this locomotive, however, was on the inside. The rest cots and heavy flywheel had been stripped away and the massive water tank refitted into a fuel tank for the real star of today’s exhibition—a prototype internal-combustion engine, the first such machine ever made by ponies. Today was to be its public debut.

It was to be a two-part race, taking part over two separate days. Today was the sprint—an all-out race to the finish over a quarter-mile length of track set up here, at the Trottingham Rail Yards. Tomorrow would be the endurance race, when both teams would run the Trottingham to Hoofington line, well-known for being long and grueling.

Twilight stepped around behind the steel beast with its newfangled heart and peered into the cabin. The smell of sweat and engine grease stung her nostrils and brought forth a wave of what she could only describe as nostalgia. She shut her eyes and swallowed against a lump in her throat. Looking again, she could make out the forms of two ponies within the small cabin.

“How’s it looking, Torque?” she called out, trying to sound as chipper as she could.

A grey pony with a short-cropped dark blue mane and tail pushed his safety goggles up on his forehead as he looked up at their visitor, “Honestly, could be better, Miss Sparkle,” he replied, shaking his head. “We’re having trouble with the gearing, which is costing us power at low speed, and there’s an oil leak I’m still trying to pin down.”

Twilight, nodded, “Well, I’m sure you’ll get it sorted out, Mr. Wrench.” The engine had been reverse-engineered from the Felicity Klimkosky’s abandoned all-terrain vehicle—though that bit of information was still a closely-guarded secret. Building it had been a difficult process which had taxed the limits of pony engineering. Admittedly, the prototype was not as refined or powerful as the original human machine, but it was a start.

The second occupant, a large stallion recently retired from pulling trains himself, sneered, “It’s loud. It’s dirty and smelly. The heat roasts you alive, and it feels like the whole locomotive is going to shake itself apart. And I don’t take too kindly to sitting behind a giant tank full of gallons and gallons of highly-flammable alcohol.”

The grey mechanic grinned and slapped the big stallion on the back, “Don’t worry, Caboose, I won’t let it us blow up.”

Twilight stifled a small giggle, “Well, I’ll let you two get back to work. Good luck today.” With that, she ducked out of the cabin. She crossed the rail yard to where a raised dais draped in finery had been set up under an opulent banner. Without pausing, she scaled the steps and took her place respectfully beside and behind Princess Celestia. She exchanged pleasantries with the two princesses then busied herself trying to spot her friends in the crowd. She knew where they should have been as they had all arrived together earlier that day. She finally spotted Rainbow Dash and Applejack among the stands, vigorously waving homemade banners supporting opposite teams.

“Well, Miss Sparkle, today’s the big day,” Twilight looked around to discover Princess Luna had left her designated place to talk with her, “How’s our team looking? Do you think we can win today?”

“Honestly? I doubt it,” Twilight looked a little sheepish, “I think the Palomino Royale boys have got us beat in the sprint, and they’ll definitely be faster off the line,” She held her head defiantly high, “We’ll whip ‘em in the run tomorrow, though!”

Luna grinned, “You hear that, sis? We’re going to whip your team tomorrow!”

Celestia cast a jesting glance back at her younger sister, “Oh really? Care to increase our wager then?”

“Can I get in on that action?” chimed in Spike.

“Spike!” Twilight looked aghast at her assistant, but the princesses just chuckled.

“My sister thinks we’re moving too quickly with this new human technology,” Princess Luna whispered in Twilight’s ear, “Speaking of which, did I tell you we’re starting field trials on the first pony-portable radios next month?”

Princess Luna had embraced the opportunity the abandoned human vehicle had provided. She had personally organized its recovery and detailed dissection. She had also instituted the dissemination of its technological secrets and commissioned the duplication of its key components. Today’s race was as much a testament to her will as it was the technology itself.

Princess Celestia turned to fully face them, “You’ll also be interested to know, Twilight Sparkle, that I’ve instituted a procedure to avoid any more surprise visits reaching Equestria unannounced. The implication that the jump between our worlds can be done at-will poses a serious threat to our security.”

“You don’t think they actually will return, do you sister?” Luna’s voice was tinged with both wonder and trepidation.

Twilight’s heart skipped a beat. She had enjoyed her time with the humans, and she especially missed her long talks with Captain Tartaglia. She wished she could see them again, if only to make sure they were all OK. The Inner Sphere sounded like a dangerous place compared to Equestria, and the passengers of the Felicity Klimkosky were military at war. It was hard for her to imagine a more dangerous occupation.

“I hope not,” Celestia dropped her voice, “We were lucky. Considering Twilight’s reports on the status of the Inner Sphere from her discussions with the humans, if any others do come through to our world, we cannot be guaranteed they will be as… amiable… as most of these last ones were. And frankly, the fact they were able to operate an entire city for several years right under our very noses has me vexed, especially since they have now rediscovered the secret of moving between our worlds.”

Twilight trusted that Tartaglia had been true to his word and destroyed all record of their ever having been in Equestria. It was possible another JumpShip might stumble across them accidentally, of course. After all, both the Due Diligence and the Silvertongue had arrived by accident. Even if Tartaglia and Mawsley erased their logs, the New Alamo Research Facility was still there. There very well could still be some reference to that secret Hegemony base somewhere in the Inner Sphere. It couldn’t have dropped entirely out of history. But still…

“Somewhere in the vicinity of Carver V…” Twilight didn’t quite realize she was thinking out loud.

“Hmm?” Celestia glanced down at her pupil.

“I doubt we’ll have to worry about a purposeful return, your highness,” Twilight stated matter-of-factly, “From what I was able to gather, I think the secret of our existence is safe.”

An electric buzz shot through the crowd. The announcer had called the contestants to the starting line. The stallions of the pull-team took their places and dug their hooves in, ready to run. The other locomotive sat silent for a moment, then shook as the reverse-engineered engine roared to life. The crowd gasped as the alien sound reverberated through the air. It was almost as if the locomotive had come to life

“Care to do the honors, dear sister?” Celestia motioned for Luna to step forward.

The midnight blue princess replaced her sister at the head of the dais and raised one elegant hoof in the air. The crowd drew silent as she held it there for a moment, only the menacing growl of the engine could be heard. In one swift stroke she dropped her hoof.

Hooves thundered and metal shrieked to the accompaniment of the roaring crowd. The stallions strained at their harnesses as the engine belched out shimmering hot exhaust. The dueling locomotives inched away from the starting line and inexorably began building up speed. True to Twilight’s prediction, the pony-pulled locomotive immediately leapt out to an early lead as both thundered down the line.

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#1 · Aug 3rd, 2011 · · ·

At first I was like :rainbowhuh:
But now i'm all like :pinkiehappy:

Ill have to admit I skipped the beginning chapters to where the two faction met :twilightsheepish: but it jsut got better and better.
I haven't seen mech warrior in years all I could thing about are memories of reading old PC gaming magazines that showcased the first games.
This was an awesome ride and everything turned out perfect! :yay:

It was long to read and a bit slow on the beginnng, but hey, 'mechs take a bit to heat. Great story two thumbs up ^_^

Omigosh! JUST 4.6 stars? It's a crime against the whole humanity (not to mention the entire Equestria)!!!

This ABSOLUTELY, BREATHTAKINGLY *EPIC* STORY truly, honestly deserves 5.0 stars!!!
Even if you hate human-in-equestria sci-fi stories, GIVE THIS ONE A CHANCE! Yes, it is that good.

I do not know, if it is the best one I have ever read (a close tie with The Past Sins) but nevertheless it is an EXCELLENT fanfic, truly deserving a sequel.

(pleeeeeeeease Dashukta :fluttershysad:. Maybe a tiny teaser or a mini-chapter :). Pretty please). How about making Twilight sad for what she asked for before the end of the story and try to come up with a better solution [I do not want to give any spoilers so I won't be writing about any details].

#5 · Nov 14th, 2011 · · ·

I will not lie...i literaly cried with joy as soon as i read the words 'inner sphere'.
My two things i love most in this world, brought together

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

This is one of the best Human in Equestria fic's ever made.


I was supposed to have favourited this last year :rainbowhuh:

I loved this story on EQD and I love it here!:heart:

I will say that i indeed loved this story it was fun and unbelievably detailed. Great job I hope you make more stories.:pinkiehappy:

Mechwarrior..........mlp...............................................................................THERE IS A GOD!!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah, that was 2½ hours well spent.

So, I just booted MechWarrior 4 Merc. back up for the first time in years the other day. And here I was, scrolling along Fimfiction.net when "Inner Sphere" jumps out at me. Not familiar with Mech Warrior lore that much, and dont know squat about BattleTech, but this looks good.

It would be nice if you would a the Human tag to the story so the it can more accurately be searched for.

This is one of the few pony stories involving humans I have liked. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by BronyReynard1986 deleted Oct 26th, 2016

This was the first FiM story I ever read, back in July 2011. If it hadn't been on EqD's front page the one day I went there on a whim, I would never have discovered ponies. It will always have a special place in my heart.

Now, how about that sequel? :pinkiesmile:

449646 Pretty please, Dashukta. Just one tiny teaser for the new, even more EPIC sequel! PLEASE :fluttershysad::pinkiehappy:

I, too, would love to see a sequel to this fic. :)

I don't know a thing about BattleTech, and I still found this a very good and easy to follow story. The first contact scenes in particular have never been bettered in any other fanfic I've read.

Most Hie fics and crossovers are a pox on the fandom.

This is a very, very pleasant surprise.

i liked it. not much else to say for this story

I'll admit when I saw this fic, I was a little apprehensive. I thought "BattleTech and MLP:FIM? Those two get along as well as Sulfuric acid and water." Yet somehow you made it work, you crazy bastard.:rainbowlaugh:

5/5 Would read again

Quite the enjoyable story. Thank you for sharing.

This is totally worth a second read!
When I have the time, of course. :twilightsheepish:

This is incredibly good. How can this be so good? I am simply amazed. I clicked on this with a grim determination to see how horribly mangled two of my favorite fandoms could become...

When I saw the lede, I told my wife "Oh god, I hate this idea, but I have to see how bad it's going to be." And then I found some of the best BattleTech writing in that first chapter, hands down. And I've read a LOT of Battletech- I still have the entire original series of novels on my phone. I've read classic fanfics (The Four Horsemen, anyone?) and TROs and even some Dark Age novels. None of them can beat your technical writing or pacing.

"Ugh, the technical writing is great, I don't want to read the pony chapters now, they're going to suck." I said to the wife. And then I read a chapter that sounds like it could be storyboarded into a stock-standard FiM episode. Characters, descriptions of book illustrations... all DEAD-ON. I salute the way you have faithfully recreated the characters of the Mane 6- lately I've despaired at finding an accurate representation of the cheerful nature of Rainbow Dash or Twilight, let alone Pinkie Pie. Most recent fics I've read flatten them to one- or two-dimensional parodies of the actual complex canon characters. Thank you especially for giving Pinkie the opportunity to be thoughtful instead of just random, for making Dash lighthearted as well as boastful, and Twilight insightful instead of just factual.

But the crowning achievement? The way you treated the differences between human and poni culture and the inevitable clashes between them without getting grim, using magical hand-waving, or having characters conveniently ignore crucial differences. I expected it to be jarring, but... the meeting and eventual merger of the cultures was outstanding.

I.. I'm sort of at a loss for words. My mind, it is full of buck. *Jackie Chan head* :rainbowhuh:

Now, wait a minute... According to Sarna.net, the Valkyrie is one of the Unseen 'Mechs.

What inspired the use of one of those? :rainbowlaugh: Don't get me wrong, though; it's awesome, just the same. In fact, knowing that actually increases the awesome levels a bit, at least in my opinion.


Nice thing to note that a light 'mech outside of a mech-on-mech brawl is actually more than a match for light forces.

I had just come across my old Battle Tech figures a few days ago. Great read going into my favorites, thanks a lot!

It was a little slow for me in the beginning... but I'm thinking that's mostly to do with the fact that a lot of the sci-fi jargon/sciency stuff usually goes way over my head. However, once I got past that (and more on the ground stuff) I felt it moved at a wonderful pace and I really enjoyed it. :twilightsmile::twilightsmile: Thank you for writing it and posting. :3


An engaging and well-written story, all in all. Especially the parts explaining the weirdness of human paraphernalia in Ponyverse. I also enjoyed the ponies' discussion on the usual Sci-Fi clichés like rubber suit aliens. Plus, I think you've captured the weirdness of human-pony encounters pretty well for both sides. The prospect of a JumpShip being able to force a mis-jump into Equestria does sound all kinds of unnerving, though... I'd hate to see the grimdark of the Mech Warrior 'verse to pour out into everybody's favorite sugar bowl. :applejackunsure:

Celestia and humans have history in this fiction. Not a nice one, at that.
As for Ackerman... Well, yeah. I'm not even gonna try to defend him.

Yes! BattleTech and ponies! I read it and I love it. :pinkiehappy:

>> OnederMan
I think that I agree with Akamia.

Well, I just finished reading through this story, and i have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.
Even though I have never even heard of battletech, I was able to follow everything that was going on. Well done on the information front!
And, since this is a HiE fic, there were the usual situations that occur. (Human harming creature, ancient human connections, etc.)
However, I felt that you made your story into one that can stand apart from most other HiE fics in its quality, and general feel.
For me, the major problem of this story was what I felt to be some ponies being out-of-character, mostly due to Celestia, and the whole "Ah he just killed someone. No it was self defense. Oh ok." Basically, I felt that the mixed reactions of the different ponies to the humans and their actions was a little odd.

But on the whole, this was one the best HiE stories I've seen. (It helps a lot that I don't think it was a self-insert, and if it was, it didn't seem like one.)
I give it a really good 8/10, because you managed to pull of HiE well. I hope that you might writer another story sometime, because I think that you sure have the talent for it!

Exactly! I have also read the books and I totally agree with you. In any way!:pinkiehappy:


AAAAAH, NEVER HEARD OF BATTLETECH? AAAAAH! IT'S A BATTLETECH STORY! (Freakin' supernovas, eight times.) I'mo read this first chance I get, been awake 30 hours atm. No bueno :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

Wait... WHAT?!!? :rainbowhuh:

It can't be over! NO! :facehoof: DON'T LET IT END HERE!!! *cries* I became so connected to this fic! :pinkiesad2:

There can only be one answer to this... I will continue de epix! :rainbowdetermined2: Although it may not be of this kind of story, the human-pony interaction is not yet fully explored. Despite how completely AWESOME :rainbowkiss: this was, I feel that I must begin writing on the human-pony interaction. I don't want it to end!

*PS: Can I be your editor's number one assistant? :moustache:


Yes I found it to be too short as well, but definitely on a whole other level compared to most cross overs.

I enjoyed it for what it was, a pity it dropped the ball when it did and that it ended but all things end eventually, even the good ones.:pinkiecrazy:


That sounds like a fair assessment, I didn't puzzle over it long but the initial seemingly contradictory narration and subsequent dialogue really irked me when I read it.

Thanks for the reply it puts me at ease more!

Sci fi plot holes drive me nuts, Gah if someone points any out to me in my own story I'll be grateful though.

1982370 I'm not so sure you would like it in mine... *sinister old wizard laugh*

Sorry double post. :unsuresweetie:

Gah, this story hath ended too quickly! I must find another awesome Battletech/MLP crossover to read until Falling Stars updates! :fluttershbad:

1983296 Oh dear, I shall have to read that then.
1983286 No problem, I found it a bit difficult to get my head round it at first as well :twilightsmile:

I can't believe I found this! I remember when this was on EQD, and when the title screen video was made.
I remember reading this on a family road trip. I downloaded it as a PDF right before I left, and I couldn't put it down until I got to the very end. This is by far my favorite fan fic of all time. This got me reading fan fics, and by extension, it got me writing them.

...And I am glad to see that you reposted this from FF.net.
Another brony author to follow!

I remember reading this like, a year and a half ago... didn't know it was moved to fimfiction.

Holy crap! This is a pretty decent story! Nice plot and everything! :pinkiehappy:
And a BattleMech named Pinkie Pie? Sweet! Now Pinkie Pie can really kick 'mech butt.

[REVIEW] "Big Stompy" would have been a better name

This will be the first in a series of reviews of "classic" fanfics that were HUGE in their time and made a big splash when they came out, but didn't necessarily keep the new audiences as newer fics came out to grab the feature box.

And I'm starting with the one fanfic written during Season 1 that held on to semi-canon status all the way until Equestria Girls game out.

In The Ballad of Salty and Sweet, Alton Brown explains that the sweetness of sugar is usually disguised by our tongues, making chocolate (for example) less chocolaty and even sugar less sugary than it could be. To remedy this, you simply add (oddly enough) a touch of salt to the mix. The salt pulls out for your tastebuds the rich combinations and textures to the flavors in the confection allowing you to truly enjoy them.

Similarly, while I do love me some FiMFiction, sometimes it's just...too sweet. There's nothing to balance the sugary, hyper-sweet flavors of the raw, canon-only universe of MLP. Sure enough, when we take a look at some of the best episodes of the series, usually the ones that start and end it, there's a bit of "salt" in them in the form of a big bad, major conflict, etc. A good example of a too sweet episode where some "salt" would have DEFINETLY made it into one of the best was Over a Barrel, wherein a staple of American entertainment for 50 plus years, a major historical marker in Western Civilization, a great big historical lesson in dickery on the part of a government and a bunch of racists in power, the Great Plains Wars, was turned into...a pie fight.

Oh, of course I get it, this is a KIDS show. Still, the entire thing lost any possible punch it could have had once they made the ponies weapons into a big stack of baked goods...and the berserker buffalo took the pies seriously as a "threat."

Too much sweet, not enough salt.

So when we, as a fandom, need to apply a little bit of culinary blowtorch to the confection that is our favorite show and sprinkle a little dash of salt, we can either twist what we already have into something that (at best) is only superficially like what's presented in canon (I'm looking at YOU, all you "Tyrantlestia" writers!) or we can add something that's pure "salt."

Hello, Battletech! How are you? Come on in, we need some flavor in this fanon!

The premise for combining a RPG setting that has claimed more PCs than all the WWII shooter games released for major consoles combined with the bright and fluffy world of MLP is fairly predictable. It can really only be one of two things; magical accident or sci-fi accident, and in The Thessalonica Legacy the author goes with "sci-fi accident."

One thing that is fortunate is due to the nature of Battletech (a tabletop RPG), there's no "main characters" that the audience may already know and be able to nitpick over. The author can simply create whatever characters they want and nobody can say they're written wrong or out of character. This leaves the author free to focus their attention on the Mane 6 (and related) and get those right.

As far as the story being written well, it's pretty darn good. The only drawback is that the scope of the fic is such that not nearly enough attention can be focussed on any one character for too long. This basically means that while you might REALLY want to see, say, Pinkie Pie piloting a mech, in order for the author to tell their story it just isn't going to happen.

On to the story itself, then...

This is a really, really good crossover story. It may even be able to stand on it's own, and here's why: Most fanfics are written for the fans. They're written BY the fans, after all. So it's no real surprise that when the author mentions a particular character, they can simply toss out the name and the reader automatically knows who the author is talking about, a good chunk of their backstory, etc. Example: Twilight Sparkle. I didn't even need to elaborate beyond the name and you understood everything I was trying to convey about the character in question. This doesn't really work for (say) wanting to show off a good story to your non-fan friends, though, because to understand the story they then have to know everything YOU know about the characters, and when a show reaches it's 10th episode, a trilogy reaches it's second book, or a movie franchise hits sequel number three, that's far too much work for the average person to do just to get the joke in the fourth paragraph in the second chapter that has you in stitches.

The Thessalonica Legacy is written in such a way as to be able to be picked up by pretty much anyone and be able to get a feel for the characters, the setting, heck even the science and magic in the story without needing a week-long bootcamp, and yet the narrative is smooth enough that you don't hit that stumbling block that bothers so many other works where the recap for the new people bores the veteran fans. (*cough*TheLostFleet*cough*)

So what's the story about? Well, it's like it says on the tin; Twilight Sparkle uncovers a mystery hidden in plain sight regarding a mysterious incident a few centuries ago that seems to be connected with oddities in pony civilization, like the design of hammers and the handles on teacups. Meanwhile in another universe, a group of soldiers on an emergency mission are ambushed and their jumpship is sabotaged, leaving them stranded in a system that has no signs of human technology whatsoever, but is inhabited by non-human intelligence.

To tell you more than that would spoil things, and this is really one of those stories where you don't really want things spoiled. It's also a story where the relationships between the characters, both Mane 6 and human, is more important than mech technology or space travel or magic or yadda. This means when the story moves forward the characters are developing, which is the whole reason to read a story to begin with.

As far as my earlier statement on this fic being semi-canon up until EqG, I'll give you a minor spoiler; Twilight Sparkle uses her knowledge gained from the humans to help develop Equestria's first internal combustion engine, which is then used in locomotives. If you recall, in "Over a Barrel," the train was pulled by a herd of muscular stallions. Suddenly at the beginning of Season 2, we see the Friendship Express with a complete internal combustion engine and no pulling team. This means that the technology to allow for IC engines came along very suddenly between seasons one and two. Further, there wouldn't BE any mention of the humans making contact with Equestria because with was made a state secret. Up until Twilight encounters humans (as well as becoming one) in Equestria Girls and exclaims about how she doesn't know what they are, there's nothing in the canon universe to contradict this fic, and this fic was so well written that it could easily have been made into a miniseries that slots in the hiatus between seasons 1 & 2.

One last thing...if you want to really get yourself into the mood to read this, MrMaxaminus put together a videogame start screen style video in honor of this fic, and I'll be honest when I say it was that video that got me interested enough in the story to read it.

How do they reproduce an engine without an industrial base to produce the parts in the first place? Blacksmiths simply can't do it with the necessary precision.

Admittedly, the prototype was not as refined or powerful as the original human machine, but it was a start.

A start you'll never get past, considering your steam-powered versions are too weak to even move the thing after five hundred years. If you can't even grasp a boiler, then how can you hope to even begin to grasp this? I suppose one day you ponies will over-populate your country, attempt to squat in other countries, then be surprised and confused when you get deported. Then, when everyone is starving, the majority of the population will attempt to forcibly take other countries' territory because you're too stupid to simply come up with better farming techniques and terraforming. Then you're army will be massacred and most of Equestria seized, leading the minority that did not fight in the same hard condition the whole was due to the shrinking of space. Rinse and repeat until the ponies become what donkeys and sheep are to Equestria, but to other nations.

It doesn't make sense that the ponies could do any of this without the appropriate scientific knowledge. Which they don't have. If they did have it, their boiler engines wouldn't be so weak that they need a team of pullers for hundreds of years. I am assuming that knowledge was out-right given to them (yet, that didn't stop Xenolestia from stabbing the humans in the back), considering how un-advanced they were technologically.

Still, I like this fic. It was entertaining and I enjoyed the Humans Through Alien Eyes perspective.

Thank you. This work of fiction was literally the first fic I read of the series and it got me hooked with the Fandom, the final nail into my interest. I'm going to read it again after so many years.

Thank you for your time, your effort and this wonderful gift.

Very nice story. The plot is fast and concise, and with lots of interesting and thrilling features. The atmosphere is created by the insane internal consistency in the storytelling. It stays true to itself throughout, granting the reader a smooth experience. The characters are cool and the action is nice. Everything fits.

There are some grammar and spelling errors.

Overall, excellent story. Would recommend to everyone.

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