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Princess Celestia transports six humans to Equestria and studies their culture and behavior. They will face many hardships in their lifetime in Equestria. Though along the way they will meet: friends, enemies, and even the occasional douche bag. Though something bigger is brewing over the horizon. This is my first story written constructive so criticism is appreciated.

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An unfortunate turn of events finds Spike changed into an Earth pony. Rarity unintentionally crushed his heart and now she has to fight hard to win back his trust, his friendship, and maybe something more.

The story continues with Curse of the Werepony 2

Don't know what the heck is going on? Then start to story right by going all the way back to the beginning with And Tootsie Flute Makes Three

Chapters (4)

(Formerly "Strange Love")
It started off as a completely normal morning for the mane 6, until they woke up. All six awake to find their opposite gender counterparts from a different universes in their beds. No-one knows how they arrived. Now with their opposite sex selves, they must discover why they are there and, if possible, how to send them home. Unfortunately there are many alternate universes in existence, some not very nice, some that have beings who would wish to enter the mane six's world and bring harm upon it.

This is a remake of my terrible fic "Limitations of Love" but without the villain sue Smiley. I would also like to say that I am in no way trying to rip off Connor Cogwork's "On a Cross and Arrow".

Character tags will be added as the story goes on.

Cover image is mine
( http://darkone10.deviantart.com/art/Across-the-Cosmic-Ocean-289491464 ) Higher resolution version here

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Luna takes in a special interest in a pony that has lost a loved one when interrupted while visiting her old castle after watching the Wonderbolts and Shadowbolts taking in a race of acrobatics and speed.

(lays mention to Building Bridges as well since this story kinda inspired by the fanfiction.)

Chapters (1)

Scripture is the author of several books, including being the co-author of the Daring Do series. However, his muse has run dry in his hometown and after hearing about the Wielders of Harmony, he sets off to Ponyville to try and get a story out of them, not of being the Wielders, but of themselves! What he doesn't expect however is that they are a lot more fantastic than he originally thought them to be and finds himself falling in love... with which pony? Join Scripture, the Mane 6, and other friends along the way as he tries to write the best Book of Ponies ever!

Author's Side Note:

Any characters suggestions will be on hold for now, as i have WAY too many chapters to fill in already~ :P

ALSO, the reason there is the different subjects is solely based on what chapters you are reading. Some chapters are more comical, while some are more dark, while others are more romantic! Please keep this in mind!


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Brusher, a young pegasus pony, is happily flying along until she is hit by a misfired spell from Twilight's library. She ends up with a face full of bricks as she is flung through a wall that was attached to Max's house. however, things quickly turn from bad to worse when Twilight manages to get her back... with an unexpected guest...

(Recording an Audio version if you want my lovely Yorkshire accented voice reading this! Will be posting on Youtube as soon as each chapter is done.)

Chapters (21)

Two Captains of Princess Celestia's and Princess Luna's Royal Guard are selected to be sent to deal with the rising rates of vandalism and crime in Ponyville. With the authority to arrest, and to use force if necessary, they will do all that they can to stop the vandalism and arrest anypony that still tries their luck. They are the best of the best. But even they will need some help, and who better to help them then the Mane Six? Rated Teen (M?) For Some language, possible sexual content and some minor violence and blood. Future pairings in later chapters OCxTrixie, OCxApplejack

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To the west of Equestria lies a land shrouded in dark clouds and surrounded by stormy seas: The Kingdom of Tempestia. When Prince Stormwisp is sent as an ambassador to Equestria, he is welcomed eagerly as the first foreign royalty ever to visit. However, little does anypony know that the prince's arrival will set in motion events that will shape the future of both countries.

So begins an epic of love, war, bravery and betrayal.

[Chapter 1 is currently undergoing heavy editing, everypony. Stay tuned!]

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Many ponies who join the royal guard usually know what that "special thing" they do is. but what if that specialty was serving as a guard?, well for Dawn Blade that's exactly what happened. But after a few years of service the royal sisters are worried that he is putting his duty before everything else in his life and decide to try and show him there is more to life than simply serving all day every day. but will they be able to give him something to live for instead of something to die for

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"It all comes back to Princess Luna, since Celestia is interested in learning about ethereal magic, such as friendship. Luna has begun devoting herself to learning the magical properties of physical creatures... So, Banshees, Griffons, Hydras, and most importantly, at least as far as I'm concerned, Dragons."


Stoneheart is Luna's first student, well, student may not be the best word for him. She didn't teach him from youth, but she still trusts him. At least as much as Celestia trusts her student. In reality, Stoneheart is a scholar, teaching, exploring and researching by order of Princess Luna. Hoping to change all of Equestria's perspective on the most mystical of all creatures, Dragons.

And now he's received a special assignment, go to Ponyville, a location in which there have been more dragon sightings reported in the past year then most places see in twenty, and do research on its residents. But there is more to this assignment than meets the eye, a major event for Dragonkind is on the horizon and Stoneheart is somehow implicated...

And Twilight Sparkle has graciously accepted to host him.

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