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For most of his life, Godzilla has been feared, hated, and alone. There was hardly ever a time where the kaiju knew of peace. And now, with his son dead, his body melting, and death stalking closer by the second, it would seem he never would.

But fate has a different plan for the King of Monsters.

Thanks to the help from an unexpected source, Godzilla awakens to find himself alive, his body changed, and that he is in a strange new land... full of talking ponies. It looks peaceful enough, but soon, the kaiju learns that finding contentment here may not be that easy.

On the upside, he won't be alone.

Proofread (Chapter 4 and up) by: HydraLightning

Cover art by Shrekzilla

Chapters (5)

Twilight has always been the best there is at magic. She's won dozens of scholarly competitions and tests of skill in Canterlot. But when it comes to the more violent uses for magic, she is essentially clueless.

When she meets a strange unicorn in a seedy bar, he introduces her to a little known sport that will test her knowledge of magic in different ways. That is, of course, if Twilight can't resist its primal lure.

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[First Person] [Alternating Perspectives][Equisverse Era 1]

Twinkleshine has a secret, one which defines her very existence. Colgate knows her secret and it has her head over hooves in love with the oblivious mare. Fed up with Shine's failure to notice Cole, their mutual friends Lyra, Bon-bon, Vinyl, and Octavia hatch a scheme to get Shine to fall for Cole. However, they choose to hatch their little plot next week at Princess Cadence's wedding, where Twinkleshine's secret catches up with her. Can friendship survive a dark secret kept for longer than the friendship has lasted? Can the friends emerge from a Canterlot Wedding unscathed?

This story has been completed before any of it was uploaded for your enjoyment.

Chapters (14)

"Monsters aren't born, they're made..."
- C.J. Roberts.

After being defeated by Cadence and Shining Armor, Chrysalis was stripped of her newfound strength and completely starved of food. She awakens in a strange room bound to a bed by several casts and bandages. A young colt found her near his home and tends to her while she recovers, each day bringing them closer and closer.

Can the Queen of Changelings even have true feelings of love, or is she just kidding herself?

Rated Teen for sexual themes, violence, and blood.

Chapters (13)

Rainbow Dash finally did it! A sonic rainboom on command! Except she also managed to break every window in Applejack's farmhouse in the process. Now she has to pay for each one, and with her wages from managing the weather not nearly enough to cover the damage, she has to work on Applejack's farm for two whole weeks!
Talk about cruel and unusual punishment. Still, maybe it wouldn't be all bad. At least she would get to hang out with her friend AJ right? Wrong.

5-star featured on Equestria Daily.

Sequel: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/4620/Breaking-Barriers

Chapters (12)

During her entrance exam, Twilight's powers goes far out of control, leaving Celestia a shell of herself and Equestria in ruins. Now Nightmare Moon is free, but even she can't stop the Tyrant Filly. She flees through time and space, finding herself in an Equestria familiar to us but odd to her. Can the Mane Six help her stop a Twilight out of control?

Fanfiction.net link here!
Weekly featured fic in Authors Helping Authors group

TV Tropes Page, with sincere thanks to DrTempo.

Cover art from here.

Chapters (12)

There's a lot more to Big Macintosh's life than just apple bucking...

A collaboration between the members of the Spanish Announce Table Goes First.

Chapters (7)

After a summoning mishap, six champions from Runeterra's League of Legends arrive in Equestria. At first, they are focused entirely on getting home, but soon find out that it might be more complicated than they thought when Discord decides that he can use them for his own ends. Continued in The Redemption of Jericho Swain

Chapters (15)

Princess Luna decides that risking the lives of the Elements of Harmony time and time again is hardly the most sensible or strategic response to the threats Equestria faces, leading her to seek an alternative solution, one which will ensure Equestria's protection in a more efficient manner.

The vagrants and outcasts of Equestria then find themselves presented with a proposition, one which could ensure their futures and prosperity... Assuming they survive the tasks requested of them that is.

Additional tags: Princess Ember, Bon Bon / Sweetie Drops, Changeling.
Old Cover Art
TvTropes Page

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Swirling Line, your average pegasus mare, lives in Manehattan, working an ordinary day job until she finally reaches her dream of getting a career in the world of art. However, when finds a building on fire with a foal trapped inside, she saves the child.

At the cost of her own life.

Met by a strange spirit calling himself Nevermore, who takes the form of a raven, she makes deal that brings her back to life - though not quite as she expected. Now gifted with extraordinary powers, she will fight to defend the ponies of Manehattan, facing whatever threats may come her way.

Her name is Swirling Line. She is the Raven.



Co-written by Zodiacspear and DarknessRising

Cover art by Swirling Line

In case it wasn't obvious enough, the OC Swirling Line belongs to the artist Swirling Line. Now she can't sue me.

Chapters (6)