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There's a lot more to Big Macintosh's life than just apple bucking...

A collaboration between the members of the Spanish Announce Table Goes First.

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This... I like this.... Very nice indeed!! :twilightsmile:


Game on, people!

Oh my god this is going to be amazing.

A story about Big Mac being awesome.
I agree with this.

So, how is he gonna get 'em away from Pinkie again?

I don't believe I've made my reaction public, but it did involve many a wut.

As I read this, a smile crept onto my face. This story is going to be fun. :pinkiehappy:

Oh yeah, this looks like it's going to be great. :eeyup:

Oh hell yeah this is going to be amazing! Also improbability.....:pinkiehappy:.......well they have an expert!

Well, that took a nosedive into ridiculous.

Interesting. I tend not to enjoy stories that paint a character's canon representation as a complete facade; it leaves the reader looking at an unfamiliar character with a familiar name, and wondering what might or might not be in line with the new personality they're "discovering" on whichever pony rather than being able to say "well, in this situation so-and-so would do X" with confidence.

Still, I would hope it's obvious from my own story, Roots, that I do like the idea of Secret Agent Big Mac, especially as a Knight of the Order of the Apple. And the added wrinkle of Luna's socks is certainly a promising one.

I'm willing to watch and see where this goes.

Improbability socks?
Heart of Gold
That is all

Exactly right! One Pan-Galactic Gargleblaster on the house for you!

I feel total randomness and abject insanity shall rule the rest of this tale


and on an unrelated note..... first

This story makes no sense whatsoever.

"Oh my god J.C a banana!
A banana! "

Chartreuse! :pinkiehappy:

I loved how you wrote Pinkie Pie. So funny! Oh, and thank you for ending it with a lead...

*cracks knuckles*


All right kid, don't get cocky! *Han Solo*

Sweet job Worsty! Good stuff.


Oh wait, you're serious.


Please, take it away from me before I break its other legs.

It wasn't that bad! I laughed at the insanity, and I think you wrote Pinkie Pie very well.

Regardless, your burden is lifted. Ponky is on the case.

1269662 I loved it, Worsty! Gave me so many ideas!

1269789 :rainbowdetermined2:

It's okay. I can see this for the terrible mess it is. But that's okay because this is hardly serious or worthy of any awards, this is just a fun thing to do for all us SATGF people. Just think about it; it could have been worse. It can always be worse.

Horseapples, that ending was rushed. Whoever wrote this chapter sucks. Hopefully the follow-upper blows him out of the water.

Get it? ...Water? :raritywink:

Oh man, those Hitchhiker refences. So many laughs.

Too bad you didn't pull a 'bowl of petunias' as well, but eh.

I love what you did with this chapter, especially that premise. Great show, Ponky! Now, what am I going to...


SSaE, I sincerely apologize in advance for what I may bestow upon you.

Sea ponies ! Obligatory bonus points ! ponysquare.com/file/pic/user/1504_50_square.png
Nice chapter, even though the changes in writing style are quite jarring.

Everybody's better and faster and longer than me! Wheeee!

No srsly, though, gud jerb.

The references!!! XDDD

Bananas, eh? ...So Big Macintosh .... is a ... Mmmm.... let's say 'Female Dog', here... that likes Bananas.... Hmmmmm.... sounds familiar, somehow.... dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/lolface_Celestia.png

:I Don't Panic. ...And Don't forget your towel. :pinkiecrazy:

Pinkie Pie? Being a sub-boss antagonist? I can dig it.

Paintball and fire. The Green Sock works in mysterious ways. I'm having next to no clue as to how I'm going to shape this story when my time comes. If things prove as kaizo as this installment, I suppose the sky's the limit.

Worsty, you have a gift of bizarrely poetic overstatement in your approach to comedy. You have my envy, good sir.

Now I'm beginning to wonder if there is intelligence to the improbability and if... it is flirting with Big Mac.


I wish I had twenty too.

Well, if you needed any opportunity to prove that you're a better and far more imaginative writer than me, this was it. Goddayum.

I lurved how you toyed around with chronology. Not only did you introduce, diversify, and conclude a whole flankload of characters, but you found time to introduce flashbacks, distant relations, and--of course--Zecora. This whole bit read like an awesome adventure, and it was fun thing to read late at night while dealing with insomnia and having to go to work in three hours.

I think the sharks met a brutal end that was disproportionate to what little we learned of them, and I found the Douglas Adams references to be a tad bit gratuitous. Other references... well... I want morrrrrrrrrre.

God, I need to shave. Good shiet, j00.


Holy crap. Ponky, you're freaking amazing. I'm totally jealous, lol. Awesome work!:pinkiegasp:

So. Much. Win.

Those Hitchhiker references were a bit much if you ask me.
Zecora is best Q, up to and including "Please bring them back.". :twilightoops:

1305273 Thanks, Raz! Can't wait to see what you do with this junk. :pinkiehappy:

1306094 If it weren't for your inclusion of the shark statue and sandstorm, none of this would even exist. If I'm the mother of this bizarrity, you're the father. :raritywink: Glad you liked it!

1306337 I have a problem. I reference like the plague. :derpytongue2:

1308170 Oh, please. :twilightblush: Thank you, Props! I'm just trying to get Skirts to love me as much as you.

1307371 Thanks. So glad you caught the blatant Disney references. Hopefully you caught "sapphiric" and the--gerunds--too. :rainbowwild: I imagine that the sharks probably kill and/or rape seaponies for fun and keep them under an iron fin, but I didn't want to write about that, so it came across as overkill. Which is fine. I mean... look at what's happened so far. :unsuresweetie: As for the onslaught of Hitchhiker's Guide, I was going for a "Talk about eye candy" gag poking at the Heart of Gold Improbability Socks. So if they annoyed you, I did my job.

:rainbowlaugh: Oh god, I lol'd!
Obviously the only rational way to decide this is word processors at dawn!

(Actually, that could be fun. SATGF internal write-off, anyone? After Big Mac is done, of course.)

nice. i cant wait to see where this will go.

And so insanity goes on and has help from gummy. This is gonna be great.

Mother of god. Ponky... i wish i could use words to describe what this chapter was like to read. but since i cant ill use a picture.
hope this is good enough

I really should try to read the things I post around the time I post them. Still, very nice stuff here Ponky! You've got a number of missing words, typos, and the like, but an actual round of editing would fix all that. The only thing that seriously concerns me is the number of Hitchhiker's Guide references, especially the whale statue falling. ;) Of course, given the subject matter for this writing game, experience, whatever, there's only so much that's in your control, and a certain amount of extra Douglas Adams isn't hurting anyone. All in all, very good work, and I can't wait to see what's next, both for the story, and with your own writing. It's very good.

1335886 Thanks, Warden! I got antsy and didn't want to edit it all that much. It's not like this is headed for EqD. :raritywink:

As for the onslaught of Adams, they were purposefully overwhelming, so I'm glad you were annoyed. Read my comment @ Skirts above.

This story, in spite of being quite silly, brings out intrigue - It's treated like a completely serious mystery story. I'm liking this so far! Only thing that irked me a bit was Luna's initial old-english/equestrian speak. I thought that problem has fixed after Luna Eclipsed? She didn't seem to have an issues during A Canterlot Wedding. :applejackunsure:

-He pointed at the paper and feigned exaggerated confusion about his ability to read via expertly presenting his very real and unaugmented confusion about what it meant.
Sentence of the year, right here.

Well, that was... Something. Can't find a word for it.
The question "is this probable or improbable?" is certainly an intriguing one. Looking forward to reading more!

Goodness, that was fun.

-Mostly to settle political disputes with the griffons or Haissan.
Yay for self-tie-ins!

-Apple Strudel narrowed his eyes at the stuff, his brow rising ever higher.  “Luna’s nipple, you’re right.  That’s sea-sand if I ever saw some.”
You really enjoy using that disgusting little curse, don't you, Ponky? :P

-“The chances of the Trotanic sinking,” Macintosh remembered, nodding gravely, “were over a million to one.  It was very… improbable.”
*GASP* :pinkiegasp: That's neat!

-Rebellions have risen and fallen like the tide, but our kind is no match for their power.  We thought the controlling the Garment would give us a fin up.
Errors 'n' stuff.

Well, that was one of the coolest things I've read in a while. Seaponies are best ponies. And shark statue is best character. If the guy were a pony, he probably would've gotten a cutie mark in naming things. :pinkiehappy:

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