• Published 19th Aug 2016
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The Undesirables - DEI Caboose

Princess Luna assembles a team of Equestria's most undesirable inhabitants in order to deal with the problems too dangerous to risk the lives of the Elements of Harmony.

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3. The Lonely Siren

Sonata was falling. Sonata did not like falling, falling was bad and usually ended with Aria shouting at her, she didn't like it when Aria shouted at her, it meant that she was probably unhappy and Sonata did not like it when either Aria or Adagio were unhappy, no siree bob! That was her new phrase for the day, ‘no siree bob,’ she'd heard it on TV and it made her laugh so now she said it all the time to try and make her sisters laugh too! They didn't laugh as much as they use to, not since they almost won that music competition. The Battle of the Bands or something like that.

After they were hit by that magic rainbow thingy everything had changed; first her stomach, something was wrong with it, it had growled at her! Like an angry puppy! They also didn't need to gather any negative energy anymore for some reason, but what they did need to do was eat regular ‘hooman’ food like tacos, waffles and bacon! Delicious, delicious bacon. That made them feel so nice and full, fuller than all that negativity had ever made them!

Sonata was cold, why was she cold? She was wearing her grey hooded thing.

Then Sonata remembered she was falling, and promptly resumed to scream.

She screamed so much and flailed about trying grasp something, anything that might impede her fall. Something to grab onto, something to stop her, like a big fluffy pillow or a hunky fireman with a huge net.

A tree was not what she wanted to land on, no siree bob!

She bounced off the branches, tumbling through the leaves and jagged sticks. At some point she hit the ground, winding Sonata to the point she couldn't even open her eyes. She took steady and shallow breaths before she willed herself to her knees, her eyes fluttering open and her gaze turning towards the giant rift in the sky above her; towards the magic portal she had fallen through.

Adagio had tried to grab her but Sonata couldn't hold on, at least Sonata thought Adagio was trying to grab her, maybe she wanted her watch back? It was pretty weird though; there was nothing, then suddenly out of nowhere all these portals started appearing all over the place! It was really cool actually, you could see right through to the other side.

Unfortunately though one such portal opened a bit too close to Sonata and she tumbled right through after some jerk barged past her! Sonata was angry about that, that woman was soo rude!

Electing to stand, Sonata found to her great surprise that her finger things and feet things were gone! Caput! Instead she had these weird hoofy things, almost like a… Like a…

“O.M.J.!” Sonata hushed out, twisted her newly identified hooves around to get a better look, realising what she was in an instant. “I'm a pony! A teeny tiny pony! I've got hooves and everything! Wait-” Sonata swivelled her head around, a toothy grin breaking out upon her new muzzle as she took a gander at her rear. “And I've got a tail! A big bushy tail! Boy I'm sure gonna have a tale or two to tell the girls once I get back to…”

Her joyous words faltered as Sonata’s stare turned upwards towards the sky once more, where instead of a littering of opened portals to the human world, she instead saw a peaceful evenings sky, covered in grey clouds and devoid of anything remarkable whatsoever.

Sonata suddenly felt very cold again, and it wasn't the wind.

The portal she had fallen through was gone. The brick buildings, fresh grass, shops and schools and restaurants were nowhere to be seen. She couldn't see Adagio, she couldn't see Aria, she couldn't see Canterlot High or even those stupid Rainboom’s they had been following around.

She just saw sky.

“Adagio?” Sonata called out, hopeful that perhaps they could hear her even if they couldn't see her. “Aria?” She called again, louder and more frantic.

Sonata didn't like this. She didn't like being alone, she was never ever alone. They had always been together, all three of them for over a thousand years in the human world and before even that when they still lived in Equestria. Sonata may not have remembered everything that had happened in the time they had been together seeing as it had been so long but there was one thing she knew for certain.

She was alone, and that was a bad thing.

“Adagio! Aria!” Sonata shouted out, jumping to her hooves and whipping her head about in an attempt to catch a glimpse of some other portal that had perhaps not closed yet. It was all in vain however. Every where she looked, every tree she looked behind, every rock she upturned and every path she ran down showed the same exact thing every time.


Nothing but dust, dirt and rock.

Sonata hid herself in a bush, the unfamiliarity of her new environment suddenly seeming very terrifying, especially considering that as far as she could tell she was utterly alone with no smarty pants Adagio or grumpy Aria to help her.

Her thoughts left her, her mind drifting back to the events that had led to all this. The three de-powered Sirens had been on the trail of the Rainbooms for several weeks now, with Adagio planning revenge for what they had done to them at the Battle of the Bands. Adagio had held off on executing any of her plans however since one of the Rainbooms was missing; the purple one who walked funny sometimes. Yesterday though she suddenly turned up again! Though she had glasses now and wore her hair differently but the three Sirens were sure it was her beyond any doubt.

At the same time Canterlot High was doing some kind of sports games and Adagio had the bright idea of embarrassing the Rainbooms somehow, made all the more easier since all seven of them were competing. At the last event of the games though something had happened, something Sonata couldn't explain. The purple girl changed into some big monster demon thing with wings and everything! Then she started opening up all these portals around the school! And Sonata, thanks to some selfish old crow, was bumped right through one of those portals into the heart of this new pony land.

Wait… Pony land? Sonata thought to herself, bringing her hooves up to her face once more. Memories were stirring, distant memories of a place that had ponies. It wasn't the petting zoo though they did have ponies there, no this was something-


Jumping to her hooves again, Sonata remembered. She remembered these trees, this grass, even the smell of the air. This was Equestria, their home, the place they had been banished from by that guy with the beard over a thousand years ago. They had been born here, the last of the Sirens, the most beautiful and modest of all creatures.

Except Sonata was a pony now… That was a bit confusing.

In any case, Sonata knew she was stranded here, but if this was truly Equestria and if the ponies were still the dominant species it wouldn't be long before she would be in serious trouble. If she remembered correctly ponies were often hostile towards one another, it was why it was so easy to feed off of their negativity to begin with. They had just founded their new country but they still had trouble working together, which the Sirens had gladly preyed upon. Sonata then wondered if perhaps things had changed over a thousand years, a lot could happen in that amount of time after all.

Sonata decided to find out for certain, electing to take her chances with the ponies rather than just sit in a bush.

Walking was difficult, or trotting, Sonata did know what to call it. A thousand years adjusting to ‘hooman’ vocabulary made it rather confusing for her. Pushing past several down turning branches, Sonata squeed with delight upon finding herself on the outskirts of some town. Little cottages littered the earth, a glistening stream wrapped around the edges of the land, but what caught Sonata’s eye was something that made her jaw drop wide. A giant crystal castle! A very toyetic looking castle now that she thought about it.

Regardless, a castle meant one thing; royalty! Where there was royalty there was Kings and Queens and Princes and Princesses. Maybe they know a way back to the hoomans! Sonata thought with glee. After all, if she knew anything about royalty it was that royals always helped their people with their problems, like when that Queen Platinum girl sent that bearded guy to banish them! That was so nice of her!

For the ponies at least, it was relatively bad for the Sirens.

But since she was now a pony, it only made sense that a pony royal would help her! Sonata kicked up her knees and trotted over the bridge that laid above the river, taking note of a nearby sign that read ‘Welcome to Ponyville!’ in big black letters. Sonata considered it to be a bit on the nose but laughed regardless, imaging a town called Sirenville! or Hoomanville! in the process.

As the main street of the town came into view, Sonata took note how most of the citizens were chattering to each other in befuddlement, most likely discussing the portals that had just appeared and disappeared randomly and without any warning. Sonata slowed her pace near an apple stand that stood in the town’s marketplace, the red stallion manning it looking eerily familiar but also very friendly which prompted Sonata to ask him some questions, mainly about who the royals were who resided here.

“Hey, Mr. Apple guy!” Sonata burst out, startling the stallion to the point he dropped the piece of straw in his mouth. He looked to her with wide eyes, but promptly relaxed into his previous stoical disposition upon seeing her smile, which Sonata took as a sign to continue. “I was wondering if you could help me? See I was wondering who lives in that castle there,” she said with a gesture towards the shimmering castle.

He looked at her with a raised eyebrow, as did the yellow filly at his side and several ponies walking past. He was so confused that he looked down towards the filly who shared his look of mutual befuddlement. “Um, lady?” said the filly, who Sonata looked towards with a smile. “No offence but how could you not know who lives in that castle? Princess Twilight’s coronation was basically the biggest thing to happen in Equestria since the Crystal Empire came back!”

“The Crystal Empire went away? Where'd it go?” Sonata asked, distracted by the filly going off topic, who now looked up towards the ‘adult’ gawking.

Alternating her gaze between the two, Sonata just steadily began to trot away in the direction of the castle, content on asking this ‘Princess Twilight’ if she was willing to help her.

“My little pony,” a voice then called out from above, drawing Sonata’s gaze upwards. Now it was her turn to gawk for this was a pony, or rather a person that she knew reasonably well.

“Vice Principal Luna?” Sonata quizzically asked as the giant winged pony flew down in front of her.

The strangeness of the title prompted Luna to tilt her head. “An odd addressal,” she replied with a snort before her gaze then drifted over Sonata’s pony form, who grew quite uncomfortable under the examination. Luna then steadied herself and if Sonata didn't know any better she would say that Luna looked rather remorseful.

“It is true then, Discord wasn't lying for once,” Luna spoke aloud to herself, which only drew Sonata’s rampant curiosity.

“Discord?” Sonata said with a gasp, never having heard the name before.

Luna held a hollow smile, as if she wanted to be reassuring. “Come,” Luna said, pointing in the direction of the bridge Sonata had used to enter the town. “There is much we need to discuss and I'd prefer we do it away from prying eyes.”

Sonata couldn't do that, stranger danger and all that. Plus she couldn't walk off with this random pony, she needed to see Princess Twilight! She was the one who could find her a way back to Adagio and Aria.

“No can do, Ma’am! I've got to see the Princess! I need some help that only a Princess can give me… You know, probably,” Sonata finished uncertain.

Luna laid a hoof upon Sonata’s back and began to direct her away. “I am also a Princess, my little pony. Princess Luna to be exact.”

Sonata just tilted her head. “You're not a Principal here? Actually yeah, how are you even here? How come you're a pony? Why am I a pony? I need to get back, how am I supposed to get back?”

Luna’s grip tightened, and Sonata found herself leaning into her.

They walked for several minutes, for how long Sonata couldn't be sure but it was long enough for the clouded sky to grow even darker. At some point Luna stopped, her horn lit up for a few moments and she looked like she was really concentrating. When Sonata asked her about it Luna just said it would be too confusing for her to explain, which only caused Sonata to grow confused anyway.

They walked out into a desolate field, thick strands of grass strutted out of the earth provided a nice blanket of sorts for the two ponies to lay upon, which Sonata had trouble doing considering she was unaccustomed to her new body. She looked to Luna hopeful, but didn't feel like talking just yet, she'd rather that Luna explain herself first since she obviously already had some idea of what was going on.

“So, Principal Princess,” Sonata began without any hesitation. “How come you knew something was going on with me? I just got here and you came right to me!”

Luna’s mane swayed as she looked the former Siren in the eye, happy to explain herself in way that Sonata would hopefully understand. “I do not expect for you to understand everything that I say seeing as you come from another world, but I will try my best.” Luna exhaled, plotting her next words carefully. “Discord, a magical creature and… Associate of mine informed me about a magical anomaly occurring in Ponyville; that magical rifts had appeared in time and space. He also said that he detected a magical presence he had never felt before and came to the conclusion that something, or somepony must have traveled through from the other side of the anomaly.”

Pausing to check that Sonata was grasping what she was saying, Luna continued promptly. “I also possess knowledge of the world you have come from as Princess Twilight has traveled there twice before. I assume there you know me as Vice Principal Luna, am I correct?”

Sonata’s oohing in disbelief was the only answer Luna needed. “So you're saying there's two of everyone? One in each world? Like two yous, two Rainbooms, ooh I wonder if there's another me in the hooman world!”

That statement shocked Luna, the implications of what Sonata was saying distracting her from her own explanation. “Wait, what do you mean by ‘another you in the human world’? Don't you mean another you in the pony world?”

“Nope! See I'm from Equestria so I can't have a doppelgänger here since-”

“WHAT!” Luna erupted.

Sonata shied away, not anticipated Luna’s shocked response. “Well yeah, me and my two sisters were from Equestria but we were... banished a thousand- years-”

Sonata couldn't finish on account of Luna’s arching back and shining horn distracting her to the point she refused to speak or even move. Recognition flashed in Luna’s eyes, memories of a letter from Twilight Sparkle repeating in her thoughts. “Banished over a thousand years. Two sisters,” Luna repeated, before her eyes narrowed into angry slits.

“You're one of the Sirens, aren't you?” Luna growled out.

Sonata had no choice but to squeak out a reply, terrified that the pony Princess would pounce on her if she tried to run or do anything else. This was not what she had in mind when she agreed to walk off with her! “Well yeah, but I'm not really a Siren anymore! Really! I can't even sing! See? IV’e GoT tHE MusIC, maKEs you MOve It, goT THe SoNG-”

“Stop! Stop! Mercy!” Luna cried out in a panic, her hooves pressed against her ears.

Sonata’s ears just dropped. “See, can't sing,” she sheepishly but regretfully admitted.

Once the ringing in her ears had lessened, Luna stood tall over the now pony Siren once more. “It appears Princess Twilight was right, whatever that worlds Elements of Harmony did to you clearly worked.”

Seeing that Luna had calmed slightly prompted Sonata to ask the one thing on her mind, the one thing that plagued her above all else. “Does that mean I can go back to the other world and be with my-”

“Absolutely not!” Luna interrupted, causing Sonata to shrink into the earth. “Twilight informed me that you attempted to take over the human world with your dark magic, clearly your banishment taught you nothing!”

“Hey that's not fair! I thought it was a stupid plan to begin with!” Sonata yelled back in defiance, startling herself in the process. She was thankful Adagio hadn't been here to hear her say that, that would have made her really angry.

Luna however raised an eyebrow at that remark, surprised at the Siren’s admittance. “Do tell, why did you think it was a ‘stupid plan’?” Luna pressed.

Sonata rung her hooves together, picking her next words very carefully. “Well, yeah it would have been cool being evil overlords and all that but… It really wasn't worth it in the end. I never really wanted to rule the world you know? I just wanted Adagio and Aria to be… To be…”

It was raining, Sonata was getting wet, her cheeks in particular.

Oh wait, that's not rain.

Sonata sniffed, realising something for the first time in her life. Her, Adagio and Aria had been together forever, through the best of times and the worst of times and yet… At the same time they hadn't been. At the same time they had always been distant, they had always been separate.

Sonata realised something she wished she hadn't. She was sad, terrified even that those two were no longer with her and yet, at the same time, she was glad they were finally gone.

She was finally free.

She was free but alone, and Sonata didn't know what was worse.

Sonata then felt something, an unfamiliar feeling upon her shoulder or whatever the pony equivalent was. She looked to her side, a midnight blue hoof perched upon her, comforting to say the least, especially given the circumstances she was under.

Looking up, Sonata expected to meet the grumpy face of the Princess of the Night, instead she was met with an unsure smile and a conflicted stare, as if the Princess was in heavy debate with herself. Sonata didn't know what else to do, so she just sat until Luna made the first move.

“Listen,” Luna began slowly, biting her lip as she pondered her words. “I… Too have made mistakes I regret, done things I wish I hadn't. But I am a better pony for it and if you'd like I could… Show you the way.” The smile she held grew true. “And I'd be happy to allow you to return to the human world and to your sisters if you vow to be repentant. If you follow in my teachings wholeheartedly.”

This was something Sonata did not expect, a second ago Luna had been angry but now she was willing to help her get back home! Adagio always said not to trust other people though, saying that they'll take advantage of you, that they'll toss you aside the second they have everything they want from you.

But Adagio wasn't here.

“I'd… Think I'd like that, Princess,” Sonata proclaimed as she held Luna’s hoof tightly.

The two ponies stayed like that for several moments more, but eventually they both stood, waiting for a chariot Luna had summoned from this worlds Canterlot to arrive. It looked like Sonata would be staying in Equestria for a little longer than she thought, but held the thought close to her heart that she would one day earn her way back to her sisters.

"Hey do you have bacon in this world?" Sonata asked Luna with a hopeful smile.

Luna etched away slightly, realising that the Siren's reintegration into Equestria may take a little longer than she anticipated.

Author's Note:

Image source

Can I just say, isn't Sambaneko / Spacekitty's art gorgeous? I mean just look at these things, how are they even made? I was actually tempted to start the chapter off with this one...

But decided against seeing as it was Sonata's introduction.

Fun fact though, have literally just watched Friendship Games for the first time yesterday, originally Sonata was just going to go through the statue portal on a dare but having her get back to Equestria this way was just such a better scenerio and will provide a good source of drama.