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Astral has gone through quite a bit of trauma over his dad dying. Unfortunately, his new stepdad and stepbrother seem determined to make his life even more miserable.

Now Astral has to cope with being the black sheep in a family that seems to dislike him for seemingly no reason at all.

Chapters (13)

Sweet Biscuit may or may not have a slight cookie addiction. She also may or may not break into Anon’s house to steal his cookie jar. Again. Or maybe it’s just because she misses him.

Either way, they're happy enough to see each other again.

... Though that doesn't mean Anon won't lose a sweet or two in the process.

Art stolen. Send the artist some love!

Chapters (1)

Living in Equestria under a false name and racial identity is one thing. Finding out you're not the only one of your kind stranded here is another... especially when that someone and the element bearers are looking for you.

Being my first attempt at a first-person romantic comedy, this takes a slightly different approach to the concept of being a human stranded in Equestria.


Big thanks to DVAN56 for editing. Go check out his work!

Chapters (18)

This story is a spinoff of The Lost Element, by Humanity

James, the sole human in Equestria, has proven his worthiness time and time again. But because of the shortage of threats, he has grown complacent and accustomed to his paradisiacal life, and has not known violence since his defeat of Discord and as Project H. One man from another realm, unsatisfied with his own complacency, will challenge him to a final, fateful duel. Will James succeed in this fight? Or will James and Equestria fall to the Daedric Warrior?

Chapters (1)

Earth's final downfall is imminent. Celestia and several other ponies watch with bated breath, as the final few acres of tainted land are swallowed. The last remaining humans are cornered in, no way of resisting their conversion.

But, just before Celestia orders the potion to be applied, the humans unite in an act that will haunt Celestia forever.

Warning! This story was written in fifteen minutes, and was not proofread before publish. It is easily my worst story. If you do not enjoy TCB or ACB stories, you will most likely not enjoy this story. Tags are accurate. There is no happy ending here. Viewer discretion is advised.

Chapters (1)

Because of Anon-A-Miss Sunset's life has been ruined. Now she just wants to start anew. After she pawns off everything she owns, she takes to the streets to travel and find a family that actually cares about her.

This story is meant to be something to get me back into writing. I will use this to practice and relax. That means that there won't be a steady update schedule. Still, ill try. Sorta. No promises though.

Oh, and I won't be getting a proofreader for this one. I want to see how well I can do without personal help.

Chapters (4)

"It's not easy to be the bad guy. Sometimes you've got to raise towers of iron and magic in a testament to your power. Sometimes you've got to blanket the land in black flame just to uphold idle threats. And sometimes you've got to remind a filly that she is grounded - that's right, I mean you, missy. Don't give me that look, you've got homework to do."
- Excerpt from An Interview With Lord Ironblood.

Forgath Ironblood is a man who values power and might. He spent untold years developing his dark magics, and years more using ice and iron and balefire to claim and rule his domain. But it didn't last; a group of bold and plucky rebels broke into his inner sanctum and unleashed a magic he was unprepared for, a magic that cast him into the void between worlds. At that point, he was no longer their problem and the peasants rejoiced.

The world he fell into, however, was another story. It was a world rich in magic. A world full of innocents. A world he could bend to his will and carve a new domain out of.

He never knew what hit him.

Idea adopted from Whiskylullaby, as seen here, written entirely for the fun of it.

Chapters are dated for the reader's convenience; BNM for "Before Nightmare Moon", and AB for "After Banishment".

Chapters (8)

The Inter-dimensional Army of Freedom, or the 'IAF' for short, is an army of clones with little to no formal training, a complete lack of an organizational structure, reliant on local terrain for food and shelter, and with little to no ammunition and mass produced guns that couldn't hit the mountain you'd aim it at. Even so, with the use of a rather strange devise, and endless waves of bodies to throw at their enemies. And not to mention a complete disregard for their own well-beings. A rather large group are deposited in the middle of the Everfree Forest, filled to the brim with murderous fauna and flora. And no less, their arrival is timed with Equestria on the verge of a two front war with the Changelings, and a Coalition of numerous species who think Equestria has had it too good for too long. Told through a series of journal entries.

Chapters (37)

With Twilight Sparkle's coronation comes new dangers, not from the outside, but from within. To keep her safe, Princess Celestia is forced to turn to a single prisoner for help, Saber Alabaster, an assassin. If Saber can gain Twilight, and the new temperamental captain's trust then they just might survive what's coming.

All characters are Humanized.

Cover art: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Radan-the-rogue-483057845
Featured on: 9/26/16 HOLY SHITZ!

Chapters (17)

Rarity lives a good life. To the world, she's a beautiful fashionista, a paragon of grace and virtue, an exemplar of generosity and friendship. Furthermore, she has a girlfriend who loves her dearly - and buys her everything she wants. However, a lady can only keep up an act so long...

An argument spiraled out of control one day, and Sci-Twi came home with a bruise that day. Now Rarity's secret is in danger and Cadance is determined to uncover the truth about her and her charming facade. Seated in a trendy cafe, Rarity's carefully constructed life is about to come crashing down.

Edited by: Samey90 and Waxworks
Written for: ArtistFire's Disabled Character contest

Featured: July 26 2019

Chapters (1)
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