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  • 5/10 11 stories
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After feeling sad Scootaloo finds comfort in someone special to her that she had long time without seeing, but things didn't end as she expected.

Special thanks to my editors:
Poets Dream

This story was written before the Flight To The Finish episode. Any resemblance, even the smallest ones, is pure coincidence.

Chapters (1)

A Changeling wants to talk about what the failed attempt at invading Canterlot has done to his "Mother".

Chapters (1)

Meet the new bad guy, Eric McBad! He has tried to become a villain all his life, now that he can control an empire, he will make the world bend to his cartoonish villainy!

Chapters (13)

It was only a matter of time before Sunset knew she would be in this situation she just didn't know it would be like this, everything was going well until she got in a little fight with her flatmate.

Now with no where to go and stuck with a decent compact car she sets off to where ever and tries to live on her own or live as best she can.

Events transpire after Legend of everfree

Chapters (3)

Sunset returns to Equestria to escape the living conditions of the human world. Once she gets to Ponyville to rebuild her life, she runs into a human that makes her feel complete. Except... he doesn't like ponies.

Chapters (1)

A 15 year old human named Desmond was summoned by Twilight from a portal spell and made things hell, or Tartarus as they put it. He's ignored or cast aside for being different despite them being anthropomorphic and almost looking like him. His only friend, Luna tried to help, but there's only so much one pony can do to care about one person. The Night of the Gala... well it's a night to remember...
NOTE: Tags are bound to change, such as including a bit romance if I can.
PS: Lots of swearing, blood, and other things relating to a quest for vengeance.
PPS: I do not own MLP, Equestria Girls, or any music, sound effects, or anything that is copyright material. It is only used for the sake of entertainment for this story

Chapters (7)

what if something happened a long time ago without your knowing involving your marefriend being replaced with a duplicate? would you be angry? depressed? confused? Colgate has experienced all three...

Chapters (1)
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