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Prayer is the last refuge of the desperate, and Celestia is beyond desperation. Out of options, she chooses to chase a half-remembered prophecy to lands far beyond her own.

Chapters (1)

Luster Dawn is a unicorn filly enrolled at Princess Twilight's School for Gifted Unicorns. After only a year, in which she displayed her exemplary use of magic and expertise at fostering friendships, it would come only as a surprise to her that Princess Twilight Sparkle would offer her the role of being her personal student. Whilst such a thing should have been an honour for the young filly, she can't help but let the stress of carrying such a title weigh heavy on her haunches.

Fortunately, her mother, who isn't the best when it comes to all things emotional, is there to lend her a hoof.

Cover Art Source
A big thank you to Ice Star for both commissioning and proof-reading this fic. Additional thanks to Pre-reader 63.546 for pointing out several glaring issues, all of which are now (hopefully) fixed.
Featured 11/03/2020 (03/10/2020 for Americans.) Thank you so much everybody. :twilightsmile:
Massive thanks to StraightToThePointStudios for the audio reading, which you can find [HERE]

Chapters (1)

Another Anon -A-Miss fanfic.

What if the Humane 5 had been more rational when they confronted Sunset? And what if it had been Sunset who stormed off?

Chapters (5)

Mark was out of his league, fooling around with an immortal pony princess, and he knew it. To make life easier for himself, he accepted that as a undeniable fact. She would get bored and he would move on. He just didn't know that the great vain mare was called the Subtle Sun for a reason. And that her enemies called her that as an insult.

Princess Celestia didn't have a subtle bone in her body.

Currently rated T but I might bump the rating as the story progresses.

Now a one-shot.

Chapters (1)

A Displaced Story.

For 3,000 years, I terrorized ponykind. From before Hearth's Warming Eve, to the present day of the show itself, to a thousand years into Equestria's future. After my third and final defeat, I found myself back on Earth, none the worse for wear.

But why did I do it all? I... I honestly don't know what to say. Yes I caused so much death and suffering, but they were only cartoons, right? They weren't real, so it didn't matter, right? I shouldn't have to justify my actions! It was all fake! I shouldn't feel guilty! I am guilty of nothing!

God please forgive my soul.

Chapters (1)

When two worlds of great difference meet, it shall result in either the greatest of unities, or the most horrific of tragedies.

These are tales of such tragedies.

A series of one shots about human-pony interactions that I lack the time and/or creativity to create full fledged stories about. Feel free to get inspired and make one of these ideas work, or point me towards a story that already does.

If you're looking for something happier, check out the sister collection.

Cover art by me, using flag images from google search and put together with gimp.

Chapters (7)

Sunset Shimmer finds herself stuck in a time loop where she's forced to live out the main six singing a song to help Twilight win the crown over, and over, and over...

And over...

Except, things start to get a little... weird, at one point in the song.

Chapters (3)

Twilight Sparkle has a lot on her chest that she wants to get off. She knows about the time old practice of pretending to write a letter to the pony bothering you and not sending it, but that's not enough. Frustrated, she invents a system where her letter gets sent to a creature from another dimension. She feels gratification from actually sending something and there's no way some creature from another universe could know her language. As it turns out, the other mares have complaints too, and Twilight is more than happy to help her friends!

Flash Sentry is a normal high school student who somehow keeps getting magic letters full of some REALLY messed up stuff...

Chapters (10)

Chrysalis might be one of the most evil, vile, and dastardly villains that Equestria has ever known. She might have been responsible for nearly destroying the world more than once, she might even be a soul-sicking, shapeshifting monster, but she is still a mare.

She had never been given a genuine, honest compliment from someone that wasn't under threat or stuffed into a feeding pod or mind controlled. Today that is going to change.

Cadence really hasn't happy about the whole thing.

Artist is llamacheesecake

Chapters (1)

I, Queen Chrysalis of the Changelings, was a paragon of my kind. I was the greatest military ruler my people have ever known. I was mere months from conquering the most prosperous nation in the world.

Then a strange dragon rose from the stone, and everything changed.

I do not think of conquest any more. Now, I think of persimmons.

[AU fic where Discord decided to wreak bloody vengeance when he was first released. Heavily based on (BUT NOT CANON TO) the wonderful alarajroger's Elements of Opposition continuity. Go check that out, because it's fantastic and better than this story.]

Chapters (1)
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