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"You don't forgive someone because they need it, you forgive someone because you need it," -Asura Kraken


Not sure how i feel about this. · 11:32pm Mar 15th, 2019

I don't know why but I keep thinking that someone would drop a bomb and kill everything

Hey that's a good story idea!

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Preview of a One-shot In-Progress · 7:32am Feb 25th, 2019

He stood there. At her side as the sun set for the final time in this millennium. He observed her weakened form. He gazed upon the mortal coil of she who was the sun, no, she who was the dying sun and he asked her.

"Was it all worth it?

She wanted to ask him to clarify but she knew. Mortal matters. Dealing with them, nurturing them as she did, simple interaction even.

"Yes, yes it was,"

And then she was no more.

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