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Anon finds a homeless pony in a cardboard box, whoring herself out. He decides to take her home. Fluff ensues.

Short fluffy Anon x homeless whore pony one-shot. Contains: fluff, atheism, Cartman, hypernovae, orange blossom, wing massages and cuisine. Not in that order.

T for language and mild sex stuff.

And yes I'm back to naming stuff after DragonForce songs because I have no imagination.

Chapters (1)

What happens when something crafted by a creature with no real care for material things is taken from him? Nopony else knew the answer either. But they found out. Oh... They found out.

Rated 'Everyone' because EVERYONE needs a good knock in the teeth!


Featured on Equestria Daily April 2, 2015! *face melts*

Chapters (4)

Working for the boss was one of the easiest jobs going. Gargoyles didn't need to eat or drink, and, most of the time, he just sat and brooded quietly. But every so often, like every villain, he felt he had to justify his villainy with some grand scheme to conquer or destroy. After all, that's what evil villains were supposed to do wasn't it? But evil villains were also supposed to be defeated, and that wasn't conducive to long-term employment. And sometimes—the last time the boss had planned to conquer the diamond dogs for instance—Rogi had to work very hard indeed. Luckily though, tonight he'd picked Equestria again.

Chapters (2)

A dragon wanders through a starless night, into a land that banished him centuries ago. Never did he imagine he would return to the world that cursed his very existence, but when the sun and moon failed to rise one fateful day, something compelled him to begin the long journey home to the princess who shattered his heart.

Chapters (1)

Once it was nothing more than old concrete and forgotten hallways. Then it became a haven for the fugitives of the everlasting war that raged between the different races. He was the janitor, always.

Chapters (1)

Mr A T. Towards, petty crimelord and minor magician of no particular note, is finally in the dungeons of Canterlot where he belongs, thanks to the bravery, ingenuity, and relentless determination of Equestria's Finest.

Of course, that's not precisely how he remembers it. And he's not about to rot away in a wet dungeon without doing his damnedest to make sure some...pony gets it right.

Banished from a land of industrial magic and ancient terrors for a crime he... well, actually, he committed it with some considerable panache. Thrown into a broken mirror, passing through the fey realms, and turning up in the land of Equestria does tend to give one a certain change of perspective, however. And this is, more or less, that story.

If he can resist the urge to embellish and lie long enough to recite a coherent tale, anyway.

Chapters (1)

Chrysalis' scheme has borne fruit. United by bribes and promises, the leaders of each nation have come with her to deliver an ultimatum: surrender Equestria, or face hopeless war with their combined armies.

So why does Celestia look to Chrysalis with a gentle, mourning gaze? And why is Chrysalis afraid?

Chapters (2)

Sunset Shimmer lives her lonely days in a beautiful but empty world that she can control with her tablet. Her dreams and memories are the only company she has.

Inspired by the anime short film Shelter.

Chapters (1)

The girl with the big hair who's meant to be helping out in the shop is kind of abrasive sometimes and pretty lazy, Thom feels, but she makes the work more interesting, at least.

She has her own thoughts on the subject.

Chapters (5)

The Inter-dimensional Army of Freedom, or the 'IAF' for short, is an army of clones with little to no formal training, a complete lack of an organizational structure, reliant on local terrain for food and shelter, and with little to no ammunition and mass produced guns that couldn't hit the mountain you'd aim it at. Even so, with the use of a rather strange devise, and endless waves of bodies to throw at their enemies. And not to mention a complete disregard for their own well-beings. A rather large group are deposited in the middle of the Everfree Forest, filled to the brim with murderous fauna and flora. And no less, their arrival is timed with Equestria on the verge of a two front war with the Changelings, and a Coalition of numerous species who think Equestria has had it too good for too long. Told through a series of journal entries.

Chapters (37)
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