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Gladius the AI has developed a fear of death. Can its bureaupony operators help, or is it just another technological victim of the encroaching Barrier?

Chapters (1)

It has been fifteen years since the Battle of the Bell, that terrible day when friendship failed and the forces of evil were triumphant. The conquerors of Equestria carved the land into three and settled into their rule, comfortable in the knowledge that nopony would ever be able to stand against them again.

In her home, a manor-house she calls Story's End, the Empress Cozy Glow receives an unexpected visit from a most expected visitor. It's a night she has long anticipated; the absolute final victory over the forces of light and love. After all, what has she to fear?

How much of a threat could an exiled princess from the far north possibly pose?


Cover art borrowed from lilith1light.

Chapters (1)

Aria Blaze, while walking home from work, meets the Canterlot Movie Club as they plan to frame Sunset Shimmer for posting embarrassing secrets. She gives them some free, unsolicited advice that makes them reconsider several important things...

Rated T for some mild language.

Chapters (1)

Nightmare Moon has conquered Equestria. Arrogant in her victory, she begins a reign of terror and an orgy of executions. She abducts a human from his home world to advise her. She thinks that her state craft is done well. The Human tends to disagree. He explains why.

A one shot examining the relationship between tyrants and their people.

Cover art, if possible, would be appreciated.

Chapters (1)

When things don't go the way we hoped for, it's easy for ones mind to become clouded with grief. It's times like these that all seems lost with no way of recovery. However, sometimes, the thing that one needs most is someone to talk to. Someone who will listen to your aching heart. When the invasion of Canterlot didn't go as Chrysalis had planned, she placed a heavy weight on her heart that nopony would ever be willing to lift, nopony, except Doughnut Joe, that is.

Chapters (1)

Chrysalis is dying and she has but one thought on her mind. When she is gone from the world, who will care for the one thing in the world she values above life itself?

What will she sacrifice? How much of her pride will be thrown aside? To what lengths will she go to ensure her daughter's life? Will she beg a mortal enemy for mercy, not for herself but for an innocent foal? She is already willing to die for her child so what else could she give to be certain of the filly's sustained happiness?


This is my entry for the EFNW 2014 Writing Contest. I'm really happy with it so it doesn't matter whether I win or not. Seriously I'm glad I got to tell this story.

Alright big shout out time. As of March 13, 2014 the impeccable Goombasa has posted this... HERE ... Now that a YouTube fanfiction reader has read one of my stories I am one step closer to world domination!

New big shout out time! As of August 28, 2018 the lovely CountessRose has posted this HERE ... Now that a second YouTube fanfiction reader has read the same story as last time, I am yet another step closer to worlds domination!

Now on to the important details, the shout outs to the artists responsible for the vectors and background I used to make the cover art.
The Chrysalis Vector
The Celestia Vector
The Background
Many thanks to them.

Chapters (2)

There are many rules to a good horror film. Most ponies learn them with time and experience.

Twilight never did. Now, trapped in a desolate inn at the end of a long driveway, far from help, she will learn of them. Or, at least, one of them. The one Rarity, her only surviving friend, insists is keeping Twilight alive.

To everyponies misfortune, Twilight has questions, and fleeing in terror like she should will not get her the answers.

It’s going to be a bad night for the killer.

Edited by the Illustrious and Maleficent Crowscrowcrow...crow...crow...crow

Cover image made by vanillaghosties.

Chapters (1)

In a time of war, a single soldier is sitting behind cover. Arrows flew, steel clashed, and then all was silent. He knew he was the last one, fighting for the Mountain of Sol. The Griffon army was on the other side, and all he had was shield and a sword. But little do they know, the old phrase used so many times before: "Fortune favors the bold."

Chapters (1)

A strange creature is found in the Canterlot castle and is brought to the Canterlot dungeons for containment and research, but it proves just a bit more cunning and resourceful than anticipated, not to mention fearsome, and escapes.

What will happen, what will the vile beast do and where are Celestia´s cakes?

Chapters (9)
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