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Story number one of the Twilight is Magic series. See the author notes in the first chapter for a link to the read order.

Twilight is the bearer of the Element of Magic, or is she? is it possible that the logic is in reverse? Twilight must learn that every action has consequences. Some are more damning than others even in the best of intentions. But with the power to save someone you love, can you honestly say you would do any different?

This story takes place approx six years after the first episode, Friendship is Magic part one. (Five years after EQG)
Eventual-twidash (this should go without saying for a story written by Twidashforever)

it is said that stories are never truly finished, only abandoned. I have not abandoned this story, as such, if you see something I did wrong, please point it out. I will still make changes as needed.

NOTE 10-18-15: Revisions are in progress (Thank you, The Derpy Writer), revised chapters will be labeled as such with an (R)

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This story is a sequel to MLDC Next Generation: Know Fear!

Anthea, in the wake of Starburst departure, wants nothing more than to find the mare she called friend, and reunite her with her mother, Twilight, and her newfound love, Golden Delicious. But Annie knows that in the face of the overwhelming power that Starburst possesses, she need power just as great to rival that of the Fear Lantern’s. Unfortunately, during a harrowing event, Annie’s plans may be skewed slightly when a delegation to the Mintoaurs takes a turn for the worst, to keep love alive, and to find the missing mare Annie must shine with violet light…

Nidra, having lost her best friend, and angered by the actions taken by her fellow Royals, seeks comfort in the dragon-pony stallion, Turquoise. Seeing that Annie is away on a mission with High Princess Twilight, Nidra sees this as an opportunity to show Turquoise Blitz just how much she loves him. But, when things don’t go as planned, Nidra will need a little help, and that help comes in the form of orange light. After all, avarice is just another form of love, right…?

Update: Now with its own TV Tropes Page, courtesy of DarknessRising.

It is highly recommended that you read "Know Fear!" to keep the continuity straight. Based on kilala97's Next Generation OC's and DC Comic's Green Lantern universe.
Anthea's Bio
Turquoise Blitz's Bio
Nidra's Bio

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Starburst, daughter of Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry, has always wanted to be a Royal Guard. Training everyday, working hard to make her dream come true. But when war is threatened on Equestria, Starburst fights for the safety of her home and country. But soon, she will realize that her strength alone will not be enough. Poor Starburst is in need of power, the power to protect her family and friends, the power to defend her homeland, the power to instill fear in the hearts of her enemies!

Little did she know, that that very power would seek her out. But when she obtains it, how will it affect the rest of her life, her relationships with her parents, her little brother, and her friends? But more importantly, will she become the hero Equestria needs or become an even greater threat than anyone could've possibly imagined?

Update: With its own tv tropes page, courtesy of DarknessRising.

Next Generation characters belong to kilala97

Green Lantern is the property of DC Comics.

Character Bio: Starburst

Yeah, after looking at kilala97's stuff I finally caved and decided to try and write a story about her OC characters. Since Starburst's special talent is "intimidation", I thought: "Why the hell not, make that mare a Fear Lantern!" and so here we are.

Chapters (17)

In the aftermath of a huge explosion in the Everfree Forest, Ponyville soon finds itself as the new home for Lucario, an "Aura Pokemon" from another dimension. While he avoids explaining what has happened to him and where he came from, he repays his new friends' kindness by protecting them from the evil forces that suddenly appears around Equestria.

Meanwhile, a certain princess of the night watches his every move, unable to judge if this new visitor will bring safety or utter destruction upon the land.

(This story primarily takes place between season 2 and season 3. Elements from season 3 and beyond may occur, but won't have a significant impact on the plot.)

Chapters (19)

(This is an unofficial continuation of Total Magic Pony Island by Tailslover13. You should familiarize yourself with it as this will be following up on that continuity. Takes place in an alternative universe soon after "The Return of Harmony". Rated Teen to be safe.)

It's here at long last! The continuation (and ultimately conclusion) of the exciting Equestrian game show Total Magic Pony Island! Hosted by none other than the Lord of Chaos himself, Discord.

Of the original twenty contestants who were chosen to compete in this show on Paradox Island originally, only eleven are left standing. And only one contestant can win the grand prize of one million bits!

But there's more going on in this game show than meets the eye. Watch as friendships are tested, relationships develop, alliances are made (and broken) and grueling challenges put contestants to the test. All on Equestria's number one game show!

Chapters (12)

Discord is once again loose, but after using his randomness to find some interesting information on some strange phenomenon in another world that has to do with an island and a bunch of humiliating events, the crazy spirit of disharmony and chaos comes up with a new, sick, twisted, disturbing plan that involves capturing 20 of the most popular ponies (and three non-ponies) and forcing them to play a new game while the rest of Equestria watches in horror (or most likely secret amusement and possibly envy of not being picked themselves).

What does the rotten host Discord have in mind for our 20 unfortunate selections? Well, looks like you'll have to wait and find out! Maybe, just maybe, if Discord is feeling generous, the winner of his new "game" will get a grand prize. Everyone pick a character to root for and let's get it on!

(Special thanks to shadow0knight for creating the cover image. To see the full-sized image, go here: http://shadow0knight.deviantart.com/art/Total-Magic-Pony-Island-Title-293752756)

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Set a couple years from the present, the Junior Wonderbolt Academy boot camp is in full swing, and it looks to be the best time of Scootaloo's life.
If only she wasn't paired-up with the biggest jerk in Equestria!
He's arrogant, brash, proud and UGH!
Frankly, just settling for jerk would be the understatement of the century!
The JWA boot camp would be ten times better without Rumble.

A romance, slice of life story with moments of light comedy and humour (thus the comedy tag).
Please enjoy!

Chapters (9)

Being the mayor of Ponyville is not easy, not when you have the Elements of Harmony and the Cuite Mark Crusaders always causing trouble. Mayor Mare has a solution however, a Bachelor auction and Big Mac is the star of her little show. Follow Mac as he goes through his own personal hell, while the other stallions seem to be enjoying themselves!

Stallions on the Block: Big Mac, Soarin, Braeburn, Bulk Biceps, Prince Blueblood, Flash Sentry, Caramel, Thunderlane, Dr. Whooves/Time Turner, and Spike! Also two new ponies that you might be able to recognize.

Written by: Captain Unstoppable
Jake the Army Guy
Featured Story?! Thank you all!

Update: Since all of you have been debating the age, Jake and I have decided that the ages are as followed. Main Six are in their early twenties. CMC/Spike pre-teens 10-12. Mac mid twenties.

Thank you as always to jszellmer for the edits.

Thank you to KarmaDash for the idea bouncing along with Shrapmo as well.

Finally thank you mcwhale4 for the great cover art!

Also, here is what Auction has been like for Jake and Cap

Chapters (15)

Cloud Kicker might just have the wildest life of any pony in Equestria. Marvel at the insanity that is her life, and laugh at the suffering of her poor beleaguered best friend, Blossomforth. And maybe, just maybe, there's more to her than just the lovable sex maniac everypony thinks she is.

This is a semi-sequel to "The Incredibly Dense Mind of Rainbow Dash." Not really a proper sequel, since it's focused on Cloud Kicker and Blossomforth instead of Rainbow and Pinkie, but it's in the same continuity. So I guess that makes it a follow-up-side-quel story. Or something. You don't need to have read "The Incredibly Dense Mind of Rainbow Dash" to read or enjoy this, but you ought to read it anyway, just because.

TvTropes Page

The central story of the Winningverse.

We got a tag for Cloud Kicker, but Blossomforth still deserves one too.

Chapters (28)