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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.


(This is an unofficial continuation of Total Magic Pony Island by Tailslover13. You should familiarize yourself with it as this will be following up on that continuity. Takes place in an alternative universe soon after "The Return of Harmony". Rated Teen to be safe.)

It's here at long last! The continuation (and ultimately conclusion) of the exciting Equestrian game show Total Magic Pony Island! Hosted by none other than the Lord of Chaos himself, Discord.

Of the original twenty contestants who were chosen to compete in this show on Paradox Island originally, only eleven are left standing. And only one contestant can win the grand prize of one million bits!

But there's more going on in this game show than meets the eye. Watch as friendships are tested, relationships develop, alliances are made (and broken) and grueling challenges put contestants to the test. All on Equestria's number one game show!

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I'm glad this is continuing. Can't wait to see what happens next. Even if my favorite player gets eliminated, I'll still read it though.

Yes, my thoughts exactly!

(Iā€™m rooting for Derpy and Trixie. :derpytongue2:)

Thank you I been dying for a update on this story

10821384 I'm rooting for Vinyl and Twilight

Okay, is it bad that I wanted Rainbow to be punished so badly for her stupid behavior?

10822288 Not at all. I mean, the original author was actually a Rainbow Dash fan and yet he, she or they were surprised by how Rainbow Dash was turning out. I'm doing my best to try to keep at least somewhat in line with how she was becoming in the last few episodes, but also trying not to make her too much of a karma houdini like a lot of Total Drama's early villains were.


Right. I got a feeling that Scootaloo and Rainbow's remaining supporters will find out Rainbow's true nature (if the story is following closely to TD) and it won't be pretty.

10822338 Indeed it will not. Some have already witnessed the lengths she'll go to in order to win, and others will find out soon enough just how bad it can get.

10822288 No she is the Duncan of the story I'm sure other people want that


No, I'm certain she is the Heather here. I can tell which one is the Heather.

10822338 Given what episode is next it won't go so well

10823934 But everything up to now Rainbow had been the DunCan

10823942 She seems to have aspects of Duncan given what happened to her in Episode 12, but at the same time she seemed to also be crossing into Heather territory in terms of becoming more or less the antagonist.

My Prediction:

-th - DJ PON 3
21st - Sweetie Belle
-th - Gilda
20th - Apple Bloom
19th - Diamond Tiara
-th - Derpy Hooves
18th - Zecora
17th - Princess Luna
16th - Silver Spoon
15th - Applejack

Gilda, DJ PON 3, and Derpy rejoin

14th - Spike
13th - Gilda
12th - Cheerilee


11th - Rarity
10th - Fluttershy
9th - DJ PON 3
8th - Derpy
7th - Scootaloo
6th - Pinkie Pie

Somebody debuts (it could either be a canon character or an OC)

5th - Princess Celestia
4th - Rainbow Dash
3rd - Debuter
2nd - Trixie
1st - Twilight Sparkle

And once again, another pony gets the boot.

The shrunken down sun princess groaned and grit her teeth! "Fine then! I pick number three!"

The spirit's eyes seemed to grow wide, almost as if he knew something that Princess Celestia didn't! "Ooh, are you sure you wanna pick that one?"

"I was elected to lead, so I pick three!" Princess Celestia protested and stomped a hoof. "So give it to me, whatever it is.[/i]"

The Simpsons Movie reference right there!

Your story just got a like by me! Can't wait to read more.

I know this wasn't on season 1, but here's an idea: What if you have one episode where the winner of the challenge can decide who they can eliminate?

10826653 Eh, I feel like that's really unfair the couple of times Total Drama has allowed it. I do like World Tour where the winning player could pick one other contestant to take with them up to first class, invoking a bit of strategy.

Yep, finally about time the others saw how back stabbing Rainbow's truly is.

Never thought I expect a reference from the episode "That'off the Chain." from Total Drama Island. Is it bad enough that I am starting to dislike Rainbow Dash now for what she did?:applecry:

Your dead now Rainbow Dash, you. Are. Ssooooo Dead!:twilightangry2:

10829692 Not at all. And trust me, she will face karma eventually.

10829727 She'll get what's coming to her eventually.

Oohh I bet she will soon, cause she is going regret the day she Was not being at all, she will get it.:ajsmug:

WHAAAAAAA? Fluttershy is eliminated? I was not expecting that.:fluttercry:

A brief flicker of the camera then showed Rainbow staring at herself in the confessional, blinking and even pondering aloud. "Was what I did really that harsh? Everypony's acting like I broke poor Scootaloo's heart and everyone who tried to stop her from sticking by me was a saint. Have they all forgotten what Spike, Gilda and Cheerilee all did? I never did anything close to that! And if the roles were reversed, I wouldn't have expected Scootaloo to save me at the expense of herself. Besides, if Derpy and Fluttershy hadn't gotten cold hooves, we could've swung enough votes to keep Scootaloo in the game."

Uh, yeah. GIlda is one thing but Spike and Cheerilee did it to stop YOU, because of how horrible you were acting, Rainbow!

..Top ten anime plot-twists. :trollestia:

And now the other princess is gone. More to come. Good work.

Farewell Celestia! You will be missed.

Five remain, and all characters who returned left for the second time.
My best guess is Twilight and Pinkie will be in the finale.

I think the finale will be Twilight and Trixie

That leaves the element bearers. I'm fine with any of them winning. It doesn't matter

Interesting that Luna brings up Celestia's "previous student." Kinda makes me wonder how Sunset Shimmer would have faired in this story?

At least Spike's problem been taken care of than Harold's in the actual series. Not sure what would happen if Rainbow sees him again though.

Only Twilight, Rainbow, Rarity and Pinkie are left. Who will be the next to go? (And probably not the next episode if the series is doing close stuff to the regular series)

I like how Diamond Tiara and Gilda have reformed themselves while in The Palais De Perdantes.

Rarity and Pinkie probably got this game in the bag. šŸ˜Ž

I'm just speculating but I see the finale being Twilight vs Pinkie.

Knew it was a non elimination, but the next one will be. Four remain

Well, Rainbow's finally gone though will she ever get forgiveness for her actions/

Only 3 left to go. I'm nervicted.

I'm fine with whoever wins. My best guess is Twilight and Pinkie in the finale.

As for rainbow dash, good riddance. She got what was coming.


Pinkie: (holds up dictionary) It is a real word now in the Pinkie dictionary, way above Twilighting!

Ooh, now I know the final three + finale is going to be good.

Twilight all the way!

My prediction was right! Twilight and Pinkie in the finale. Can't wait!!!!

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