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TiM: The Truth in Meanings - Twidashforever

TiM #1: If you had the power, how far would you go to save a friend, and would they hate you for it? Would you hate you for it? Actions have consequences and we are not always the ones who pay the price.

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Define: Consummation

Epilogue Define: Consummation

The Crystal Empire

A new unicorn prince was born in the Crystal Empire, ponies the world over celebrated his birth, as little Radiant Star was a new hope for everyone. Other little fillies and colts soon accompanied him into the world. Although, most would never know, those who died were finally able to pass on to the afterlife. A huge party was thrown, spearheaded the world over by every party pony alive. The party lasted for a full month and covered many different cities. As there was much, much to celebrate.

The guest of honor were of course, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash. However, Twilight felt drained as the day’s events were far too taxing for her to be able to attend a party. She would probably sleep for a week straight. Not even Rainbow was up for it. The cyan pegasus had been through just as much if not more than the princess had; even if that were not the case, she would never attend an event with Twilight in such a state.

Thankfully, Celestia saw this, even after a few hours in the hospital where they were pronounced fit, but subscribed bed rest. The nobles demanded their attendance. Celestia’s influence was all that kept them from having to attend. She made their excuses for them and sent them to their room. No one questioned when they both went into the same room. Twilight and Rainbow would never be apart again. It did not take the Alicorn of Love to see how attached these two had become.

It had been a long journey, but now the two could finally rest. Laying on an alicorn-sized bed in the Crystal Empire, Twilight snuggled up to Rainbow; her eyes could barely stay open after the day’s events. Rainbow yawned, sleepy for the first time in a very long time.

“Goodnight, Twilight.”

“Goodnight, Rainbow.”

As one, the two shut their eyes, Rainbow softly stroking Twilight’s mane, Twilight fell asleep as her head rested on Dash’s stomach, all the while listening to her new favorite sound in the world, Rainbow’s heartbeat. A few seconds later they were both fast asleep, dreaming of each other.

It was a shame, for if Twilight had stayed awake a few minutes longer she would have heard two additional heartbeats, beating for the first time after the magic and love she poured into Rainbow created something new in Dash’s womb.


In the next twelve months, many miracles happened, some big, and some small. It took six months but Twilight kept her word. She and Rainbow visited every single family that had been affected by this. Most of them refused to hear her apology, the respect and admiration they had for the princess not allowing them to blame her. Three of them actually apologized to her, grateful to know the truth of what had occurred, and sorry that Twilight had to suffer so much because of it.

In the end, they all forgave Twilight, and in another miracle, Twilight was able to forgive herself.

Three months later, the couple married. Much to Rainbow’s chagrin, they ended up having three separate ceremonies. Two of which were completely packed for miles, the real one occurred in Ponyville. With only friends and family invited, suffice to say, all of Ponyville was there. The other two occurred in Canterlot and the Crystal Empire. Rainbow said it was ridiculous; however, Twilight informed her that as the newest princess, Rainbow had to put on a show for the citizens. Although, even Twilight was surprised when Siros showed up for the Canterlot wedding. However, she was very happy when Discord failed to show at any of them. Nopony had seen the draconequus in months.

After their honeymoon another surprise was in store for Twilight, Spike and Rarity were getting married. Thanks to a little spell Twilight had cast on the dragon, Rarity would soon be a mother herself. Twilight told Spike that while the spell would give him the form of a pony, he would still have the lifespan of a dragon; he would still BE a dragon. He told her that was okay by him, if it brought him closer to Rarity for the short time they had, that was all he wanted. So she had agreed. Upon hearing that news, and the news of their baby, Twilight was glad he had convinced her to do it. It would be interesting to see what they would give birth too. As far as Twilight was aware, there had never been a dragon-pony offspring before. It already surprised her by having a slightly faster gestation rate, as Rarity would give birth a month before Rainbow.

Three months after that, a third miracle occurred; Equestria welcomed two new members of royalty to the fold. Rainbow Dash gave birth to two very healthy foals. A handsome unicorn prince with a purple coat and a rainbow mane, named Dayspring Gleam. Who would surpass Twilight with his love of learning, and a little pegasus princess with dark blue fur and a distinctive purple, blue, and orange mane, named Aurora Flash, whom would drive Rainbow crazy with her rambunctious nature. They would both surpass their parents in the amount of trouble they would cause.

Gaia, you are the God of Life and Magic; however, the true magic in this world is what the love that exists between two souls can create.
~ Eros

Six years later....

Author's Note:

44 days, it took 44 days for me to write a 30 chapter novel…

I loved every minute of it.

what happens next?

well for starters I have no current plans for a sequel…

However, I have already started a one-off story that takes place six years from the end of chapter 30.

I want it to be its own story but I want to link it to this one (so those who follow TIM will get a notice when its posted and i can advise people to read this first) if you know how to do that let me know

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let me end this by saying Thank you. You guys and girls inspired me to keep this up, when I wrote chapter 1 I honestly did not expect this, I did not know what to expect.