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TiM: The Truth in Meanings - Twidashforever

TiM #1: If you had the power, how far would you go to save a friend, and would they hate you for it? Would you hate you for it? Actions have consequences and we are not always the ones who pay the price.

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Define: Pandemonium

Chapter 19 Define: Pandemonium


Twilight woke up with a start, her vision blurred. She was laying on something, something soft. She liked this new bed; it was nice, comfortable, warm, and black. That was odd, she did not remember having a black bed. Though she could barely make out colors in her condition, her head hurt, trying to see hurt, everything hurt. So she decided to do the one logical thing left to her, Twilight tried going back to sleep.

Sadly, a voice originated beneath her bed. “Twi,” it said. Twilight wanted nothing to do with that voice right this second. Her head would not stop pounding and that voice was much too loud. It offended her by speaking. “Twi,” there it was again, that voice did the one thing in this situation that nothing should be doing to her right now, it spoke. What sort of voice comes out from below your bed anyway? It was rude, inconsiderate, and a little creepy for her tastes. “Twi,” that is it, Twilight had enough of that voice. It needed to stop talking and let her get some sleep.

“I will not ask what you're doing under my bed at this moment as I really don’t care, but I promise that if you keep talking I WILL banish you to the moon!”

“Somehow Twi, I don’t think you will.”

Ok that got her attention. Twilight attempted to open her eyes, there was the black, she did not really like black, she preferred purple, or blue. Ok, she finally started to make out some more colors, some brown, some pink, some plurange, some…. She was dreaming. That was the only logical explanation. If she was dreaming then she did not need to get back up. Twilight closed her eyes again. It hurt less to keep them closed then to try and open them.

“Twilight c'mon, we have to get moving.”

She finally recognized the voice, it belonged to Rainbow, which was nothing unusual; Twilight would often dream she was with her friends, nothing particularly bad or anything. It just seemed as if her brain wanted to spend more time with them. She tried fighting against these dreams at first, but after awhile, she quickly learned that whatever happened in the dream, it was best to simply go along with it. She took to enjoying this extra time with her friends; usually these dreams consisted of nothing more than hanging out together.

Rainbow was flustered; they had fallen a long way. She protected Twilight from the landing by maneuvering herself below the alicorn. It had been at least a few hours while Twilight was out cold and Rainbow’s wings healed her. Now that she was healed and Twilight was awake it was time to get moving, but Twilight would not get up. ‘Hmm, maybe if I screw with her she will get off me,’ Rainbow thought. In a sultry voice she spoke, “C'mon Twilight, we have to get going, or at the very least let me take a turn on top.”

That was new; Twilight never had a dream like this before. Her friends never went to that place in her dreams. Well it was just a dream, and Twilight had learned that it’s best just to go along with it, fighting her dreams tended to make them worse. As such, in her best sexy voice she replied, “But Rainbow, I like being on top.” She then proceeded to up the anti and kiss the mare passionately on the lips, allowing her tongue to play hide and seek with Rainbow’s.

‘Hmm… this is odd, pleasing but odd, her lips taste like cherry. Wait, she's never been black in my dream and... and you can’t feel pain in a dream and… and you can’t taste anything in a dream.”

Twilight opened her eyes, her normal vision still useless, she switched to her magic vision. There, right under her, was Rainbow Dash, her signature energy flowing around her body. Those beautiful, brilliant, golden wings sprawled out at her side. A large amount of energy was flowing from her mouth into the rest of her body, a mouth that was, right this second, connected to Twilight’s lips.

Twilight blew up, blushing with embarrassment she leaped fifty feet in the air and her magic exploded like a second sun. 'I just made out with Rainbow! I was kissing Rainbow! What have I done! The shame, the embarrassment, it's too much, I can't face her again. It was… it was… awesome, no… no… no… no time for thoughts like that I have to get away, I have to run, Rainbow can’t hate me if she can’t find me!’ Twilight tried to fly away, pushing her wings as hard as they could go. She went nowhere; she was stuck in something pink. Something she had seen before, she was stuck in cotton candy.

Rainbow’s brain tried to get her to stop this, it tried to stop the foreign tongue from entering her mouth, it tried to get her to force the alicorn off her. As such, Rainbow did the only logical thing she could. Rainbow’s mind was forcibly ejected out of the relationship, it was decided after several court sessions that the two of them should part ways, it wanted to think, it wanted to consider implications, and most damning of all, it wanted to put a stop to Twilight kissing her.

The divorce, finalized in an instant after that betrayal, the judge sided fully with Rainbow Dash, saying in a landmark decision for logic everywhere. “No brain in its right mind would ever try and put a stop to that! You are obviously insane and get NOTHING.” Her mind would get nothing and pay half of everything it had in support of Rainbow while she stayed to raise the kids. ‘Hmm… speaking of kids…’ she would have to bring that up later, but right now Twilight’s lips were enough, that kiss was NOT like earlier, earlier it had been a heat of the moment thing. Something that could be written off. THIS TIME, this time it was ANYTHING but, and the way she spoke before that. It sent shivers down Rainbow’s spine. Had she not so effectively removed her brain from the situation it might have dawned on Rainbow that she should not have been able to feel anything right now. However, as her brain was currently sitting out in the rain holding a boombox over its head playing Barry Stallow songs trying to win her back, it was just one more thing Rainbow would fail to notice.

As with all good things, it had to end. When Twilight broke the kiss Rainbow looked up in the white eyes of her friend, a look of pure shock was radiating on Twilight’s face. When she jumped in the air, Rainbow knew enough to close her eyes before the next part. Living with Twilight as a friend for so long gave Rainbow an in-depth knowledge of her eccentricities. Sure enough, as soon as her eyes were closed a bright blinding light shined over her, radiating out with pure magic energy. When she opened them the sight she viewed made her smile. The most powerful pony in existence, Princess Alicorn Twilight Sparkle, was stuck in a cotton candy cloud.

“Wow,” spoke Rainbow, loud enough to ensure that Twilight heard it, “I didn’t know I was such a good kisser.”

It took a minute for Twilight to realize that struggling only made her situation worse, every time she bucked, kicked, bite, or wiggled she only found herself that much further stuck. Right this second though, she had no other options, Twilight's head was so concerned with what she had done that she could not concentrate enough to do the simplest spell. Indeed the only reason she was able to calm down enough to figure that much out was due to the ever present laughter of one Rainbow Dash, who at that moment was rolling over on her side holding her hooves to her chest.

“Would you stop laughing and help me?!”

"I don’t know Twilight, I thought you liked being on top.” Rainbow’s laughter intensified as Twilight’s entire face turned red with embarrassment. She was stuck, there was no getting out of this one without Rainbow’s help, and right now, egging on the situation only made it worse. Twilight calmed her struggles and let her friend have her fun. When Rainbow was finally able to stand again Twilight looked down at her friend; she was mad, embarrassed, and a little flustered. Mad that Rainbow had left her in the cloud for all that time, embarrassed at what she had done, and flustered due to the fact, that she did not, exactly, not like it.

Rainbow took wing and flew up to her friend. Smiling the entire time as she very lazily made circles up to Twilight. When she finally reached Twilight’s level she simile with that cock-sure grin of hers. “So… we going to talk about the elephant in the room?”

Twilight did not want to talk about that elephant. She wanted to do anything but talk about it. Twilight wanted to find a gun, shoot that elephant, bury it a thousand feet underground, and build a castle over the location just to ensure that it would never be seen again. However, the black pegasus in front of her would not let her get off that easy, she sighed.

“I'm sorry, Rainbow.”

“Sorry?” Rainbow was momentarily taken aback with that. Had Twilight not meant it? No… no this was not a case of a heat of the moment thing, this was real, wasn’t it? Rainbow stared at her for a while.

“I, I thought I was dreaming. I wasn’t…” a black hoof reached out and covered her mouth, and though it hurt more then dying had, she let her friend keep her dignity.

“Don’t worry about it Twi, I know it didn’t mean anything, we all do crazy stuff in our dreams, and just 'cause you were dreaming of me… well who can blame you for that?! I am pretty awesome after all!” Rainbow put all she had into that, Twilight had to believe it, and for a quick moment she actually convinced herself that it did not mean anything to her either, but that moment did not last long. Fortunately, Twilight had bought it, and hugged the black mare before her face broke its mask.

“Thanks Rainbow, you're a good friend.”

Rainbow was beginning to hate that word.

It did not take long for Rainbow to release Twilight from her candy prison. She laughed as Twilight mane was stuck in the candy. Soon the two were back on the ground. Twilight looked around taking in the scenery for the first time since awakening. “So, what happened, and where are we?”

“You don’t remember?” Twilight shook her head. “Well, it started when I opened that book.”

Rainbow slowly opened the book, the pain in her hoof from the fresh bite told her to do anything but. She grimaced and fought through the pain, this was her burden, she would do this so Twilight did not have to, it was the least she could do for her friend.

The book opened, to nothing. Twilight stared in shock, she had not known what to expect, but nothing? This was the book! This was the entrance to the Realm of Chaos. She pushed Rainbow out of the way and looked at the offending object.

Law 101

‘Life is nothing without a little chaos to make it interesting.’

“What the buck was that! Life is nothing without a little chaos to make it interesting!” Twilight spat the words. "What does that mean? Who writes such garbage? That doesn't mean anything! This is the entrance. It's just a book!” Twilight began pacing back and forth. Tossing her hooves at a pony that was not there, one that seemed to be the target of her actions. “Life is nothing without a little chaos to make it interesting, garbage, complete and utter garbage. After all we've been through! We get this crap! Rainbow, you, you died! I killed somepony! I defied my teacher, her sister, the rulers of Equestria! We tore open the gates of Hades and Tartarus! I stared down a Titan for Celestia’s sake! What the buck?!”

Rainbow tried and failed to suppress a smile. Twilight was having a fit, one that was sure to get the attention of every pony in a five block radius, and all Dash could manage to do was giggle under her breath. Yes the book made no sense, Rainbow could intellectually respect that such a thing would tick Twilight off to no end, however, seeing it in action was one of the funniest things she had ever seen. As Twilight began angrily picking up books and looked as if she was about to take it out on them, she stopped. Twilight placed the books back in their proper spot while continuing her rant. That was the last straw for Rainbow; even mad beyond compression Twilight still could not stop being a big nerd.

Twilight paused, momentarily taken aback as Rainbow began laughing out loud. Rainbow was laughing at her. Twilight turned and walked away, not wanting to deal with Dash right this second. As she began making her way out of the Library, she huffed the words one last time, "‘Life is nothing without a little chaos to make it interesting', as if.”

A loud noise got the attention of the two ponies in the room, Twilight turned and looked behind her. A staircase was coming from the book, out of the book was more like it. It was an impossible feat, the book was on the table, and a staircase was flowing up and then down from the book. It logically made no sense. Twilight sighed, it seemed her and logic now had a love hate relationship, one she would have to come to accept before this was all over.

Rainbow was ecstatic, “That is so COOL!”

“Cool? Rainbow it’s a staircase.”

“One that came out of a book, Twi!”

“Exactly, it came out of a book! Books don’t have staircases in them Rainbow.”

“Whatever egghead, you coming or what?”

Rainbow walked over to the stairs and waited for her friend. Twilight sighed, this was what they were looking for, and there was no turning back now. She walked over and stood by Rainbow. As soon as they stepped on the first step the stairs started moving, taking the two up and then down into the book. Shrinking them as they went.

“What the buck?”

“Rainbow! Language!”

“Really Twi, after everything you're worried about a little bad language?”

“It’s the principle of the thing.”

“What about your little rant earlier?”

Twilight begin to blush, ok maybe she did not have any sort of high ground to stand on. However, she did need to do that. Too much had been building up in her and she needed that release. Her only regret was that rainbow had been there to hear it. After a minute she turned to her friend. “Sorry about that, Rainbow.”

“Hey don’t apologize to me, sometimes we all have to get a little off our chest.”

No more words passed between them as the two rubbed up against each other and took a minute to admire the trip. The staircase/escalator took them through a black tunnel, with quite the light show playing on each side of the wall. Staring at the lights would soon leave one with quite the headache as they purposely changed to the worst combination of colors imaginable to leave their viewer in a state of confusion. However, these two travelers had learned to only face forward. Their time on the River Styx having taught them that even something as harmless as a reflection was anything but. The lights seemed to mourn their passing, hoping that they could have at least played a little bit with these two new ponies.

Soon the tunnel ended, and the two found themselves rising ever higher into a brown and green sky, the night sky was lit up darkly by the blue sun in the north. One that was right now playing a card game with the mountain in the west, It was easy to tell the sun was losing, and badly. Nothing could be seen of the ground, a layer of pink cotton candy clouds obscured their view, the staircase was about to send them through a small cloud of them.

“Ugg, what the hell.” Rainbow hated this feeling; the clouds stuck to her skin worse than the ones Discord had made. Twilight looked at her covered in pink candy and started laughing.

“What so funny, Twi?”

“I just think you look good in pink, Rainbow.” Twilight jabbed at her friend, the look of indignation was comical on Rainbow’s normally stoic face.

“Hardly funny, Twilight! This stuff is too bucking sticky. Don’t glare at me, I'll say it if I want too.”

Twilight wanted to rebuke Rainbow for that, she had already told her once. Sadly, something else caught her eye, the end of the staircase. She could not bring herself to talk. The escalator just ended, they were about to go over. Twilight grabbed Rainbow, not caring that the combined cotton candy on the two would latch them together. She was planning on it, just as abruptly they went over the edge.

Rainbow’s eyes looked on in shock, she was so busy with the cotton candy she had not noticed the edge of the stairs, when Twilight grabbed her they fell. She tried to open her wings, but to no avail as the candy held her magic wings to her side, almost as if it were superglue.

Twilight knew her wings would be no good. Rainbow had been right; the cotton candy was sticky, too bucking sticky. She could still teleport them through. Gathering up her energy she stopped… The last time they teleported was in Hades, and that, that had not ended well for anypony. With the two in free fall, she could not concentrate enough to limit the amount of energy she would use. They could end up a thousand feet in the ground if she tried. So she took the only option available, she grabbed on to Rainbow as tight as she could, not wanting to ever let go.

“Twilight, teleport us!”

“I can't.”

“Oh buck me.”

They passed through several cotton candy clouds. If the two were not stuck together before, they were now. Rainbow did the only thing she could think of and maneuvered herself below the alicorn. ‘At least she will have something soft to break her fall.’

“And that’s what happened.”

Twilight stared at Rainbow, it made some sense, but she still had one question. “If we were stuck together, why didn’t I have that much cotton candy on me when I woke up?”

Rainbow stared down at her hooves, “I did my best to clean us up before you woke up.”

Twilight blushed at that, Rainbow really was a good friend. Twilight easily cleaned up the remaining cotton candy on both of them with her magic and gestured for the pegasus to follow her, “So where do we go now?” she asked of the black mare beside her.


They both jumped and turned in the air. Directly behind them was the draconequus that sent shivers down Twilight’s spine every time she heard him speak.

Together they both yelled, “DISCORD!”

Behind Discord was a huge carnival the likes of which Twilight, Rainbow, and Equestria had never seen in their lives.

Discord smiled at the two, “I never imagined you two would actually make it this far, allow me to introduce to you the greatest Carnival in several universes.” With a gesture of his claw, he directed their gaze to the sign above the entrance.

Welcome to Pandemonium, home of the greatest place you will never be.

Author's Note:

That took a lot longer to write then I expected, first time since this started that I got writers block.

Well it's out now, so enjoy!

As always leave your comments below, its helpful to know what I am doing right and wrong.

A shout out goes to Shielded Myth for taking the time to edit my chicken-scratch.

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