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After saving his captain from an enemy captain, Roronoa Zoro wakes up to find himself as a colorful talking horse in a world filled with other colorful talking horses, unicorns and pegasus. What will the deadly and serious Straw Hat swordsman do in a world of happiness, friendship, singing and non-killing? Will his nakama be able to find and bring him home or will Zoro find another family and goal in these joyful little ponies. Future ZoroxCelestia, Rarijack, Flutterdash. OCs are the pairs' kids. I DO NOT own the cover art and could not find the person who does, so if this cover art belongs to you and you don't want me using it then plz pm me.

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Interesting, normally I see stories in which either Luffy or his whole crew are transported to equestria. I think I´ll follow this story and see what you make out of it.

This is going to be good, I can see it. :rainbowlaugh:

Like one piece as well especially Zoro so let's see where this goes. :pinkiehappy:

That may be promisingly. Just don't send Zoro to Everfree:pinkiehappy:. He will die horribly (from starvation:derpytongue2:) and we will never get another chapter.

RDx ______ (haven't decided, so feel free to put vote in comment).

Twilight! that's my vote.

RD X:yay:
Welcome to the one piece fandom friend! :twilightsmile: u have been welcomed

Good Chapter, it's a good thing I made you a brony.

RD X zoro
Welcome to one piece nice story now how is he getting back?

I don´t know about the green coat and green Mane thing, maybe you should get him a brown Coat or a cream collored Coat.

I don´t like the image that much because of the green on green thing and his for my liking, to short tail.
I like the story, i think you managed it somehow to get him into Ponyville and no one can say something against a devil fruit i think.:pinkiehappy:

I see it coming, drinking Contest with Applejack maybe the first meeting on a festival they maybe have at the moment.
And please make that Zorro get lost inside of a house, it would be so funny if the main six have to see that.
yeah i think he had a more dark skin colour, so i would like another colour more, he has already a greem mane.

If this is a romance i hope he get to stay there or at least that he somehow get the devil fruit to go to their world again. If i understand it right they just have to kill the pirate and then the deviol fruit shoud be somewhere near his death body right? I mean i think Don Flamingo had the Fire fruit because he stayed at the Marine HQ.

well yeah want more, i can´t say anithing bad about the story itself.:twilightsmile:

Sooo.... Celestia and Zorro? is it sure? Rarijack is ok i like that, it is not the worst pairing in the most fanfics. Because of one nice youtube video about Rainbow Dash and Twiight (Hearts and Hoovesday i think), i would like a Twidash Pairing here. For Big Mac i would like the usual Cherrielee paring(i always donßt get her name right, i mean i don´t think it is right.)

hrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........................................................ why not? It's pretty well done and interesting so far... personally though, I am shipping zoro and fluttershy for the sheer irony, lets see where this goes :derpytongue2:

4792066 :yay: another shipper of the two!:trollestia: nice to meet you!

Very nice chapter. It kinda make sense that it begins before the show.

RD would go best with pinkie pie
i think fluttershy could be good with zorro aswell :ajsmug:

I love the thing with his sense of direction, always good.:pinkiehappy:
I see what you have planned there, so you start in their young ages and maybe you planned to make little timeskips right? If Zorro get a child to i would love to know how he get it, i mean adoption or not. I remember he and Celestia could get one without an adoption but i would like a nice adoption.
Maybe he could get a child which is the opposite of his own Character, that would be probably the best choise.

i like the name Cutlass it's a pirate sword and his eye has been cut but i have never been good at naming :ajsleepy:

Three-swords his cutie mark is three swords and he has wado with him it would make since

What about Tri Blade? a bit of a spinoff with 'Tri Gun' but I found it rather fitting for our swordsman. :derpytongue2:

Sword Slash, I like the name Sword Slash

Doesn't matter if he is in the story.

Some other options:
RDx a cheating Carrot Cake
Rainbow Dash x Rainbow Blitz

Bright Blades, or Swift Blades?

three swords....
and I just got out of a league of legends match...
I BEG YOU!!!!!

Good Chapter. Zoro saved Celestia and the name tri blade is cool. I can't believe he was thinking about moss head XD. I wounder what him and Celestia will talk about. And I'll keep reading and commenting

This chapter is great but i think a bolder landing on his back isn't enough to make him not capable of movement usually it will only give him pain for a few minutes before he gets like nothing happened unless he became weaker because of his transformation.

and before anyone says anything yes he is that strong.

To me it sounds as if AJ and Rarity is about the age the cmc's are in during the show and from there I can't see Twilight in this story, but jey meaby you find a way I'm just not seeing right now

Not a bad story and I believe that I will enjoy reading it as long as you continue.

There are several grammatical errors present, but they are not so severe as to completely break story immersion.
Might I suggest a pre-reader/editor?

Thank you for this little literary treat and I hope to see more. :twilightsmile:

Cool chap. Zoro's 'great' sense of direction shining thorugh! I hope he irritates the hell out of Celly with his mannerism. Great work!

I foresee, much confusion in the Castle, especially with his sense of direction involved.

4976740 I forsee a petulant little shit (Blueblood) getting the crap kicked out of him. :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

that´s gonna be helmeppo all over again.:pinkiehappy:

Dude zoro + snobs... how many times will he mention a blonde chef?

Wow Zoro is going to be Celestia's personal guard, that would be interesting. Maybe he can even whip the other guards into shape.

I DEMAND more...... If you please :moustache:

Can't wait fore some delicious Blueblood bashing!

I must see more of my student:heart:

4977230 more like cut blueblood down:pinkiehappy:

this gonna be fun and maybe Zoro will whip the guards into shape too.

nicely done way of keeping him there.
tasteful use of making his badassery show through as well.

4976984 i can see it know Blueblood bumps into Zoro, Zoro said sorry Blue is like you better be sorry do you kno.....

Zoro gives him the loolk of a predictor:eeyup:.

love that blueblood got his ass handed to him:pinkiehappy:. Big baby its just a broken Franky got hit by a train you don't here him bitchin.:eeyup:

I was just thinking about this last weekend, awesome to see an update!:pinkiegasp:

One of the more entertaining Blueblood scenes I've seen. Awesome doesn't do it justice. :moustache:

Beats up a prince in his first day in Canterlot!? Oh I think he's going to make an excellent/entertaining bodyguard.


I forgot how good this story was...an still is. The quality of your writing is improving as well so as of now I truly look forward towards the next update.

Awesome chapter and your welcome on getting this out.:pinkiehappy:

I liked when cadance said "We have Cake" that got me laughin:rainbowlaugh:

And Thank you Zoro for standing up to Blueblood:moustache:

heh, needed that.

Played catch with Twilight, called Cadence cheesy, and broke Blueblood's nose?
Oh, yeah, this is gonna be a fun time. :yay:

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