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Have you ever kept a secret from somepony?

How about an entirely different life?

Twilight Velvet has definitely been less than honest with her family and friends, but now, so many years later, somepony stumbles upon the truth. Adventures long done, friendships that have withered to the barest of sparks—what will resurface as Twilight's true life is uncovered?

Rated Teen for blood, profanity, suggestive themes, and violence.

Volume 1 of
Daring Did: Tales of an Adventurer's Companion

A subseries of the revised Modern Equestria Project.
By Seriff Pilcrow and AdmiralKew.

Daring Did: Tales of an Adventurer's Companion is a fanfiction series that aims to breathe new life into a once-popular headcanon: that Twilight Velvet—Twilight Sparkle's mother—was directly involved with Daring Do and her adventures. Travel with Daring Do and Twilight Velvet across Equestria and beyond as they discover treasures of old, battle dangerous foes, and unearth the knowledge the world’s past has to offer. Drawing inspiration from real-world archeology, locales, and cultures; auxiliary MLP material like the IDW comics and G.M. Berrow chapter books; and standard action-adventure fare like Uncharted and Indiana Jones, Daring Did combines all of these elements into a witty, yet deep narrative that captures a spirit of exploration and exhilaration.

Editing and long description by Dreams of Ponies.
Preread by Edukas, Hubris Von Ego, Magic Step, Nailah, pertinax, and Sparkle Cola.
With feedback from PonyJosiah13, I Thought I Was Toast, and Wing.
Cover art by VanillaGhosties.
Chapter art by Tillie-TMB, Celestial-Rainstorm, and Redahfuhrerking.
Logo and reference sheets by L1nkoln.

Featured on March 19, 2018; April 23, 2018; June 25, 2018; August 27, 2018; October 8, 2018; November 19, 2018; January 28, 2019; May 20, 2019; September 2, 2019; February 24, 2020; May 4, 2020; and January 18, 2021; and May 9, 2021.

Featured on Equestria Daily on February 10, 2021.

Chapters (18)

This story is a sequel to Blooming Heat

(And now after waiting for so long... the most asked for sequel of my #1 viewed story, "Blooming heat," is finally here!)

After mating with Spike during her first heat season, Apple Bloom has the entire town shocked as she eventually became pregnant.
No one saw this coming, and neither did Apple Bloom and Spike. However, they are prepared for whatever this event brings them. But what will happen when the baby comes a little earlier than expected; and will Apple Bloom and Spike survive through the process?

Art by: rannva

Chapters (12)

The ponies of Equestria and the dragons of The Dragon Lands are waging war with one another. The battles are long and brutal with the Equestrians being on the losing side. When the officials gathered together, they figured out a possible solution to their problem. They lacked knowledge of the dragons and seeing as to how no dragon was willing to tell them how they worked, Equestria decided to take the knowledge by force. Join Test Subject SP-1K3, formally known as Test Subject D-1043, and other dragon test subjects as they try to escape their lives as lab rats.

Chapters (18)

At the Apple Family’s annual gathering, Spike meets Apple Dumpling. She’s new to town and in need of friends. She takes an instant shine to the little dragon, and the two of them hit it off right away, and they realize they have a lot more in common than they originally thought, one having just moved to a new town and the other left ignored by his lifelong crush.

Cover Art: Sugarcup91

***My entry for the 2021 May Pairing contest***

Chapters (1)

There is some mysteries which should remain occult. If exposed, would cause such impact in our lives which will never remain the same.

That's why with the invention of the smartphones, some genius as well created the protection password.

Thankfully because of these 4 numbers we are still capable of being seen as straightforward and respected people. If everyone knew what we hide behind cellphone's password, nobody would never shake hands with other person ever again.

Chapters (1)

"Spike, dear? This isn't working."
"What isn't?"
"This, Spike. Us."

After a second date cut short, Spike spends a night out on the town (read: seedy bar) with Big Mac to commiserate the loss. After deciding that he wanted a final snack before bed, he heads to the best bakery in town to find something to take the edge off of his buzz.

Think of this as a spiritual successor to The Days Passed, in the same family as the premise of the first one: Who would Spike seek out after a break with Rarity? This time, instead of ending up on Fluttershy's doorstep, he finds himself at Pinkie Pie's. And this time, it will be more focused on the character growth of Spike while keeping up with the relationship growth between the ship. I hope it lives up to the standards that TDP grew to have, and I had for it :moustache:

Cover is spliced together pics from TG Weaver , used with permission (careful with that link, while the pic is SFW the Twitter is not!)

EDIT: Already featured, 2-9-2021! Thank you so much :heart: :heart: :heart:

Chapters (4)

When I agreed to be sent to Equestria I didn't read the fine print. I'm the wrong age, the wrong gender, and lost in the wilderness.

Chinese Translation: https://fimtale.com/t/9306

Can't vouch for its accuracy since I don't speak Chinese but it's being translated by a human who goes by DreamsSetFree.

Hi to all my Chinese readers!

New Cover art commissioned from Lunar Froxy.

Chapters (40)

You are Anon. Or, at least, you used to be. Sort of. Now you're a filly. Let's just say, you're not thrilled with the change. And with it comes some unforeseen consequences.

Originally Edited by Alex_

Chapters (13)

It has been one year since Starlight Glimmer graduated and ventured out on her own to teach others the friendship lessons she learned as Princess Twilight's personal student. Now, unexpectedly, she's coming back to Ponyville for a visit, and everypony is excited about it. Well, everypony that is, except Spike. But why?

Chapters (9)

Twilight Sparkle demands an explanation. She spends most of the story getting it.

Chapters (1)