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The Adventures of Test Subject SP-1K3 - Dedion

Test Subject SP-1K3 and friends begin a journey across Equestria to escape their life of being nothing more than lab rats.

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Chapter 6: ...Is a Dangerous Thing

"NOt mUch loNGer."
"not MUch lONgEr."

Spike's claws gripped his knees with such force that he thought he pierced through his scales. He could hear the voices again. After a day of complete silence, they had returned. They repeated the same three words over and over. They were known to repeat things often and Spike had grown used to that, but this time was different. He could feel something emanating from them as they spoke. Excitement, animosity, anxiety, fear, and more were all words that Spike used to express the feelings that practically dripped off every word the voices spoke.

The baby dragon's cheeks felt sore. He didn't even notice that he had been smiling for so long or that he was smiling at all. The same could not be said for the guards and his fellow test-mates. They noticed how wide the baby dragon was smiling. The smile alone was enough to unnerve a few onlookers, but not enough for most to consider the little guy worthy of their time. No, what made them consider that Spike was worthy of their attention was his mere presence.

To the ponies, it felt as if there was an extremely dangerous predator in the room with them, just waiting for the chance to catch them off their guard. A chill went down the spines of any of the pony guards that walked passed him. Some even found themselves stunned out of fear for a brief moment before walking by the little drake. Even with the collar around his neck that negated his draconic powers, the ponies no longer saw a baby dragon amongst them, but a full-fledged dragon that deserved to be feared. To most of the dragons, however, there was no dragon to be seen in their eyes. There was only a monster in the form of a dragon. Whatever opinion either species had on Spike, they all agreed on one thing. It wouldn't be much longer before he pounced.

But the monstrous predator would not be sinking his sharp teeth into anything today. He would be getting shocked by Little Fang's electric touch instead. The voices stopped for a moment as well as the threatening presence and he returned from his trance. The purple baby dragon turned to meet the rustic colored young dragoness. Her worried look made the smile that had attached itself to Spike's face disappear entirely. "Spike..." she started, "...you mind if I sit next to you?"

"N-not really," Spike stuttered. Little Fang took a seat next to Spike and the two sat in a moment of silence. "So... uh..." Spike was at a loss for words. The worried expression on Fang's face made him feel... uncomfortable.

"Hey, Spike?" Little Fang's sudden speaking made Spike jump a bit. "Remember when you said you'd be there for me if I wanted to talk to you right?"


"Well, I want to talk," admitted Little Fang.

"What about?"

"You know... what happened that day." It took a few seconds for the memory to replay in Spike's head. He felt his claws tense as the image of Little Fang's distraught expression resurfaced and cursed Spike for forgetting it. Spike nodded and Little Fang continued. "I saw my brother again that day. I-I saw my brother die again that day." Spike's heart stopped for a moment.

"We were cornered when it all happened," Little Fang paused as the memory of that day replayed in her head.

Her vision was filled with blurred trees as her brother ran with her in his arms. Slowing down, the older dragon looked around for a place to hide. He soon rushed to a group of fallen trees. They had managed to fall against a tall rock formation and looked as if they could provide a decent hiding place until the teen dragon caught his breath.

In the shade that the trees provided, Little Fang's brother slumped against the giant rock and tried to regain his energy. Little Fang gazed up at her tired brother's face. Trails of crimson ran along his light orange scales in multiple areas. She forced one of her arms up and gently rubbed his cheek. The exhausted teen dragon opened his eyes and looked down at his little sister. He gave a weak smile, showing off the absence of a couple of his teeth.

Little Fang also gave a weak smile. She tried to speak but found that she barely had the energy to keep her eyes open. Her brother wrapped one of his hands around her's as he removed her hand from his cheek. "I'm sorry sis," her brother said. She continued to look on in confusion. What did he have to be sorry for? "I'm might have to leave soon. Hopefully, I can take you with me, but I don't think I can."

'What?!' thought Little Fang. Her already fragile mind couldn't handle what her brother was saying. There was a chance that her brother was going to leave and she was going to be left behind. She shook her head or, at least, tried to. She wanted to stay with him. He promised her that they were going to survive this together and see their parents again. This had to be some cruel joke or something.

Her thoughts were interrupted by movement heard from outside their hiding place. With a couple of sniffs, her brother smirked as he brought her closer to him. The two shared an embrace for a few brief moments. Electricity started to swirl around them, growing stronger and more frequent as time went on. Soon, large arcs of lightning sprouted out from the duo. The trees that once shielded them were soon rendered to ashes when the lightning hit them.

A few shouts were heard, but Little Fang couldn't tell who they belong to. "If this fails, I want you to be strong Fang. I don't know what they'll do to you, but I know you'll pull through it," those were Little Fang's brother's final words to her as thunder roared and lightning surged from her brother in all directions. A large flash of light forced her to close her eyes. She felt the lightning course through her being, giving her energy that had been taken away from the collar around her neck.

Once the light faded, Little Fang found that she was sitting on the scorched earth left behind by her sibling. Her brother laid limp on the ground just a few inches from her. Not a single movement was made by her sibling. She crawled over towards the limp body of her brother and tried to shake him awake. "Brother... Big Bro... get up," she pleaded, but her pleas were only responded to by silence. She felt a stinging sensation in her eyes. "Brother... this isn't funny... get up!" Again her pleas were met with silence. A few tears burned through way through to the surface of her eyes before rolling down her cheek.

She felt something pull at her. She fought against the force but found that she was not strong enough. She kept pleading for her brother to help her as blurred images of the beings that chased them in the first place pulled her away from his motionless body. She screamed and screamed until they used their magic to put her to sleep. The world faded as Little Fang let the words of her brother fully sink in. He had left and he most likely wasn't coming back.

Spike sat silently as Little Fang finished retelling her story. A couple of tears rolled down her face as she did. "That's... I... don't know what to say about that," Spike said. Little Fang glared at him with her eyes filled with salty tears.

"You can at least say something!" she raged. Spike was thrown off by the change in Little Fang's mood.

"Well... I..." Spike stuttered before sighing to himself, "Look, I'm not the best when it comes to stuff like this. What do you expect me to say when I don't even know what's going on with me? Besides, why are you telling me this, really?"

"Because I don't want to lose you too!" Little Fang almost yelled. Her hair started to move on its own accord and a few currents of electricity flowed through it. "I've seen that look before, Spike. It's the same look that my brother made when he left me here to deal with these ponies all by myself!" She placed her claws on Spike's cheeks and brought his face closer to her's. "And if you think I'm going to sit by and let you do something stupid like that, I'll bring you back to life so I can kill you myself! Understood?!" There was a pause as Spike stared at the young dragoness that he considered his friend. Her teal eyes pierced into his emerald ones.

Spike could see a lot in those eyes of her's. He could see the anger, the sadness, and he could definitely see the hurt that lied behind those beautiful teal doors. He smiled and softened his gaze. With a light chuckle, he took her claws off of his cheeks and held them together. "I'm not going to do anything stupid and, listen to me when I say this, will never going to leave you behind. I'm not going to die either. I'll be by your side until you don't want me to be there anymore."

"You promise?" she asked. Spike nodded his head. She let out a sigh of relief. "Well, I'm glad we got that settled."

"Oh and Little Fang?" Spike started. She looked at him with curiosity. "You really shouldn't make threats like that. We both know you won't harm this handsome face." Spike noticed the look of shock and bewilderment on Little Fang's face and he got a good chuckle out of it. That was until he had the young dragoness use both her claw and lightning to give him a well-deserved slap. The purple baby dragon was subsequently knocked to the floor There was a loud 'ooooh' that echoed from the audience that the two baby dragons didn't know they had. Spike picked himself off of the floor with the help of Jet.

"That is the last time I ever let you teach me how to talk to girls," Spike jokingly said.

"Ah you can't blame me, bro," he chuckled, "I taught ya pretty good. You almost had it, but you picked the wrong target" Spike chuckled along with him as he looked back at the young dragoness who had her face scrunched in an attempt to stop herself from laughing.

Spike sat in his usual spot on the bench of the observation room. Little Fang was not with him this time. Twilight had assigned her to another experiment group. Little Fang was not happy about that. Lightning arced off her body as she made her way up the stairs.

"D-1043, go on ahead into the testing chamber," Twilight said. Her purple aura opened the door and Spike walked on through. Twilight closed the door behind him and glanced over her notes one last time. She could feel the stare of Moondancer as she did so. "If you have something on your mind, you are free to say something."

"You're stubborn," Moondancer admitted. A small smile spread across Twilight's face. She thanked Moondancer for the compliment. "That wasn't a compliment and you know it."

"You need to work on putting meaning into your words Moony. Otherwise, ponies might misunderstand you." joked Twilight.

"Twilight, we need put him down," Moondancer stated bluntly.

"Listen Moondancer..." Twilight was interrupted by Moondancer.

"No, Twilight, you listen! We're dealing with a ticking time bomb of dark magic! A ticking time bomb that is about to go off! Why don't you just kill him and be done with it already instead of trying to do something so stupidly reckless?!"

"Because I don't want another baby dragon on my long list of dead dragons!" Twilight yelled as loud as she could. The frustration that had built up over the course of the last week began to flow out of her. Arcane magic began to spill from her body as small objects began to levitate into the air. Twilight started to take deep breaths to calm herself down. "Not if I can help it." Moondancer's angry expression soon morphed into worry.

"Twilight, you said it yourself didn't you?" she asked, "We have our orders that need to be completed whether we want to or not."

"That doesn't make the pain go away, Moondancer. It doesn't stop my mind from wondering what could I have done. It doesn't stop me from remembering all those dragons who died at my hooves. I joined the research facility because I thought I could save lives and one could say I am but at the cost of another life. A life that, for all we know, just wanted to live in peace." There was a pause as Twilight leaned back into her chair.

"How do you think they would feel if they knew that their life was used to create spells that could rip their brethren's scales apart as if were wet paper? What do you think they would do if they saw their kin smashing their own eggs because they were afraid of what we ponies would do to their unborn children? These are the things that haunt me Moondancer and I'm not sure how much longer I can take it." Twilight's hooves shook for a moment.

"Then why don't you just stop?! For Celestia's sake, Twilight, you may be the protegee of Princess Celestia but you're still just a pony. Everyone has their limits and you're pushing your's too far," Moondancer placed a hoof on the lavender mare's shoulder and tried to soothe her, but to little effect.

"I don't think it's just about my orders anymore," Twilight spoke, "Maybe it's just my pre-war self trying to redeem any quality she once had or maybe it's the fact that I've grown attached somehow to... Spike... after our brief month together that makes me want to try my best to do whatever I can to help him."

Moondancer was silent as she watched Twilight stood up and proceeded to walk towards the metal door. " I don't care if he hates me for what I've done or what we as a species have done to him. As far as I'm concerned he has every right to be. However, I want to do something to actually help him for once. I'm going to cure him by the end of today."

"And if you can't?" Moondancer let the question slip from her mouth. It was too late to take it back as she witnessed Twilight's mood shift dramatically. She had lost her confidence and looked towards Moondancer with her eyes filled with grief and her eyes flattened.

"You'll make it quick, won't you?" she asked pitifully. Moondancer almost rushed over to the lavender pony and embraced her for all that she was worth. The unicorn guard nodded.

"He won't even feel a thing," she stated. Twilight nodded before turning her gaze towards the door. Her confidence returned slightly as she used her magic open the door. Twilight then walked passed the door's frame and closed the door behind her.

Spike sat on the floor of the testing room as Twilight walked in. Something seemed off about her. Spike couldn't quite put his finger on it, but the mare seemed to have changed in the last few minutes of the were apart. She sat across from him and stared at him for a few seconds. A tear started to well up in her eyes but was quickly blinked away. "D-10... Spi... Listen," She spoke. She seemed to be having trouble deciding what to call him. "Today's experiment is going to be stressful for the both of us. This may hurt a bit, but I promise it won't last long." Twilight closed her eyes as her horn ignited in a pale lavender aura and Spike felt his whole body tingle.

A presence was felt in both his body and his mind. His arms started to glow a pale purple as his mind started to grow blank. The voices in his head started to say something, but Spike couldn't hear them. His eyes closed and the two sat in silence for some time. Suddenly, both the pony and dragon's eyes shot open as they both began to experience something they were not entirely prepared for.

For Twilight, she was hot. She was way more than hot actually. Sweat began to drip off of the pony so rapidly that she was certain that there was a puddle of sweat forming underneath her. Though the heat she was experiencing was nothing compared to the massive head-splitting pain she felt. It was as if someone had taken an axe and embedded it into her skull. She heard screaming, but she couldn't tell if it was her or the voice inside her head.

"WhAT iS purple POnY DoING?!"

Voices that belonged to old, young, and everyone in between yelled in unison. She struggled to push away the voices as the heat grew stronger and stronger. Visions of a ponies in lab coats and testing rooms began to fill Twilight's mind. The unicorn amplified her magic it shined a brilliant white. The visions were burned away as the voices screamed in horror which caused Twilight to nearly faint from increasingly painful headache.

Meanwhile, Spike had begun to feel something within him stir, but it was different this time. The heat returned, but it didn't feel right. It felt like something was telling him that he needed to run, that he needed to need to get as far away from this pony as possible. Before he could tell his body to move, however, a sudden pressure took hold of his inner flame. Spike's familiar friend, pain, came to visit him soon after. He screams mixed in with Twilights as both of them suffered from the spell's actions. Visions of open plains stretching as far as the eye could see flashed by and a village approached in the distance.

Haunting purple flames consumed Spike's arms. They danced wildly and roared intuned with the purple baby dragon they danced around. The pain branched outward from Spike's inner flame. It was as if something was being stripped away from him from the inside out. A few of his darkened scales began to fall off, a few specks of purple flames covering them. Spike roared in pain again as he fell to his knees.

The flames began to die as more and more of his darkened scales began to fall off. As the pain began to reach its peak Spike felt something give. The full raging heat of Spike's inner flame came forth as his collar's enchantments were finally broken. Spike opened his eyes that had hadn't realized were closed. A gasp came from him as his purple flames died. There was a moment near silence. The only sound coming from Twilight's magic lit horn.

Suddenly, there was an explosion of emerald flames. The force knocked Twilight through the observation window. Moondancer rushed to the unconscious unicorn's side and began to look over her injuries. Spike leaped through the broken window and stood before Moondancer. She turned to face him, horn ready to fire a lethal blast of magic, but she froze for just a moment.

Spike pupils had been lost in a sea of white. Most of Spike's darkened scales had fallen off. Emerald flames danced around his arms with dark purple at their center. His collar firmly gripped in his claws, glowing red hot. There was this sort of aura that flowed from him that made her hesitate for only a second. It was in this second that Spike was able to rush the unicorn guard and land a punch directly into her chest-plate. With a burst of flames, Spike launched Moondancer through the door of the observation room. A blistering hot indent was left of Moondancer's armor.

The young drake looked around the observation room and had his eyes land an a clock. Time seemed to have moved quickly during Twilight's experiment as it was a few minutes passed lunch-time now. Hoofsteps began to rung out through the halls. No doubt that it was more pony guards coming to see what had happened. Spike ran out of the room and down the hall that he had spent so many days walking through.

Another burst of flames erupted from the dragon. Purple flames consumed green as the dark magic begun to take its hold. There were three pony guards that were coming to investigate the noise. They halted their movement as a tidal wave of ghastly purple flames approached them. The unicorn of the three placed a barrier around them. The flames and Spike passed by them without any hindrance.

Spike turned a corner and continued to run. A thought through his mind. A single suggestion of going back to make sure that those guards couldn't follow him. He was tempted to do just that, but he knew that more guards would be coming soon. They would most likely have those collars with them too. It would only take one careless mistake and Spike would be right back where he started. Only this time there would be two certain outcomes after the collar was clamped around his neck.

On one hand, they would let him live and he would be given severe punishments in hopes that he wouldn't try a stunt like that again. Then came the other hand, which involved them killing him to avoid another break out like this again. This was a do or die situation for Spike and he wasn't ready to die just yet.

As the purple flames swirled around him, he imagined himself in the cafeteria, just bit into the open space above where the dragons eat. He felt the flames around him stop for a moment. They flowed towards Spike and started to engulf him. He felt as if he was weightless for a moment. This sensation was stopped by a stunning spell hitting his arm. He roared out of surprise and let out another burst of purple flames. The cries of ponies and the sound of their bodies smashing against a wall echoed in the air.

The baby dragon almost had it. He cursed himself as he continued to run towards his destination with a limp arm. More guards continued to block his way and with each encounter, Spike began to lose more and more of his control. Many earth and pegasus ponies steered clear of the baby dragon as the flames surrounding him proved to be too much for them. One stupidly brave pegasus tried his luck when he seemed to find an opening but had his life cut short as Spike countered his attack with a burst of purple flames. The pegasus's charred remains flew over the railings the walkway Spike was running towards and landed in front of a group of screaming researchers. Spike looked over the railings to get a good look at them. Each and every one of them had their magic at the ready but were slightly distracted by the flaming mass of pegasus flesh.

Spike jumped from the walkway and used a column of purple flames to soften his landing. He opened his maw and allowed a massive torrent of purple and green flames to escape. The researchers let the blast overtake them as they had their magic protection spells cast, but Spike flames managed to burn through their defenses. Many of the researchers were left with purple flames burning at their flesh. Spike continued to run forward, having spears and a multitude of spells being launched at his back.

As he began to approach the cafeteria he began to ready his teleportation spell again, the visions of the vast plains appeared before him again. He dug deep into himself and pulled out everything he had to power the spell. All his hate, all his fear, every emotion that coursed through his body rose to the surface as he burst through the doors of the cafeteria. Purple flames danced rapidly around his body and his slited pupils returned from the sea of white. The guards that had been stationed next to the door were blown away and landed a good several feet away from where they were standing.

The dragons in the room stood in amazement as the witnessed the baby dragon used his flames to propel himself into the air above them. Pony guards and research ran in after him. Some fired magic spells while other threw their spears or javelins. All of them were burned away as Spike unleashed a massive column of flames that consumed most of the dragons that in the room. Their screams muffled by the roar of the flames.

Once the flames cleared, the ponies and some dragons bore witness to what remained of Spike's stunt. The ground was left with a black scorch mark with most of the tables either missing or half burnt through. A gaping hole was left in the ceiling of the building. A few ponies walked under it and glanced at the mid-day sky. A few sparkles of light could be seen coming down. The ponies managed to step out of the way in time to see a rain of collars shower down through the hole. The ringing sound they made as they hit the floor echoed through the silent room.

Author's Note:

I know I don't say much, but I have a question. Have you ever been doing something and just forgot to eat? Because that's what I did when working on this chapter.