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The ponies of Equestria and the dragons of The Dragon Lands are waging war with one another. The battles are long and brutal with the Equestrians being on the losing side. When the officials gathered together, they figured out a possible solution to their problem. They lacked knowledge of the dragons and seeing as to how no dragon was willing to tell them how they worked, Equestria decided to take the knowledge by force. Join Test Subject SP-1K3, formally known as Test Subject D-1043, and other dragon test subjects as they try to escape their lives as lab rats.

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I remember seeing something like this in Fanfiction, but like any good story, it stopped being updated or I could no longer find it. This one has a good start, I tracking it now.

Yup. This looks good.

Be a dear and keep it going?

It has great potential, please continue it

Great chapter. I do like seeing the mentality of both the ponies and the dragons as they find themselves in this fucked up situation

Damn. This got my interest when I saw the title, but now you have my attention.

STARLIGHT!? Let me at her, let me at her!

hm... I can't wait to find out what happens to the dragons that get sent to test room C-5, as well as the reactions from the dragons when they learn how poorly the others have been treated, as well as how well they've been treated... as suggested by Spike's reaction to his breakfast

I cant wait for the next chapter its going to be awesome

Intrigue upon mysteries upon dark and tragic pasts upon dire circumstances.

Man I have to say this is by far one of the most interesting story that I look forward to every time I see a update. I think Twilight will be a interesting character. I think her being a alcoholic would be a great twist. Twilight we all know is a bit unsound and if she was forced to do messed up things over and over she would try to find some way to live with it. And if she felt drinking would do that she would end up falling into that heavily. So just think if Spike has to deal with a drunk Twilight every now and again because sometime she just can't help but try to drink away all the fucked up shit she do. Which bring me to a major thing I couldn't stop thinking about, I don't trust Twilight at all. I mean sure she seem... nice. But I think nice is subjective. Sure she might not beat him for fun, or anything but does that mean she would go out of her way to truly help him? To go against the orders she have been given, against her own mentality? I don't think she can. This is a Twilight that grew up in this system and has been encourage to be this way. She gets by with her drinking but I think if push comes to shove she would run her cruel experiments and go back on any promises she makes. I also can't help but think there is alot more to Spike that even I thought at first. I wonder was he born or is he just a natural experiment. I mean he could be the only dragon ever born straight from magic and since BIRTH experimented on. When he told his number of spells used on him it shocked the other dragons. Which means best chance it was crazy high, if he has been dealing with this since birth who knows the effect is has had on him. Spike in the canon seem to have stronger fire than normal for a dragon his age on top of it being magic fire at that which seem to be something only he can do. SO what would years and years of who knows what kinds of experiments would have had on him both physically, mentally, and magically.

what does an overgrown, highly intelligent, mutant Mako shark dream about?

Be the Hero of his own story! and an unlimited amount of Muffins & Cupcakes!!!!

that is incorrect actually...a genetically modified giant mako shark dreams of only one thing: the Deep Blue Sea...

you said mutant! you never said anything about genetically modified! Also, you cannot tell a make Mako shark what he can and cannot dream!

mutant, modified, it amounts to the same thing...a big fish in a small tank will yearn for the sea, for freedom, that was the point i was trying to make...

Mutant is random, Modified it was made for a purpose. Don't you watch X-men?

even some of the X men characters had their mutations induced but thats not the point

Yes, they were induced. Mutations are random, anything can happen. Let say if He was mutated he can be like King Shark. An Amphibious being that can live on both land and water. But if the shark was only being modified then he is still a shark and his modifications were only for water purposes. Also was the Shark born in the lab, or did he already knew about the Sea?

i was making reference to the movie titled Deep Blue Sea, the sharks in question were modified to extract greater amounts of a brain chemical for medicinal purposes. however, in making their brains larger, the sharks were also made infinitely more intelligent as a byproduct. it has been many years since i saw the film, so i cannot remember the finer details, but that is not the point. the point of my answering ur question with a question was that this is a similar situation. what does Spike truly want? what did those modified sharks want? they wanted freedom just as Spike wants freedom, even if he doesnt know it yet.

I know you were making a reference to Deep Blue Sea. The thing about the sharks is that they were smart but they were easily overtaken by their primal instincts with a side of revenge nobody wants to be the experiment willingly.

the point of my answering your question with a question was that this is a similar situation. what does Spike truly want? what did those modified sharks want? they wanted freedom just as Spike wants freedom, even if he doesn't know it yet.

At the moment it's only the 3rd chapter, we have not gathered enough info to know what Spike really wants, at this moment we know he does not want to harm anyone, he is a bit afraid to listen to the voice and he is already used to the system. Those Sharks were somewhat free, they still lived in a cage, one of them broke enough so he can leave, but was either slave to his primal instincts or wanted revenge because the shark came back just to get blown up. The only thing at the moment is what is going to happen in the next chapter. Also, I feel like those scientists in Deep Blue Sea should notice those changes in the shark's brain!

super interesting premise you got here, and after three chapters I'm hooked!

as i recall, the did notice the changes, they simply chose to ignore the implications until it was far too late. as for ur points regarding Spike, they r accurate and i will concede the point on that score while remaining waiting for more chapters.

Can't wait. Also, why is it that in movies the scientist makes stupid decisions? Also, I know I read a story similar to this one. I can't seem to find it anymore. But I still remember how it went.

for the eggheads? its pure plot, if the geniuses arnt stupid theres no movie. for this story, i am also looking forward to it. for the other story, it might have been taken down and therefore be unavailable.

Before I read this, I must know: What is up with Spike's arm in that picture?

"Fine," she said reluctantly as she released her hold on Spike, "But if you die, you're telling mom and dad that it was your decision!"

You are telling mom and dad your decision? I thought he was dead

Also you repeatedly say dragonette in this chapter when it is spelled dragoness

I’m so far liking this story. Sure, an error here and their but great chapter overall. Keep up the work! :moustache:

This was very interesting. I like finding out a bit of Spike's backstory. I think for sure Twilight would send this up to Celestia and let her know about this case. I mean this had more or less the opposite effect and didn't weaken or cripple Spike but seem to did well something else to him completely. It was also a good chapter to see the ever-flowing contradiction that is Twilight. She isn't hateful or unnecessary cruel but more than anything tho she wants to do her job. If she can do it without suffering she will but she isn't above hurting a dragon to do it. This is honestly why I am sure sooner or later LIttle Fang is going to end up dying from some experiments from Twilight or at least end up so fucked up she will never be the same.Which of course Twilight will hate herself for doing it but it wont be the first time she has done something like that,

"Beginning phase two of Project Black Dragon. Test Subject D-1043 are you ready? This procedure will be quite unpleasant." spoke Director Starlight.

I have seen enough Doomsday movies/tv shows to know where this is going. Plot twist it turns Purple/Green dragon to black.

It is really interesting how Twilight and Moondancer care for the younger dragons. Twilight's drinking must really affect her to a much deeper level than we thought but we don't know what the catalyst to her problem was.

Interesting. Very interesting!

I know it might be a weird thing to ask but. Does the number 8113 mean anything to you?


Probably just a joke. You know, like "if i die i'm suing you" or something


Another plot twist: Spike becomes the Enderdragon.

Hmm this IS interesting to say the least. Spike losing his limiter and getting all those built up emotions in one go could be very dangerous. I mean just think, with however long she had him who knows how long he has been limited. All that time those emotions have been building and stacking on themselves. Now that damn is going to break soon and it will be a big one. I think it will be interesting to see how Spike will practice teleportation magic till he can do it well enough to get his kind out of there. I do wonder as well what Twilight will do to try to stop Spike from doing anything dangerous when his collar is off? I mean she MUST know that trying to be his friend really wont work with the situation they find themselves in. She could try to play it straight and just tell him all that is going to happen and try to reason with his common sense to keep him from doing anything dangerous. I can see Dancer thinking he would need to be put down or sedated so he can't act out when the time limit is over. I think Spike is going to evolve and do it hard when he is hit with the full force of his magic and feelings. One thing I found really interesting is Celestia. Honestly she is coming off as a HUGE hypocrite to me. I mean she is 'showing' care for this baby dragon or at least a basic level of it. But she is the one that started these camps, and it isn't like she doesn't know what is going on in them seeing how she has been getting reports on it all. She is the type to smile in your face and tell you it is alright as she is stabbing you and I can't stand those types. I really wonder where this will go from here

glad i kept this tracked after the first chapter, please keep it coming.

Here we go! Smart Twilight. Get on the dragons good side so you don't meet your end by him.

The fun is about to start!:moustache:

Other then the few mistakes, excellent chapter. ^^

I take it Spike teleported everyone out. Heh.

Great chapter, I can't wait to see what will happen next. Best chance Celestia will show up and try to figure out what has happen here. Which when she hear that a dragon has the power to teleport it will make her want to act since a power like that is something only the strongest Unicorns can do so for a dragon to have that power it could cause some real damage. But I think one great thing is that now we get to see more about this war and get more information on it from the dragon side.

It shows in some of the wording. I like how, Twilight got most of the dark magic removed and gave, Spike, more control and use that for a great escape. Great chapter all the same!

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