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It was one failed revenge attempt after another and this one was sure to be her last. The ex-changeling ruler, Chrysalis, was cornered by her enemies. They offered her a chance for 'redemption' and extended their hooves in friendship, but the queen would not accept. She charged a powerful spell and the ponies tried to stop her. There was an explosion and after the sound returned and Chrysalis was gifted sight again, she was greeted by pale white walls, various medical instruments, and her new life aboard one of the United Empire research ships.

Cover art by: xn-d

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 70 )

Interesting concept, explore this new frontier of the wider galexy little bug, and evolve.

Which United Empire? this one?

Chrysalis may end up nostalgic for some good old fashioned pony friendship before all is said and done...

But hey, at least the music's good!

I'm curious to see where this goes.

That'd be my assumption, but I'm not seeing a crossover tag. Guess I'll have to read to find out.

What crossover is this with?

Ooooooh! Now this is an interesting concept! Looking forward to seeing more ^^

Wanderer D

Huh. Interesting, I'll be keeping an eye on this.

Oddly similar concept to one I've been planning. I'll be following to see where this goes.

I want to see where this goes. And yes, that picture is ADORABLE!!!

United Empire? The only Empires I know of are these ones:

The Terran Empire

And the Galactic Empire.

... okay, after a quick google search I this is a crossover with Endless Space, which I would be perfectly fine with. I like the Endless games. Sadly, I can't be sure: "United Empire" is such a stupidly generic name that you might as well call it "Human Faction #2". Still, doesn't hurt to watch this for a bit.

No imperial space industrialists? Aww.

But hey! Chrysalis makes first contact! I don't recall ever seeing that before, I look forward to the next installment!

Now this is an interesting story so far. I can't wait to see where it goes.

wonder what races these two belong to. they sound interesting.

A story that I had brewing in my head ever since I saw the cover art. What do you think?

I love it. The start is great and I have high hopes for the rest. Thanks for writing this.

Shouldn't it have been hearing, touch, smell, taste, sight considering she heard beeping first? How could she heard the beep if her sense of hearing came after her sense of touch?

Almost sued for smiling to hard that would be fun to explain honestly.

What sci-fi universe is this crossover with?

Ah the good old stupid amount of credits in debt trope, always fun to see. honestly if this had been a m rated story I can see it going a entirely different direction. Anyway nice chapter looking forward to future chapters.

Haven't read it yet, but I'm guessing Endless Space

It isnt a cross over with anything according to ch2

Don't you just love teleporting through a super expensive teleporter... After trying to kill yourself and everyone you hated

"Calm down, no need to get angry," Ge-Foli said, "Not yet anyway."

You know it's gonna be good when they try to calm you down by saying "could you not get too angry now, cause you'll need the energy to get angry a bit later."

My interest is piqued!

Technically almost as stupid as "United State". Oh well, guess humanity is not that original after all :)

(Love the US, don't mind me, just joking)

For your own sake, don't start to apologize to everything :)
United Empire is a good name, not the best I guess, but definitively far from the worse.
And I hardly mind the crossover tag, as long as I enjoy myself reading this story and you enjoy writing it.

Hey, it's your story man, don't regret its specificities and features because readers don't like it. The only critisism welcomed are about writing skills, what remained may be suggestion or idea, but hardly more important.

Heh, it would be, if that were the real name. As it is, it's only slightly less silly as the United States, the idea originally being that each state would be like a nation of its own in a federation of states. Which is dumb for other reasons.

Interesting... I would think that chrysalis would be a bit more demanding.
Thats just me though.
Keep writing.

There is LITERALLY a Humanville hun, and half of our names are JUST as bad as pony names, just in a different language. All in all, humans aren't very original.

@author, add the crossover, human, and series tag(In this case 'Endless Space').

Edit: @author just read the authors notes, kk.

How about the United Kingdom? USSR? Face it, Humanity is crap at naming themselves XD

united kingdoms, United Soviet Socialist Republicans, The full name of the United States of America, the Dominican Republic, I could probably go on if I knew more. Oh! People hate this next one but it's still just as silly as the other two if you think about it, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria! Honestly Humanity is just bad at naming themselves, don't take it personal.

Fun enough, let's see where this goes.

Thank you for another sweet chapter. I can't wait to see how Chrissy changes (if she does) now that she got a different perspective to how "big" she is in the universe.

Humanity has reached the point where First Contact with another species no longer fazes them. Meet an equine insectoid creature with 'magic'. Male her pay for the stuff she broke.

Not a great first impression.

Hmm, interesting start.

Hopefully the explosion at least hurt some of them, preferably scored some fatalities.

Explore the new world, best bughorse, and grow stronger to return in glory and lay waste to your enemies!

'The changeling scuffed as the two's gazes' - I think you meant scoffed

'magic through her back into a tree' - threw

'Twilight scuffed under' - scoffed

'and focus her attention' - focused

'faded away, silent and darkness filled' - silence

Welp, that didn't go too badly... Hopefully the debt isn't too massive. Still, even then, more time to get used to the tech.

'the massive debt they'll in?' - they'll be in our they're in

Try to stick to a cohesive tense, you're switching between present and past.

Welp, that's a pickle. What, is the ship manager R Tom Nook?

'Chrysalis waver her feelings on the matter' - waive

'Well, seeing as to how' - remove to

'The glass door of her room slid open again as the figures walked in again' - slid back open

'They stood at the entrance of the door with their back it' - back to it

'while one who took an interest with puzzles' - interest in puzzles

'In the context as to this whole situation' - In the context of this whole situation

'The container began encased in her magical grip and was gently beginning to float in the air' - The container became encased in her magical grip And began gently floating in the air

'The container was then brought closer to Chrysalis' - The container was then brought over to Chrysalis

'There wasn't any sign of the lid of the container being able to pry off so Chrysalis' - being able to be pried off

'The proportions were that the same as that of a diamond dog' - weren't the same as those of a

'medium or their through their own biological' - remove first their

'The information overload was intense and the question that the information brought with them was overwhelming' - The information overload was intense and the questions that the information brought with it were overwhelming

'teleportation system repairs with be approximately' - will be


Here's another one. The official name of Mexico is "The United Mexican States".

Now that was an interesting twist, also makes the cover make even more sense in context.
Also the title made me chuckle.

ok you have all of my interest in this right now. Okdi ftw XD i like spiders and chrysi made spider bot. i'll be tracking this

Chrissy doing good. Yayy

I'm loving these updates, keep it up :pinkiehappy:

Now the real question is... will Chrysalis really want to go back home?

Oh yes, she will want to go home...

WITH A FLEET OF INSECTICONS SINGING HER PRAISES AS SHE LOOKS DOWN UPON THE PRINCESSES OF EQUESTRIA AND BOOPS THEM IN THE NOSE TO SAY, "Nay! I will not let you come onto my spaceship and experience the glory of awesome sci-fi shenanigans!"

Comment posted by cheetored20 deleted November 19th

A Changeling Queen and a...Drone?

(evil chrysalis emoji)

She will probably get homesick.
That needs to be a April fool's one shot.

"You know, sometimes I get the feeling that you're just a fruitbat that's been mutated after years of intense flux influence." Almira joked. The two shared a small laugh before heading off to get something to eat.

Just realized that is a reference to the comics.
Edit: thought it said fruitfly.

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